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A Guy Made His Entire CV On Snapchat - To Apply For A Job At Snapchat

This Student Running For SU Election May Have Just Put Taylor Swift Out Of A Job

Sikh Boy Uploads Video Of Classmates Chanting 'Terrorist' At Him On The School Bus

Only In Surrey.. Students Are Being Harassed With Stickers Like These On Their Rented Houses

Labour Officially Pledges To Reduce Tuition Fees To £6,000 If They Win Election

Hull's Student Union Asks Students To Vote In Referendum, Then Tells Them What To Vote For.

University Under Fire For Asking About Menstrual Cycle In Job Applications

Who Ever Said Students Were Lazy? Youths Volunteering Contributes £175m To UK Economy

Westminster University Says Amber Alert Security Fears Not Related To 'Jihadi John' Revelations

'Extremist Students Consistently Given A Platform At Westminster'..

Controversial 'Homophobic' Speaker Postponed After 'Jihadi John' Security Concerns

A 15-Year-Old Has Made £240,000 From Babysitting

Elite Universities Angry Over Calls To Double Poor Student Intake

"Who is Hillary Clinton?" Meet The Journalist Breaking Down Politics For Generation Y

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