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The Next Big Thing? Family Fortunes (Feat. Morrow's)

Alex Perry | Posted 22.09.2013 | UK
Alex Perry

The recession, it seems, has increased the desirability of joining, continuing (or even restarting) a family-run business, which can often escape problems around financing, leadership and decision-making (even if arguments may get a little bit more heated). So can tradition, family ties and heritage still resonate with the UK's young entrepreneurs?

Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

Emma L. Jones | Posted 16.07.2013 | UK
Emma L. Jones

What we need to tackle now is making the infrastructure and cultural change that will make growth and long-term development easier and more achievable for start-ups and micro businesses.

It Only Takes a Minute

Michael Hayman | Posted 10.07.2013 | UK
Michael Hayman

Today in the UK around 1,800 businesses will register to start trading. Put it another way, that's 75 an hour or just over one a minute. And by setting up, these young firms join the wave of entrepreneurs starting a phenomenal odyssey of adventurous independence and a life lived on their own terms.

Why Sharing Is Caring

Emma L. Jones | Posted 30.06.2013 | UK
Emma L. Jones

It's not all about saving money, but it's clear that businesses are thinking about buying less, moving forward quickly without the baggage of ownership. Collaboration evens out risk and ensures people get proper use out of their assets, with less waste.

Let's Shout About Start-Ups From the Rooftops!

Emma L. Jones | Posted 03.06.2013 | UK Tech
Emma L. Jones

Part of what we do is encourage more people to consider starting a business, but also to encourage more big businesses to help small ones, a welcome contribution to the start-up eco-system.

What Is The Future Truth About the High Street?

Emma L. Jones | Posted 13.04.2013 | UK
Emma L. Jones

The businesses we help could be the ones who will make the change that needs to happen - creating a new wave of independent retailers who will transform and inhabit the high street. These pop-ups could become stay-ups in time and businesses could co-fund and co-work on a more permanent basis.

Why 2013 Is the Year to Pop-Up

Emma L. Jones | Posted 02.03.2013 | UK
Emma L. Jones

Until recently, pop-up shops have had a mixed reputation. The 'everything must go' hastily scrawled in white spray paint, or uninspiring charity shops are the oft-criticised and cited version most commonly associated with the re-use of empty shops - but more recently the pop-up concept has taken an intellectual leap.

The Next Big Thing? - Upcycling Shakes Up Its Image

Alex Perry | Posted 04.06.2012 | UK
Alex Perry

'The Next Big Thing?' is a series of blogs that will focus on small businesses and startup brands in the U.K. Whether they are quirky, practical, pion...