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Flights of Fancy: The Journey From Bar to Boardroom With Skyscanner's CEO

Heather Irish | Posted 27.03.2015 | UK Tech
Heather Irish

How did a high tech startup, headquartered in Scotland's historic capital, become the global travel gateway it is today? And how does it maintain that startup culture, seemingly so crucial to its success, now that it is much more than a dream etched on a beer mat?

Silicon Savannah - How Start-ups in Africa are Taking on Some of Humanity's Biggest Challenges

Matthew Hussey | Posted 07.03.2015 | UK Tech
Matthew Hussey

The adoption of new technology in and around Silicon Savannah has helped the region leapfrog many of the hurdles faced by Europe and America's digital overhaul. The use of mobile phones for the purchase of goods in Africa is way ahead of other counterparts.

What I Did Wrong In My First Start Up

Will Bancroft | Posted 27.02.2015 | UK Tech
Will Bancroft

What did I do wrong in my first startup? What didn't I do wrong! I probably did more wrong than right, but I got out the other side with some skills, earning power and am able to tell the tale. I'll take the hard earned lessons with me onto the next one, hopefully executing much more artfully and smartly next time.

There Is No Such Thing as a Typical Tech Entrepreneur - Here's Proof

Neela Bettridge | Posted 20.01.2015 | UK Tech
Neela Bettridge

It's the classic entrepreneur's dilemma: the bank has called in its loan, and you have two weeks to find a sizeable sum of money. What do you do? If you're Rebecca Harding, you take the dog for a walk. The irony of where she ended up that day -- at Beachy Head, a famous spot for suicides -- was not lost on her.

Airbnb's New Logo Looks Like Something Awful

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 17.07.2014 | UK Tech

Airbnb has unveiled a brand new logo for its home renting service and well, just take a look for yourself. While we're not sure exactly what it is, it...

A £1,000 Student Loan and a Freaking Crazy Idea (Part Two)

Amman Ahmed | Posted 07.06.2014 | UK
Amman Ahmed

After building roundwaves into a profitable company, Amman talks about funding the next big challenge. Rormix - A platform for discovering emerging music videos.

Techstars London Diary: We Are Your Family Now

Vincent Dignan | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK Tech
Vincent Dignan

"Running a startup is like being punched in the face repeatedly." I can think of no more accurate phrase to describe the process of running your own business. It's a quote from Paul Graham, founder of startup accelerator Y-Combinator.

Bitcoin Needs to Change Before It Can Go Mainstream

Michael R Jackson | Posted 06.04.2014 | UK Tech
Michael R Jackson

With media reports on Bitcoin's soaring price, the millionaires it has made and the growing number of businesses accepting it as a form of payment, many people are now asking whether it may become the digital currency of the future.

Celtic Tiger 2.0 - The Rise of Ireland's Entrepreneurs

Niamh Corbett | Posted 30.03.2014 | UK
Niamh Corbett

The Celtic Tiger is back. It is reformed, humbled and roars with less bravado, but it is no less ambitious. It may even be here to stay. The Irish ec...

10,000 Businesses Started!

Yasmina Siadatan | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK
Yasmina Siadatan

What a long way we have come. I can remember when we administered the first £1million. It seemed like a huge milestone. It seems like only yesterday we had provided loans to 5,000 businesses and now we have passed the 10,000th milestone. We should be very proud of what we have achieved, but there is still a long way to go...

Britain: Entrepreneurship Hub or Bubble?

George Georgiopoulos | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech
George Georgiopoulos

While working as a consultant in London a few years ago, I remember it as a "suit city" like New York. However, over the past two years, a lot of investment has been committed to change this - as evidenced by the Sirius Programme. This shows that the British government is taking this movement sirius-ly and will support its growth over the coming years.

London Battlehack

John Lunn | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech
John Lunn

110 developers rocked up to One Canada Square, Canary Wharf recently for the London-leg of the PayPal search to find the best hackers across ten of the world's coolest cities.

Tech Start-ups Are the Last Businesses That Need Government Help

Christian Nellemann | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech
Christian Nellemann

Twenty five million pounds of government money has been poured into a venture capital fund for tech start-ups. With the Episode 1 fund they are, they say, "determined to give entrepreneurs the financial support they need to grow".

Fired Groupon CEO Leaves Bittersweet Memo For Staff After He's Forced Out The Door

The Huffington Post UK | Charlie Thomas | Posted 01.03.2013 | UK

Groupon, the internet daily deals website, has dramatically fired its chief executive Andrew Mason after the company's share price continued to dive a...

How to Contact a Journalist: Learning the Start-Up Way

Reuben Sagar | Posted 26.03.2013 | UK Tech
Reuben Sagar

The task is like applying for jobs, you send out hundreds of emails waiting for replies, and if nothing comes back you don't know whether it was the story you told, the email you sent, or the product you sell that failed to inspire.

Tech City: An Insider's Introduction to the People of the Roundabout

Reuben Sagar | Posted 11.02.2013 | UK Tech
Reuben Sagar

The past couple of weeks have been big ones in this small, traffic junction heavy part of London. Silicon Roundabout has cemented its position as the centre of the UK's tech industry.

Oxygen Accelerators is Helping School Children Launch Their Own Businesses in Birmingham

Stephen Canning | Posted 07.12.2012 | UK Tech
Stephen Canning

This morning I'm off to Birmingham for the Conservative Party Conference and that's why an email that came across my inbox from a project called Oxygen Accelerator today was particularly interesting.

Forget East London; All The Cool Creative Kids Are Moving To Folkestone

Charlie Thomas | Posted 08.10.2012 | UK

A 10-year regeneration project has resulted in creative and tech start-ups flocking away from London and into Folkestone, improving the local economy ...

Eric Brotto Wants to Help You Launch a Startup in a Weekend

Stephen Canning | Posted 08.11.2012 | UK Tech
Stephen Canning

Yesterday I caught up with Eric Brotto the lead organiser of London Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is a worldwide organisation of entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It claims to be the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011.

Ready to Uber

Stephen Canning | Posted 01.11.2012 | UK Tech
Stephen Canning

Admit it, we all think it. Everyone wonders what that trip out would have been like if you'd had your own chauffeur. Well the classy alternative to the traditional London black can is here. Uber has hopped over the pond to offer Londoners a taste of the chauffeur driven lifestyle and it's pretty unique demand led dynamic pricing model.

A Startup Sizzle

Stephen Canning | Posted 29.10.2012 | UK Tech
Stephen Canning

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Digital Sizzle 6 organised by a company called 3 Beards who host the remarkably popular staple of the London startup calendar Silicon Drinkabout. The event was held in the fantastic location of the rooftop of the Southbank Centre.

The Rise of Silicon Roundabout

Chris J. Coulter | Posted 29.08.2012 | UK Tech
Chris J. Coulter

It's clear that the expansion of East London's Silicon Roundabout - the new hub for media and tech companies - is beginning to gather pace.

Life as a London Tech Startup: on the Hunt for Brilliant Brains

Dan Barker | Posted 28.12.2011 | UK Tech
Dan Barker

Although it's really common sense, what the recent 'sexing up' of entrepreneurship through TV and films somehow manages to ignore is this: What really makes early-stage tech businesses succeed is having talented, skilled people working together to effectively build things that people want.