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Saving Stevi Ritchie Has Confirmed That X Factor Is No Longer Just a Singing Competition

James Brinsford | Posted 18.01.2015 | UK Entertainment
James Brinsford

According to the X Factor's premise, it is a 'television music competition to find new singing talent'. It has always been the case since it first hit our screens that if you wanted a sure-fire route to pop stardom, then a turn on the X Factor is what is required.

Abbey Clancy Wins Strictly Come Dancing

Huffington Post / PA | Posted 21.12.2013 | UK Entertainment

Model Abbey Clancy has tonight won the 11th series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. She took the crown ahead of BBC presenter Susanna Reid and soap ...

Is Pussy Riot Big Enough to Lay Claim to Its Own Name?

Ilya Kazi | Posted 06.03.2013 | UK Tech
Ilya Kazi

The story should act as a stark warning to those hungry for fame. Anyone eagerly queuing up for 'talent show' auditions or bands gigging furiously, determined to be the 'next big thing', would do well to remember that the right to use and commercially exploit their name cannot always be guaranteed.

It's 'Demonic' and 'Should Be Banned': Kinks superstar Dave Davies joins forces with Emerging Icons and slams the 'unhealthy' impact of The X Factor

Kat Jackman | Posted 19.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Kat Jackman

Like the bizarre taste of synthetic strawberry and spermicide tingling on the nation's tongue, Britain will soon wake up to the fact that allowing people like Rylan Clark to enter the mainstream consciousness is a terrible idea.

Lloyd Webber Takes Pot Shot At Cowell

WENN | Posted 31.08.2012 | Home

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has taken aim at talent show rival Simon Cowell for not spending enough time with his acts. The composer launches his new s...

No Boobs Please, We're Thai

Matt Crook | Posted 18.08.2012 | UK Entertainment
Matt Crook

This video has been causing a bit of a buzz in Thailand. In it, a female contestant on Thailand's Got Talent comes out onto the stage, starts painting on a blank canvas, takes off her shirt and bra, pours paint on herself, and then proceeds to go to work on the canvas with her bare chest.

Was 'The Voice' Your Choice?

Lloyd Paige | Posted 31.07.2012 | UK Entertainment
Lloyd Paige

It was expected to challenge the dominance of X Factor and sold itself as being a talent show for real voices. Not a show obsessed with the appearance of its contestants or a show which laughed at its singers.

So There was This Comic With Cerebral Palsy and no Voice Who Auditioned for X Factor Yesterday...

John Fleming | Posted 11.05.2012 | UK Comedy
John Fleming

Yesterday afternoon, I got an e-mail from a Jeff Lantern, who describes himself as "an enigmatic North East England based act" and who says: "I perform on the comedy circuit because no-one else will take me seriously".

Thoughts on Present Discontents: I. Money and Art

Paul Hewitt | Posted 22.03.2012 | Home
Paul Hewitt

Apologies for the rambling thoughts below, but I feel as though they should be aired to gauge a wider opinion. At this point one must admit his inexpe...

MasterChef: Once You've Eaten One

Nick Harrison | Posted 31.01.2012 | UK Entertainment
Nick Harrison

In television terms MasterChef is venerable. It was born in 1990, when it was shown on Sunday evenings. Contestants would mash, grind and dice their ingredients. The host was Loyd Grossman. He would mash, grind and dice his vowels. Loyd left to make tomato sauce. But MasterChef flourished.

Frankie My Dear, I Do Give A Damn

Kelly Holgate | Posted 16.01.2012 | UK Entertainment
Kelly Holgate

I believe Frankie was fed to the lions way before his drug downfall, and I by no means condone taking drugs, but Cocozza isn't an addict and this probably won't be the last time he experiments on a night out.