Sub Saharan Africa

This Malala Day We Ask How Young Women Can Take Control Of Their Futures

Fiona Mavhinga | Posted 11.07.2017 | UK
Fiona Mavhinga

In rural Africa, many girls are celebrating being the first high school graduates in their family, even in an entire community. However most of these young graduates lack the resources to take up university places, and often feel that they now represent an additional burden on already strained household incomes.

The Central African Republic And Its Legacies Of Abuse

Yasmin Khatun Dewan | Posted 02.12.2016 | UK
Yasmin Khatun Dewan

The French mission in the Central African Republic is over. The official ceremony marking its end took place earlier this week. I have been investigat...

What Does It Mean To #LovetoRead In Sub-Saharan Africa?

Alison Hubert | Posted 07.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Alison Hubert

Books are a critical tool in the fight for development across Africa as they are a tool for giving disadvantaged children here in the UK a leg up, but their practical value does not diminish their almost magical power to transport us to another place and the joy they provide.

To Stop Child Marriage We Need To Stop Failing Girls At School

Fiona Mavhinga | Posted 11.10.2017 | UK
Fiona Mavhinga

Today, on International Day of the Girl Child, I want to call for everyone - whether they are policy makers, non-profit leaders or everyday citizens looking to make a difference in the world - to listen to the real experts in girls' education.

The Future of Reading

Alison Hubert | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK
Alison Hubert

Each year we send up to one million brand new, carefully selected books to libraries in Africa because we believe that books can change lives. What we want to do is to give people the opportunities that books can bring.

Tanzania Abolishes Secondary School Fees - But Does Anything Come for Free?

Aaron Benavot | Posted 14.12.2016 | UK Politics
Aaron Benavot

Primary school children in Tanzania. Credit: Frans Peeters It is extremely good news to hear that the United Republic of Tanzania has cancelled schoo...

The Words Behind the Goal: What Does Sustainable Development Goal 4 Mean in Practice?

Alison Hubert | Posted 28.09.2016 | UK
Alison Hubert

It's 15 years since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were agreed which sought to 'spare no effort' in eradicating global poverty and inequality. Over this last weekend, leaders once again come together to assess the progress made by the MDGs and to redefine their focus for the next 15 years of the fight against poverty.

Drowning Not Waving: The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis and Libya's Implosion

Neil Durkin | Posted 12.05.2016 | UK
Neil Durkin

Despite the outcry in recent weeks over the repeated drownings in the Mediterranean, surprisingly little has been said about the country most of the migrants and refugees are coming from: Libya. Which is odd, because the increasingly disastrous state of Libya is a key component to this tragedy.

Seven Things You Didn't Know About UK Overseas Aid

Billy Hill | Posted 19.10.2014 | UK Politics
Billy Hill

According to the International Aid Transparency Index, UK aid is the most transparent in the world... Meaning, we can see where our money is spent.

Africa's Technology Boom: Opportunity or Myth?

Furhaad Shah | Posted 11.08.2014 | UK Tech
Furhaad Shah

Only a decade ago, to speak of Africa and technology would have seemed nonsensical. Today, it is part of a growing global conversation.

This Is The Moment More Than 1,000 Migrants Stormed A Razor-Wire Wall

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 28.05.2014 | UK

It could be a scene from an action movie, but this is the moment hundreds of Sub-Saharan refugees stormed Spain's North African exclave of Melilla. ...

Hopes Rise Over Effective Malaria Vaccine Breakthrough

PA | Posted 08.08.2013 | UK

An important step towards an effective malaria vaccine has been taken by scientists who protected volunteers from the bites of disease-carrying mosqui...

A Looming Epidemic: Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gates Cambridge Scholars | Posted 17.07.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Gates Cambridge Scholars

When we think of health problems in Africa, we generally focus on infectious diseases (such as HIV and malaria), malnutrition, and maternal and childhood mortality. By contrast, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, heart disease and cancer are frequently referred to as 'diseases of affluence', and thus thought only as a problem of rich, developed countries.

Clegg Calls For Tax Abuse Action Ahead Of Africa G8 Talks

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.02.2013 | UK Politics

Nick Clegg has called for global action against tax-dodging firms as he embarked on a G8 trip to Africa, arguing that tackling abuses would bolster pu...

Zambia's Children Get a Sound Education

Uzma Sulaiman | Posted 24.11.2012 | UK
Uzma Sulaiman

It's one of the cardinal rules when you're interviewing - detach yourself from the interviewee. Ask questions, take notes, but never get emotionally involved in the story. To put it simply, it isn't professional to have a vested interest in the person's life. I've always upheld this rule, that was until I met Nanjeke.

Health-Care in Africa: Who Gets the Money?

Ian Linden | Posted 09.11.2012 | UK
Ian Linden

HIV/AIDS work is only the most recent global response of faith-inspired health care. From the late 19th Century faith communities have been providing medical care through clinics and hospitals.

Warning Over Fake Anti-Malaria Drugs

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 22.05.2012 | UK

A third of anti-malaria drugs on the market are fake or of poor quality, threatening to increase resistance to life-saving medicine, new research has ...

Could You Live Below the Line?

Annemarie Meyer | Posted 01.06.2012 | UK
Annemarie Meyer

Most people think of malaria as a health issue, which it is, but it is also a key contributor to poverty in many areas, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Can the Arab Spring Spread Across the Rest of Africa?

Rachael Akidi | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK
Rachael Akidi

As the north African leaders were facing the music for their years of misrule, Uganda's Yoweri Museveni had a stern warning for the opposition in his country.