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Syria: Is the Horror-Meter Still Not High Enough?

Robin Lustig | Posted 25.06.2013 | UK Politics
Robin Lustig

Callous though it may sound, the needle on the horror-meter has not yet gone high enough.

Syria Has Probably Used Chemical Weapons, America Says

The Huffington Post UK | Tom Moseley | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK

Britain has echoed the United States, saying there is "limited but persuasive" evidence that chemical weapons have been used in Syria's bloody civil w...

Mehdi's Morning Memo: 'You've Got To Spend Money'

Huffington Post | Mehdi Hasan | Posted 23.04.2013 | UK Politics

The ten things you need to know on Tuesday 23 April 2013... 1) 'YOU'VE GOT TO SPEND MONEY' Ahead of this Thursday's potentially dire GDP figures...

A Tangled Web

Annie Machon | Posted 15.06.2013 | UK Politics
Annie Machon

A couple of days ago I was invited onto RT Arabic TV to do an interview about the ongoing clusterfuck that is Syria, with a particular focus on the is...

'Syrian Electronic Army' Hacks American News Media

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 16.06.2013 | UK Tech

A hacker group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army has attacked an American news organisation's website - but is refusing to say exactly why. ...

Korea And Syria High On Agenda For Hague's G8 Talks

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.04.2013 | UK Politics

Foreign ministers from the G8 are holding talks in London on Thursday with tensions on Korea high on the agenda, as well as discussions about the ongo...

Under a Chemical Cloud

Jonathan Fryer | Posted 10.06.2013 | UK Politics
Jonathan Fryer

Halabja is one of those place names, like Srebrenica and Katyn, that are etched into the collective memory of the extremes of man's inhumanity.

Field Diary: Displaced Children Try to Overcome Shock From Violence in Syria

Iman Morooka | Posted 02.06.2013 | UK
Iman Morooka

According to Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), there are about 200,000 persons in need of humanitarian assistance in the governorate, but the actual number is expected to have increased recently. People have come from other parts of the country including Homs, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Idleb, and Deraa. New arrivals continue to flow into Tartous on a daily basis.

Syrian Conflict Suffers Bloodiest Month Yet

Huffington Post UK | Posted 01.04.2013 | UK

The Syrian conflict entered its bloodiest month in March, with more than 6,000 people killed, including more than 500 women and children, according to...

Obama's Paralysis Enabled Al Qaeda to Set Up Shop in Syria

Nehad Ismail | Posted 30.05.2013 | UK Politics
Nehad Ismail

The longer the West remains inactive, the more Islamic extremists will join the war. Inaction by the Obama administration over the last two years had encouraged the regime to kill more than 60,000 Syrians and force the displacement of 2 million Syrians. By turning a blind eye, President Obama has in effect given the green light to Al-Qaeda and other Jihadists to enter Syria.

Amnesty Won't Allow Iran's Late Night Games to Derail Arms Trade Treaty

Kate Allen | Posted 29.05.2013 | UK Politics
Kate Allen

On Thursday night in New York, one by one they lined up to try and destroy 20 years of hard work. First Iran, then North Korea and then Syria. This was supposed to be the moment the United Nations took a truly historic step and adopted an Arms Trade Treaty. But instead of a moment of history, I witnessed a moment of cynical opportunism.

Syria: No End in Sight

Robin Lustig | Posted 28.05.2013 | UK
Robin Lustig

If you think Syria is a ghastly mess now, just wait till the rebels finally topple Bashar al-Assad. If I wanted to be vulgar (hell, why not?), I'd say: "You ain't seen nothing yet."

UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent: A UN-Holy Alliance?

Tam Hussein | Posted 25.05.2013 | UK Politics
Tam Hussein

Many Syrians I spoke to on a recent visit to Syria hold the UN partially responsible for the deaths of 70, 000 lives in the unfolding humanitarian disaster that is wracking the country. There is an impression that the UN is propping up the regime by working and delivering aid via the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Syria Uprising: Ahmed, Seven-Year-Old Son Of Rebel Fighter Stands Guard With AK-47 & Cigarette (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 28.03.2013 | UK

Puffing on a cigarette, with an AK-47 rifle slung casually on his shoulders, this seven-year-old Syrian boy’s childhood appears well and truly over....

Pictures Of The Day: 28th March 2013

Elliot Wagland, Tahira Mirza, Matthew Tucker | Posted 28.03.2013 | UK

The Huffington Post pictures of the day brings you the very best images from around the world chosen by our own photo editors, Elliot Wagland, Matthew...

Forgotten and Waiting: Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Madeleine McGivern | Posted 27.05.2013 | UK
Madeleine McGivern

Even when Syrians flee across the border of their country into northern Iraq, their troubles are far from over. Many of those I met on a recent visit to the region saying they feel forgotten - their most basic human needs for food, clean water, medical care, and shelter are often unmet.

Saving Syria Is More Important Than Winning the War

Professor Rosemary Hollis | Posted 26.05.2013 | UK Politics
Professor Rosemary Hollis

In effect the Westerners want to take sides in a multi-dimensional war, with no guarantee that their chosen protégées will prevail. Most likely, by arming the rebels they will give carte blanche to the Russians and Iranians to reinforce their support for Assad and his allies, including the Lebanese Shia faction Hezballah.

The EU Arms Embargo on Syria Is Not Fit for Purpose

Sir Malcolm Rifkind | Posted 26.05.2013 | UK Politics
Sir Malcolm Rifkind

In August last year, I wrote an op-ed for the International Herald Tribune calling for Western powers to arm the Syrian insurgents. Over six months later, the case is even more compelling than before.

Iraq - Lessons From an Insider

Paul Reynolds | Posted 25.05.2013 | UK Politics
Paul Reynolds

In Iraq everyone privately knew the WMD thing was a pretext, and this assumption underpinned all our political work. No-one was 100% certain of the real aims. Still today. So we made it up.

The News Report Tonight You Cannot Afford to Miss

Jon Snow | Posted 25.05.2013 | UK
Jon Snow

Nowhere describes Syria's disintegration as a nation more acutely than her shattered second city of Aleppo. No where describes the agony of Syria more acutely than that city's Darshifa Clinic. Despite the almost complete lack of medical staff, drugs, equipment and even sanitation, the clinic tends the cascades of brutally injured civilians and fighters alike pouring through its door.

Hague Clashes With EU Ministers Over Plans To Arm Syrian Rebels

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.05.2013 | UK Politics

Foreign Secretary William Hague has clashed with EU ministers over whether an arms embargo on Syrian rebels should be lifted. Hague's Irish counter...

Why We Must Help Syrian Refugees

Dom Joly | Posted 22.05.2013 | UK
Dom Joly

I'm just back from a couple of days in Jordan looking at the incredible work that Save the Children are doing with the Syrian refugees in the country. Jordan is a country of only six million people and, if current estimates are correct, there will be more than a million Syrians in the country by the end of this year.

BBC Weather Twitter Account Hacked By Pro-Assad Group

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 21.03.2013 | UK

BBC Weather's Twitter account has been hacked by group claiming to be the pro-government Syrian Electronic Army. The rogue tweets began at 1pm on ...

'Highly Probable' Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

Huffington Post UK | Posted 20.03.2013 | UK

It is "highly probably" chemical weapons have been used in Syria, a US intelligence official has said, echoing the words of a senior Israeli who also ...

A Syrian Spring: An Interview With the Representative of the Syrian National Coalition, Walid Saffour

Tam Hussein | Posted 20.05.2013 | UK Politics
Tam Hussein

Walid Saffour is sitting in a light, minimalist office overlooking Hyde Park. A representative of the Syrian National Coalition of the Revolutionary Opposition, he seems like a cross between a gentle Syrian uncle and a seasoned diplomat. Yet while he is affable and polite, there is an intrinsic reserve about him.