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Caroline Frost

How Peter Berg Survived The Sinking Of Battleship

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 04.02.2014 | UK Entertainment

“I think there’s a lesson in this… stay true to your heart, to what you believe in.” Peter Berg, director of both box office turkeys and t...

Taylor Kitsch: 'It Was Hard On Me'

The Huffington Post UK/WENN | Caroline Frost | Posted 04.07.2012 | UK Entertainment

F Scott Fitzgerald once told us there are no second acts in American lives. Taylor Kitsch will be hoping there are possible third acts in American...

Battleship (2012) review by That Film Guy

Thomas Patrick | Posted 15.06.2012 | UK Entertainment
Thomas Patrick

From director Peter Berg and 'The toy company that bought you Transformers' comes the latest toy-to-film adaptation, Battleship. Like Transformers: Da...

Caroline Frost

'I Can't Captivate An Audience Like Rihanna'

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 11.04.2012 | UK Entertainment

“They were worried when they first got me, that I seemed a little too… nice.” How easy to believe. Brooklyn Decker (Mrs Roddick to tennis typ...

VIDEO: When MyDaily Met Taylor Kitsch (Really Quite Attractive Man Alert)

MyDaily | Posted 11.06.2012 | UK Style

So, one thing we've noticed: Battleship has quite an attractive cast doesn't it? MyDaily had the opportunity to gaze into the eyes of Taylor Kitsch fo...

Star Defends John Carter

WENN | Posted 03.06.2012 | UK Entertainment

Taylor Kitsch has said he is "incredibly proud" of John Carter, despite its box office losses. The Canadian actor, who next stars in Battleship, po...

Staying Out Of Mischief?

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 02.06.2012 | UK Entertainment

If the devil makes work for idle hands, Rihanna won't be getting into trouble for a while yet, as the pop diva has revealed she'll be embarking on a w...

Most Epic Photo Call Ever? Rihanna & Co Promote Battleship On Board Aircraft Carrier

MyDaily | Posted 02.06.2012 | UK Style

So the Battleship gang pulled out all the stops for the Japan press conference and photo call, staging the event on board an aircraft carrier.......

The Biggest Flop In Movie History?

PA | Posted 20.05.2012 | UK Entertainment

John Carter is set to record a loss of 200 million US dollars, Disney has announced. The 3D film, about a Civil War veteran transplanted to Mars an...

'I Made Rihanna Cry'

WENN | Posted 19.05.2012 | UK Entertainment

Rihanna broke down in tears after enduring a gruelling audition process for the upcoming blockbuster Battleship. The Umbrella hitmaker will make h...

TRAILER: Battleship Kicks Off

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 13.05.2012 | UK Entertainment

Rihanna may have conquered the pop world - her success on the big screen will have to wait until next month to be proved. That's when her much-hyp...

John Carter (2012) Review by That Film Guy

Thomas Patrick | Posted 11.05.2012 | UK Entertainment
Thomas Patrick

John Carter is the latest big blockbuster release from Disney. Directed by Andrew Stanton of Pixar fame it attempts to adapt the legendary Edgar Rice ...

Caroline Frost

Taylor Kitsch: 'Superstardom's Getting Tiring'

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 09.03.2012 | UK Entertainment

Taylor Kitsch, this time next month, will be one of the most famous film stars in the world. But right now, he's just a tired Canadian sitting in a Lo...

'They're Handy... I'm Hopeless'

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 02.03.2012 | UK Entertainment

James Purefoy, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong and Dominic West were the home-grown stars at last night's London premiere of sci-fi blockbuster John Cart...

TRAILER: John Carter, Your Planet Needs You

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 20.04.2012 | UK Entertainment

Disney have brought to the big screen the eponymous hero of Edgar Rise Burrough's classic novels. Here's the blurb below: From Academy Award-winnin...

Can Rihanna Actually Act?

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 24.03.2012 | UK Entertainment

Rihanna can definitely sing, and her ability to shock is beyond question, but the multi-faceted Barbadian has put her credibility on the line with a c...

10 things I Learned at Mega Movie bash Empire Big Screen (Part 2)

Ben Falk | Posted 17.10.2011 | UK Entertainment
Ben Falk

1. Jeremy Irvine is going to be a star The almost-unknown lead in War Horse made an appearance at the fest and chatted about his role in the Spielber...

WATCH: Try Spot Rihanna In Her Debut Film Trailer

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Dean | Posted 27.09.2011 | UK Entertainment

Singer Rihanna’s debut film Battleship now has a trailer - but the star is barely in it. From the look of it, Battleship, which stars Liam Neeso...