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One Year On From The Childhood Obesity Plan: Where Are We Now?

Professor John Wass | Posted 18.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Professor John Wass

The Government pitched their Childhood Obesity Plan as the start of the conversation. The stronger elements of the plan are progressing well, but these alone are not enough. We now desperately need to return to that conversation to give us the best chance of protecting our children's future health not just over the next 52 weeks, but for every week beyond that.

The Truth About Sugar

Helen Bond | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Helen Bond

These days all we seem to hear is how we should be slashing the amount of sugar in our diets, and while it's easy to get caught up in the hype of the latest 'sugar free' diet - as a dietitian, it worries me that most people are still very confused about sugar

Stop The Sugar Shame - We Need To Take The Blame

Charlotte Moore | Posted 14.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Charlotte Moore

It's time to pull on our big boy/girl pants and admit the truth - sugar addiction is not the reason we're overweight or unhealthy, WE ARE THE REASON. There, I've said it and while I know it's not what you want to read, it's time we stopped pussyfooting around with excuses to make ourselves feel better.

The Sugar Tax: What You Need To Know

Dr Krupal Shah | Posted 15.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Krupal Shah

Last week, the UK government confirmed legislation for a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, which is set to begin from April 2018. While some are sceptica...

Six Myths Of The 'Sugar Tax'

Professor John Wass | Posted 02.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Professor John Wass

As the UK moves closer to implementing its soft drinks industry levy (or 'sugar tax' as it is more commonly known), more and more companies are announcing their plans to reformulate their products, showing that it's entirely possible to reduce sugar and provide healthier options.

The Sugary Drinks Tax - The Economic Case for Action

Professor John Wass | Posted 17.08.2017 | UK Politics
Professor John Wass

Any public health measure must always consider the financial impact of action. But it is simply misleading to talk about possible financial impact of a measure without also talking about the economic burden we are already facing. The economic argument for action is huge - £27billion a year. That's why we can't afford not to introduce the soft drinks industry levy.

New Government, New Chance to Tackle Obesity

Professor John Wass | Posted 14.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Professor John Wass

Through all the political turmoil of the past few weeks and discussions about what Brexit means for Britain, one thing has remained consistently true - we need to take strong action on childhood obesity. The UK's very high levels of childhood obesity, dental decay and diet-related ill-health did not magically decrease after the Brexit vote.

The Sugar Tax: Being Right vs Being Effective

Rajiv Chandegra | Posted 12.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rajiv Chandegra

The levy (dubbed a 'sugar tax') will be introduced in April 2018, and will hope to generate close to £1.5 billion in the period 2018-21. The government intends to invest the tax revenue for increased physical education, extracurricular activities and breakfast clubs at schools.

Sugar Is a Friend When You Are Cutting Down on Alcohol

Laura Willoughby | Posted 25.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Laura Willoughby

Here's a funny thing about drinking: You can drink bottle after bottle of beer, or glass after glass of wine, without a second thought about their sugar or calorie contents. And then, perhaps when having a night off the sauce, you can get very preoccupied with the sugar content of the soft drinks you're having instead.

An Independent Soft Drink Producer's Response to the Sugar Tax

Jonathan Luker | Posted 19.03.2017 | UK
Jonathan Luker

As a small producer, and working with many other start-ups and other small producers, we have perhaps a unique position from which to view the proposed sugar tax, due to take effect from 2018.

The Truth About Sugar

Jodie Tyley | Posted 26.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Jodie Tyley

By eating more sugar than our bodies actually need, we are storing the excess as fat, leading to an increase in obesity and many other health problems throughout the world. Keeping track of how much sugar we eat can be difficult, though, as it goes by many different names and is hidden in some unlikely foods.

20 Ways to Quit Sugar for Good

Lucia Williams | Posted 09.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Lucia Williams

It's everywhere. In foods you'd never imagine - take a look at the labels on things like pickles, sauces, yoghurts and cereals. And remember, it can be hidden under a whole range of different names so you might not notice it right away.

Sugar Ain't Sweet Jeremy Hunt

Ben Johns | Posted 19.10.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Ben Johns

Sugar is and will always be a treat, just like a glass of wine or the occasional cigarette but when there are equally bad effects on the health then surely its time that we call a cut on the amount that we consume. It may taste sweet initially, but the long term effects which aren't being showed to us should make you feel bitter.

Sugary Drinks Blamed For Type 2 Diabetes Cases

PA | By Jennifer Cockerell, Press Association Health Correspondent | Posted 21.07.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Drinking sugary drinks could be causing nearly 8,000 cases of type 2 diabetes a year, according to research.A study led by the University of Cambridg...

Orange Juice: Friend or Foe?

Dr Sally Norton | Posted 11.01.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Sally Norton

Well on the face of it, up against a can of coke, fruit juice seems a great 'natural' alternative - and the image of breakfasting on a bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice is ingrained in our nutritional psyche as a 'healthy start' to the day. Yet even this seemingly virtuous beverage is under attack from the 'Sugar Police' in the latest headlines - but why?

Fruit Juice - Healthy or Unhealthy?

Dr Sally Norton | Posted 13.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Sally Norton

The sugar from fruit is 'natural', for sure, but that doesn't mean it is good for you - deadly nightshade is natural too! Don't be lulled into the marketing ploy of an 'all-natural' juice - sugar is sugar, and we need to keep on top of our consumption.

Is What Your Children See on TV Destroying Their Health?

Sandra Roycroft-Davis | Posted 07.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Sandra Roycroft-Davis

IMAGINE you find your children watching a TV programme that portrays smoking, drinking and drug-taking as normal everyday behaviour. What will your reaction be?

Are We Missing the Real Villain When It Comes to Sugar?

Nigel Denby | Posted 26.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Nigel Denby

Britain - nay the world is on the verge of demonising vital, healthy foods that kids need in their diets. Fruit, fruit juice and milk are not the enemy when it comes to the sugar debate. If we're not careful Mum's are going miss the point altogether and will dump these nutrient packed foods in the bin along with the cola, sweets and chocolate. ..

Why Putting Your Diet on Pause Helps You Lose More Weight

Louise Graham | Posted 26.05.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Louise Graham

If you've ever tried losing weight you'll know those feelings of frustration when you've lost a few pounds and you reach a plateau. It's enough to get you hunting down your favourite snack. So are you really destined for a life of yo-yo dieting and gradually increasing girth?

Fruit Juice 'As Sugary As Coca Cola'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Health experts have been saying for years that fruit juice is too sweet, and should not be drunk as a part of your body's daily fresh fruit and vegeta...

Sugary Drinks May Make Women More Susceptible To Endometrial Cancer

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle

A link between sugary drink consumption and endometrial cancer has been identified. Endometrial cancer affects the womb, and researchers at the Un...

One Sugary Drink Each Day Raises Diabetes Danger By A Fifth

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Just one can of sugary soft drink raises the relative risk of diabetes by around a fifth, a study has found. Every extra can consumed a day increas...

Reversing the Obesity Epidemic

Sam Feltham | Posted 22.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sam Feltham

On Monday a report called 'Measuring Up' was released by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which outlined 10 suggestions to the government to help...

Two Sugary Drinks A Day Increases Heart Disease Risk In Women 

PA | Posted 13.01.2012 | UK Lifestyle

Just two sugar-sweetened soft drinks a day can increase a woman's risk of heart disease and diabetes, as well as expand her waistline, say researchers...