Super Foods

Health Trends Of 2016 Reviewed

Dr Sally Norton | Posted 10.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Sally Norton

We are often told that super-foods have a powerful effect on our health, but this word is often thrown around a little freely sometimes. So we've rounded up the best, most trending super-foods from 2016 that you should definitely take into 2017 for a healthy diet.

Is Wheatgrass All It's Cracked Up To Be?

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 15.10.2015 | UK Lifestyle

It looks healthy, tastes like freshly cut grass and often graces the smoothies of the super healthy. But what is wheatgrass exactly and is it good for...

What Is Activated Charcoal?

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 29.05.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Once upon a time, charcoal was something reserved for the barbecue. But as Neal's Yard Remedies natural health director Susan Curtis tells us, we...

This Japanese Super Food Is The Ultimate Hangover Weapon

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 07.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

You might be surprised to hear that chlorella is not some distant relative of Cinderella. In fact, it's a type of algae which promotes detoxificat...

How A Handful Of Nuts Each Day Could Keep The Doctor Away

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 16.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle

According to the NHS, heart disease is the biggest cause of death both in the UK and worldwide - but new research has shown there could be a simple wa...

This Amazing Fruit Is Packed With Gluten-Free Carbs And Protein

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 01.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Watch out folks, there's a new wonder food in town, and it promises to make a big difference to the world. Breadfruit has been heralded as a 'wond...

Best Foods for Healthy Hair | Posted 24.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Many of us spend a fortune on expensive hair products for healthier tresses. However, the truth is, beautiful hair starts with our diets. Healthy hair is nourished hair - and that means supplying our bodies with the nutrients they need. For shiny, strong and slinky locks, check out these top hair foods to add to your shopping list.

Nutrition Neurosis or Why We're Losing the War With Food

Rob Blakeman | Posted 06.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Rob Blakeman

Alkalising diets, muscle building menus and detoxifying eating regimes are all things I get asked about on a daily basis nowadays. Everyone seems so confused or at least uncertain as to where the right path to healthy eating really lies. If you workout the need for good nutrition is more than twice as important.

Simple Super Food Tips For High Energy

Sarah Cloutier | Posted 19.03.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Cloutier

Here are my tips - simply learned from listening to my body - to stay healthy, full of energy, calmness and clarity when you're super busy...