Star Wars 7

How to Find Happiness After 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Veronica Melkonian | Posted 30.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Veronica Melkonian

I actually found myself longing to live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I as a little jealous of all the excitement wrapped up in the lives of all those in Star Wars and now I need to redeem my own life somehow. So if you're feeling a similar sort of disdain towards your own life, then let's work this through together, how can we find happiness after Epsiode VII.

Star Wars Fans Are Trolling Each Other With #StarWarsSpoilers

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As the premiere of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' approaches, every die hard fan will be worried about the unforgivable - people carelessly brandishin...

Carrie Answers The 'Star Wars' Question We All Want To Hear

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The ‘Star Wars’ saga is seeing a whole slew of its iconic faces returning for the upcoming seventh instalment ‘The Force Awakens’, with Chewba...

New 'Star Wars' Film 'To Feature First Female Stormtrooper'

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‘Stars Wars: The Force Awakens’ is set to feature the franchise’s first ever female stormtrooper, according to reports. A tweet sent by a BB...

'My Terrible 'Star Wars' Audition Crushed My Childhood Dream'

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Eddie Redmayne has revealed he ruined a childhood dream when he messed up his audition for the new ‘Star Wars’ film. SEE MORE: 'Star Wars' Act...

'To Whom It May Concern... Get Used To It'

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‘Star Wars’ actor John Boyega has hit back at his critics, saying that those uncomfortable with seeing a black actor playing a Stormtrooper would ...

Funniest Reactions To 'Star Wars 7' Trailer

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The first trailer for ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ has been released online, which shouldn’t be news to you if you’ve been on so...

The 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Is HERE!

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Finally, after weeks of waiting and plenty of speculation, the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser trailer has been released online. READ MOR...

Disney Confirm 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Full Title

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It’s the news ‘Star Wars’ fans the world over have been waiting for - Disney have confirmed the title of the upcoming seventh instalment in the ...

PICTURE: Star Wars 7 Set Gets New Health & Safety Signs

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Good to see they've taken some steps after Han Solo broke his ankle... (Sign-writers: Andrea Mann, Handface, Amanda Wilkie, Gabby Hutchinson Crouch...

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

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We could have devoted this week's round-up to 50 Funny Tweets About Ukip - but even we, and we're sure you, can have too much of a good thing. Yes,...

Karen (Sort Of) Lands A 'Star Wars 7' Role

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The ‘Star Wars : Episode VII’ team have been trying desperately to keep the new movie’s cast a secret - however Karen Gillan has now revealed th...

Star Wars Or Star Trek: JJ Abrams Needs to Pick a Side

Richard Berry | Posted 29.03.2013 | UK Entertainment
Richard Berry

Star Wars and Star Trek, as anyone with a passing interest in galactic affairs should know, are the yin and yang of science fiction. It is troubling to see both franchises placed in the hands of one man. This is like Alex Ferguson becoming manager of Manchester City as well as Manchester United.

JJ Abrams To Take On Star Wars?

PA | Posted 25.01.2013 | UK Entertainment

JJ Abrams is set to direct the next instalment of Star Wars, which Disney has said will be Episode Seven and due out in 2015, according to reports. ...

WATCH: Hard Of Hearing Darth Vader

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It's never right, of course, to mock those who are hard of hearing. Unless they're a ruthless cyborg in charge of an Imperial starfleet. Yes, step ...

Harrison Ford 'Keen For Return To Star Wars' | Posted 06.01.2013 | UK Entertainment

Harrison Ford is apparently keen on a return for Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII, according to sources close to the newly announced Disney sequel. ...

WATCH: Sneak Preview Of Disney's Star Wars Episode 7

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So Disney has bought LucasFilm - and announced that 'Star Wars: Episode 7' will be coming in 2015. We managed to get a sneak peek at some footage, cou...

Star Wars 7 Possible Storylines In The Hands Of Disney

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Disney has announced that it has acquired LucasFilm and, in particularly exciting news for Star Wars fans, that a new trilogy will emerge. Where...

Star Wars Episode 7: A New Owner

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Luke Skywalker and Yoda are joining Hulk, Nemo and Mickey Mouse as part of Disney, with George Lucas's company sold to the company for £2.5bn - and a...