Nearly-Naked Lace Shorts For Men Is The Summer Trend We Didn't Know The World Needed

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 02.06.2017 | UK Style

The nearly-naked trend has been on our radar for some time now and we thought we’d seen it all, but boy were we wrong. The latest iteration of the t...

Planet Appetite: Packing Light for Air Travel, Latest Products

Rupert Parker | Posted 30.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Parker

Hand baggage restrictions seem to get worse and worse, with even scheduled carriers like Virgin Atlantic restricting you to just 10 kilos. I recently travelled to Mexico with Thomson Airlines and was only allowed a miserly 5kg and Thomas Cook are not much better, allowing only 6kg.

6.2 Things You Should Do On Your Lunch Break

John Dredge | Posted 15.05.2015 | UK Comedy
John Dredge

Have lunch. We all need to eat now and again, as recent studies have shown. Experts recommend edible foodstuffs, as opposed to paving stones, or bits of bark off the nearest tree, however convenient this may first appear.

For a Change, Let's Not Forget the Little People

Paul Marshall | Posted 01.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Paul Marshall

It goes without saying that Tom Cruise is more popular than me. Google him and you get 49,500,000 results. Google me and you get...well, let's skip over that bit. Meanwhile, he has 4.7 million followers on Twitter. I think the last time I checked I had 14 - that's not million.

The One With the Outside and the Summer

Georgy Jamieson | Posted 17.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Georgy Jamieson

Me and hot weather don't get on. And before you all start I know I shouldn't complain because it's lovely to see the sun... blah..blah..blah.. and we don't get enough of it... etc... etc... and we need to make the most of it... but the truth is... I don't like it.

Dating Dilemma: Is It Ever Okay to Wear Shorts on a Date?

The Guyliner | Posted 13.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
The Guyliner

Shorts, of course, play havoc with this idea of playing it down because, despite our best efforts to integrate wearing shorts into society, it is still rather unusual for boys to be bare-legged. This is why your shorts need to be fairly low-key, flattering and, most importantly, fit you.

National Shorts Day! Thursday 15th August

Jerrine M Lowe | Posted 12.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jerrine M Lowe

With Brits working none stop and rarely taking the time to relax, Parrot Bay, has launched National Shorts Day, to encourage the stressed out amongst us to don a pair of shorts and get into the holiday vibe by heading down to a Frozen Beach to literally 'chill' out.

Eek! A Big Yellow Orb Arrives in Time for the London Marathon - And My Reasons to Bloomin' Love It

Alfie Evers | Posted 17.06.2013 | UK Comedy
Alfie Evers

So, word on the street is that spring might actually be here. Just in time for the London Marathon, which, is a huge relief. The Marathon in wintertime would be just plain weird. Like blowing birthday candles out whilst standing on your head. It doesn't make sense.

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 14.01.2013 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

A very good friend and I recently had a random chat and wellies came up in the conversation. Having now spent 9 years in London, this year I finally succumbed - (I couldn't take the rain anymore earlier this year) and had to go and buy these wellies.

The Long and Short of Summer Shorts

Darren Kennedy | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK Style
Darren Kennedy

Last week the world got its first glimpse of toddler Harper Seven up on her feet as she accompanied her mother, the style powerhouse that is Victoria Beckham, on a visit to luxury department store Brown Thomas in Dublin. It was my first time to meet Victoria and I must admit I was impressed. I particularly enjoyed hearing her personal anecdotes about her family and their influence on her designs. For instance, did you know the caps in her latest collections are inspired from David's love of beanie hats?

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 29.06.2012 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

Apologies for the long break! My life has been manic and quite frankly with this weather I have been very reluctant to post as I find it quite depress...

Emma Watson Wears Hotpants And Bra On Set Of New Movie - And Is That A Tattoo? | Posted 13.06.2012 | UK Style

If Emma Watson wanted to break away from her Hermione Granger image, she's chosen the right film to move on to... The star was spotted on the set o...

Cheryl Cole Shows Off Her New Shoe Collection In Very Short Shorts

MyDaily | Posted 05.06.2012 | UK Style

Cheryl Cole's been getting all leggy of late: if she's not filming a music video in leopard print knickers, then she's posing for photos in supremely ...

Thandie Newton Does Spring Chic In Shorts And Sandals

MyDaily | Posted 26.05.2012 | UK Style

Spring is officially here, but while the sun has been shining non-stop for almost a week, we've only just over the no-tights stage, let alone bared ou...

Hot Or Not: Christina Ricci's Silk Scarlet Shorts

MyDaily | Posted 16.05.2012 | UK Style

Christina Ricci brought the sizzle with a pair of silk scarlet shorts to host the launch party for ethical fashion brand Maiyet at Barney's,...

Amanda Seyfried Hits London Premiere In High Street | Posted 31.12.2011 | UK Style

Amanda Seyfried braved the chilly London weather for the premiere of new movie In Time last night, going bare-legged in some seriously short shorts. ...

Tulisa Goes Winter On Top, Summer On The Bottom, Averages At Autumn | Posted 14.12.2011 | UK Style

X Factor's Tulisa Contostavlos was spotted at Fountain Studios in London on Thursday wearing her own version of the transseasonal wardrobe - winter on...

Hot Or Not: Kelly Brook's Orange Leather Shorts | Posted 05.10.2011 | UK Style

Kelly Brook seemed determined to have some summer fun yesterday, playing hostess at the launch of the Bulmers Cider Garden in London. The pretty pr...

Miu Miu Magic: Step Inside Their Star-Studded Party | Posted 19.09.2011 | UK Style

A whole host of stylish stars descended on Beverly Hills last night, to attend an ultra-chic Miu Miu fashion bash. From Cat Deeley, to Diane Kruger...