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Students Stage Nationwide Protests Following 'Extreme' Police Violence At Warwick

Police Accused Of 'Extreme' Violence Against Warwick Students As Protest Turns Ugly

#FreeEducation 2014 Demo: The Best Protest Placards

#FreeEducation Demo Sees Protesters Arrested As They Storm Parliament Square

Live Updates: #FreeEducation Student Demo Protest 2014

Four Student Occupations Which Actually Won Their Demands

Birmingham Uni Suspends Students Over Peaceful Protest

Warwick University Students Lead "Inspiring" Rally Against Neo-Nazis

Marine Le Pen's Front National Victory Sees Thousands Of French Students Riot

Venezuelan Students Post Naked Pictures On Twitter To Protest Police Brutality

University Spends 'Ludicrous' £100k Disciplining Its Students

PICTURES: Students Killed In Venezuela Protests

Violent Disorder Charge For Student Protester

14 Students Arrested Following 'Violent' Birmingham Protests

Police Pay Out £20k To Students Wrongly Arrested At Tuition Fees Protest

'Come Down Or Starve'

WATCH: Students Run Naked for a Better Environment

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