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Small Business, Big Heart

Michelle Ovens | Posted 14.06.2017 | UK
Michelle Ovens

Has there ever been a more important time to talk about community? What brings communities together, what makes them stick, what grows, supports and nurtures them? How do communities come together when the going gets tough, and how do they celebrate and grow?

Small Business Saturday Turns Five Years Old

Michelle Ovens | Posted 24.04.2017 | UK
Michelle Ovens

Five years is a long time in the life of a small business. In five years the whole world can have changed - staff gone, new team, new office, growth, sometimes decline, changing markets, and not to forget that 40% of small businesses don't make it to five years.... It is this more than anything else that sits at the heart of Small Business Saturday. If we can stop more businesses failing, that can mean huge benefits to communities and the economy as a whole.

The Unexpected Loneliness Of The Business Owner

Lucy Griffin-Stiff | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK
Lucy Griffin-Stiff

No water cooler banter for you, business owner, just the hard graft and isolation of being the sole person in the business responsible for everything....

Self-Employed? Work From Home? Family Suffering?

Shahilla Barok | Posted 17.11.2016 | UK Parents
Shahilla Barok

I may be so much more conscious of this issue as a single parent, who is self-employed, runs a charity and has raised two kids 'single handedly'. My girls roll their eyes and mime at this line as it is much used, mainly in an aim to get people to see that if I can do it....anyone can, seriously, anyone can do this.

Women Mean Business

Michelle Ovens | Posted 11.10.2016 | UK
Michelle Ovens

Millennial women are now more likely to start a business than men. Women really do mean business - sisters are definitely doing it for themselves.

We Need To Move On From Moneypenny

Jessica Williams | Posted 04.10.2016 | UK
Jessica Williams

Whilst the typing pool is (mostly) no longer seen as an acceptable target for leering and bottom-pinching, allowing discrimination to flourish unchecked in the guise of official-sounding rules about 'dress code' and 'house styles' is simply not progress enough. The support profession is a vital one, and we all deserve better.

2016 - Reasons To Still Be Hopeful

Michelle Ovens | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK
Michelle Ovens

We want to spread that message of hope and optimism to all small businesses - and that is exactly what we are going to do with Small Business Saturday this year. I have found that hope is contagious - so go and spread it around. It is exactly what 2016 needs.

What Rock-Climbing Taught Me About Business

Cat Neligan | Posted 13.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Cat Neligan

When you see a five-year-old scale an indoor-climbing wall like some kind of mini-Spiderman, you don't immediately think you're in for a workshop on business development. After the adrenaline has worn off (and you're in the pub celebrating your intact bones) a few lessons might just sink in, that could be applied to anyone in business today.

Time to Get More Small Businesses Digitally Active

Michelle Ovens | Posted 19.03.2017 | UK
Michelle Ovens

For over 20 years now, the halcyon future of a remote working life style facilitated by digital technology has been waved just in front of our noses -...

Five Reasons to Write a Business Book

Hazel Butler | Posted 04.02.2017 | UK
Hazel Butler

You may have been toying with writing a book for your business for a while, but you're unsure. You're not good enough to write a business book. You're not sure it's worth the investment. You're terrified at the prospect of self-publishing. You're worried nobody wants to read about your business, and you don't really know what you're talking about anyway...

The Very Bad Apple

Jo Haigh | Posted 16.02.2015 | UK
Jo Haigh

None of us like being taken for granted in work or at play but owner managers, perhaps more than most, find this behaviour very hard to forgive as by large we have sacrificed so much on our journey.

Micro Business Owners of the EU Must Stand Together

Soozi Baggs | Posted 14.02.2015 | UK Politics
Soozi Baggs

The senior civil servants, politicians, and people who drafted the legislation do not understand how micro-level ecommerce works.

How to Attract Business Investment

Neeta Patel | Posted 24.01.2015 | UK
Neeta Patel

Most entrepreneurs with ambitions to start their own business generally start by either funding the venture themselves or sourcing early stage investment from friends and family. This is what potential investors expect from very early stage start-up founders.

New EU VAT Regs Seriously Threaten Small Businesses

Soozi Baggs | Posted 18.01.2015 | UK
Soozi Baggs

There are several issues with the logistics of this - especially for micro businesses (a business being run by a single person) using the most basic sales software.

Select Your Business Partner Like You Would Choose a Spouse

Neeta Patel | Posted 05.01.2015 | UK
Neeta Patel

It's easy to be caught up in the excitement of a new business venture, but when it comes to choosing the person with whom you will spend more hours, than your spouse, it is important not to enter into a relationship you may live to regret - there is a lot at stake if goes wrong, but plenty to gain if you get it right.

Is Your Team Too Scared to Innovate?

Ian Baxter | Posted 01.12.2014 | UK
Ian Baxter

I believe often managers actively, and mostly inadvertently, suppress innovation. Why? Because people confuse leadership with having to come up with all the best ideas. Since management defined the strategy in the first place they don't want to be diverted from it.

'We Do Good Overall', Controversial RBS Bankers Tell MPs

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 17.06.2014 | UK Politics

Senior Royal Bank of Scotland executives insisted to MPs that they do good overall as they defended the state-owned bank from accusations that it drov...

It's Not About the Money: The Addictive Ideas That Drive an Entrepreneur

Mansoor Hamayun | Posted 30.06.2014 | UK Tech
Mansoor Hamayun

A lot of people ask me why I took the plunge from having a dream job at one of the most well-recognised and valuable brands (Rolls-Royce) to starting something where sleeping on the floor of friends' houses became a common event

7 Dodgy Things RBS Would Rather You Didn't Notice In Its 'Whitewash'

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 17.04.2014 | UK Politics

The Royal Bank of Scotland welcomed a report it commissioned by Clifford Chance which found "no evidence" that it tried to systematically defraud smal...

Ode to a Kettle - How We're All Kitchen Equipment in Small Business

Judith Lewis | Posted 18.05.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Judith Lewis

I'm also not clear on the message behind turning staff into inanimate objects. That seems a little bit weird and as a feminist, possibly slightly wrong though there is no implicit or explicit gender stereotyping that I could tell from the video. I'm pretty sensitive to that and I don't get it but perhaps some of you will.

Bankers' Bonuses and the Economy

Paul Lees | Posted 21.04.2014 | UK
Paul Lees

Perhaps it would be beneficial for Britain to pick up some tips from Germany as medium-size companies drive their economy. Today one-third of the country's sales, jobs and GDP come from businesses of this size, many of which are family-owned and focus on exports.

It's Never Too Late to Start Up

Doug Richard | Posted 19.04.2014 | UK
Doug Richard

You absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks. Anything to the contrary is nonsense. There'll always be those who point to age as a reason not to try something new, but this is terrible advice. When the entrepreneurial bug bites, age should be no barrier.

Genius Isn't Always Obvious

Ashley Ambirge | Posted 25.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Ashley Ambirge

While you don't necessarily need to justify your decisions to most people in this world--save mustachioed bill collectors and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat--there is one person you should always justify your decisions to: Your client.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on Marketing?

Claire Mitchell | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK
Claire Mitchell

It's about the RIGHT marketing to the RIGHT people. It's about understanding why your ideal customers need you and how you can give them incredible value. Once you get that right, THEN you can start to invest in making your marketing bigger and better but ONLY once you've got your marketing message and targeting spot on, otherwise you're throwing good money after bad.

Making Small Business Saturday Count

Shingo Murakami | Posted 29.01.2014 | UK
Shingo Murakami

Although the UK's economy is showing signs of recovery, growing by 1.1 per cent during the first six months of this year, 18 high street shops closed their doors every day during this period according to research from PwC. With many people shopping away from the high street, a new initiative is launching in December to encourage people to shop locally at independent stores.