Steven Pinker

The Blank Slate, Still Intellectual Ammo After 13 Years

Thomas Moorton | Posted 23.11.2016 | UK Tech
Thomas Moorton

Morally the blank slate is indefensible as well as intellectually. Is it better to say that discrimination is wrong because everyone is indistinguishable, or that we have free will because people's actions are mysterious? Well no Dr. Pinker rightly points out.

Hook the Customer Up to the Machine, Please

Neil Taylor | Posted 22.12.2014 | UK
Neil Taylor

They say you should never meet your heroes. Well, a couple of weeks ago I did. In fact, I got to interview mine: Professor Steven Pinker, Harvard's b...

Newsnight: Why Is Violent Crime Decreasing?

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 23.04.2014 | UK

Why is the rate of violent crime decreasing? Professor Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature, led a fascinating discussion on Newsn...

Has Violence Really Declined as Steven Pinker Says?

Dr James Hannam | Posted 04.02.2014 | UK Politics
Dr James Hannam

Maybe Pinker has come down with a touch of Russell's Syndrome: the condition that gives so many intelligent atheists a case of the stupids when they start talking about religion. Or perhaps Pinker is only interested in convincing his fellow east- and west-coast academics.

It's Okay to Say I Don't Know'; The Miracle of I Wonder by Annaka Harris

Hannah Gal | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK Entertainment
Hannah Gal

'Do you think Father Christmas will bring me this book?' asks little Shaye Lee. Not surprised by her fascination with I Wonder, I suggest adding the title to her Christmas list.

Steven Pinker and the Decline of Humanism

Jules Evans | Posted 22.10.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Jules Evans

Scientism and materialism have led to a gradual drying up of poetry, myths and sacred narratives - and hence a thinning of meaning and flattening of emotion. I suspect, if the next three centuries are as rough as scientists tell us they will be, we will need stories, ones that give us hope and purpose even in the face of mass extinctions.

Are We More or Less Tolerant?

John Howe | Posted 30.09.2012 | UK Universities & Education
John Howe

Is intolerance on the up? Pessimists would say yes.