Sue Berelowitz

Government's Relentless Cuts Have Contributed to the Problem of Sexual Violence in Gangs

Polly Courtney | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Politics
Polly Courtney

Girls are being sexually exploited on a massive scale, according to a report released this week entitled It's Wrong But You Get Used To It, the result of a two-year investigation into girls and gangs.

'Deep Malaise In Society'

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A shocking report has lifted the lid on the scale of sexual abuse taking place between children. Researchers found "profoundly distressing" evidenc...

Is The Issue Of Race Being Ignored When It Comes To Child Abuse?

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A report detailing the extent of child sexual exploitation in England is under fire for playing down the race of offenders. The Office of Children'...

Men Chose Young Girls To Abuse From 'Menu'

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Thousands of children are sexually exploited each year by gangs and groups in England, a new report said today. With names changed, the report deta...

'I Thought I Was The Only One In The World'

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Thousands of children each year are being sexually exploited by gangs in England "who humiliate, violate and control them", according to an interim re...

Children Being Subjected To 'Violent And Sadistic' Sexual Abuse

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Children in care homes are being subjected to sexual abuse of a "violent and sadistic nature", England's Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz...

Porn And Social Networking Fuel Child Sex Abuse

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Young people are acting out scenes they see in online pornography and even organising abuse via social networking sites and messaging systems, the Dep...

Sadistic, Violent, Ugly And Not Remotely Uncommon

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Girls as young as 11 are being forced into horrendous sex acts in "every town, village and hamlet", the Deputy Children's Commissioner has told MPs, a...