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STEM Education - Why Everyone Is Responsible for Investment

Coorous Mohtadi | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Tech
Coorous Mohtadi

It's not only engineering skills that are developed by participating in student competitions. Working as part of a team on such an extensive project also helps to build transferrable skills such as team work, problem solving, critical thinking and communication; all vital in any future profession.

Ears on With the Ear Force Stealth 420X Wireless Headset From Turtle Beach

Andrew Edney | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Tech
Andrew Edney

Charging the headset is as easy as plugging it into your Xbox One - the moment you do you hear an electronic voice telling you the headset is charging and the Turtle Beach logo on each side of the headset glows red.

The Missing Ingredient in Britain's Tech Start-Ups? Mentoring

Chris Ciauri | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Tech
Chris Ciauri

What is the missing link between someone showing early promise as a businessperson and becoming an ultra-successful entrepreneur? I think that missing 'something' is direct mentoring.

The Avro Vulcan Bomber Said Goodbye With This Spectacular Stunt

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Tech

This weekend the Avro Vulcan Bomber marked its goodbye to the skies with a spectacular stunt at the Royal International Air Tattoo, at RAF Fairford in...

If You've Had An Affair Lately You Might Want To Start Getting Nervous

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 21.07.2015 | UK Tech

Ashley Madison the site that lets people have extramarital affairs, has been hacked by a group who are threatening to reveal the identity of millions ...

Why Are We Failing to Fund Mental Health Research?

Sam Crossman | Posted 19.07.2015 | UK Tech
Sam Crossman

Many fantastic mental health charities exist, which influence policy, address public attitudes and provide vital support to people living with mental illnesses. However, such organisations rarely finance research and as a result, charitable funding in the mental health sector is virtually non-existent.

Tired of Being You Online? Why Not Outsource the Job to Someone Else

Charlotte Webb | Posted 19.07.2015 | UK Tech
Charlotte Webb

If online identity construction is a form of labour, maybe it can be outsourced to a worker in our transforming digital labour markets? But surely I hear you saying - you can't outsource the production of your own identity, as if it were some kind of commodity good?

#WorldEmojiDay: If Emojis Were Celebrities This Is Who They Would Be

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech

Emojis are proof that pictures do (at times) paint a thousand words. Today is World Emoji Day -- 17 July is the date noted on the calendar emoji. ...

Six Android Travel Hacks to Spruce Up Your Summer

Andrei Popescu | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Andrei Popescu

From finding great family-friendly content to entertain kids on long journeys, to easy ways to extend your battery life and simple ways to prevent high data charges, those of you with Android phones (that's Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, LG and more) should take note.

Why We Should All Be Embracing Fantasy Technology

Leila Johnston | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Leila Johnston

There is a strong case that artists, proponents of the emotional, fantastical, connective and not immediately economically useful, are being squeezed out by the overwhelming corporate pressures governing everything technological.

Commodore Is Back, and They're More "Powerful" Than Ever

Jamie Dickerson | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Jamie Dickerson

The company itself has been in a weird state of limbo for much of the following years after the 64's dominance faded, and recently the current iteration of the company announced a smartphone. But what's weirder is it really drives home how far the technology sector has come.

The Technology of Sport: Are Our Venues Letting the Side Down?

Garry Veale | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Garry Veale

Sports technologies like contactless payments, stadium apps to help you find a parking spot, order a beer to your seat, or access player information on the last goal scorer have incredible potential to boost engagement for sports fans and advertisers.

How Should the Pay Gap Be Published?

Jeni Tennison | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Jeni Tennison

It is reported that David Cameron is planning to enforce the publication of average male and female pay for firms with over 250 employees. To increase accountability and to enable government to monitor the effect of their policy, this pay gap should be published as open data.

This Simple 16-second Video Explains Why #PlutoFlyBy Was MONUMENTAL For Us

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech

NASA's New Horizons team made history as the spacecraft flew by Pluto and captured some mind-blowing shots of the demoted planet and its moon, Charon....

Could It Be? Passenger Captures Footage Of UFO Over Syria

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech

A passenger onboard a flight heading over Damascus, Syria has released a recording of what could be a UFO. The footage captures a vague silver obj...

Scientists Want You To Stop Eating Chicken And Start Eating Insects

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech

Diets at the best of times are always a bit of a struggle and the fact that we can now incorporate insects as a good source of protein, won't really d...

Reddit's Not Banning Free Speech, It's Just Hiding It

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech

It was supposed to be the AMA to beat them all. It was supposed to be Reddit's opportunity to have a real heart to heart with its new CEO-- Steve ...

From Huge Serves, to All the Break Points: Looking Back at Wimbledon 2015...

Sam Seddon | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Sam Seddon

From a sporting, but also business perspective, The Championships this year have shown us that both can significantly benefit from access to large amounts of data and the analytics capabilities to use these insights.

To Advance Food Security, Cold Chains Have to Get Moving

Toby Peters | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Toby Peters

The affordability of food requires populations to have access to enough nutritional produce at a stable price. For farmers to see a return on their produce, it must retain its value in transit and be kept fresh.

Cloud Bridging The Innovation and Skills Gap

Doug Clark | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Doug Clark

For our economy to flourish again we need to stimulate innovation and have the skills to compete on a global stage and cloud can help enable this as it has a comparative low cost of entry compared with traditional methods.

Apple Pay and the Concentration of Data Power

Mike Weston | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Mike Weston

It will be another landmark in the concentration of personal data in the hands of a major tech company. Like Google and Facebook, Apple knows a lot about how people lead their lives. In our new digital world, such knowledge is power - and, increasingly, money.

Tech Careers for Women: Decoding the Myths

Sarah Lawson Johnston | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Sarah Lawson Johnston

Companies can make a difference by acknowledging the issue and working on any internal imbalances. Adding talented women to the executive team, giving promotions and making women feel valued, as well as inspired.

Smartphones Are the New Cigarettes

Tim Bichara | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Tim Bichara

I've been a non smoker for 20 years now, and I've no intention of starting again. But it occurred to me the other day just how much the smart phone has become the modern version of the cigarette.

How Do You Like Your Coffee, Comrade?

Doug Millard | Posted 17.07.2015 | UK Tech
Doug Millard

Today the International Space Station continues to host astronauts and cosmonauts from around the world. The vital agreement between the Russian and US space agencies for its operation has now been extended to run until 2024, despite political differences between the two nations.

Siri Is Calling The Police Instead Of Charging Your Phone And No One Knows Why

The Huffington Post UK | Nitya Rajan | Posted 16.07.2015 | UK Tech

When you ask Siri to charge your phone to 100%, the weirdest thing happens: That's right, your iPhone automatically calls 999 and gives you a f...