The Future of News

'What Now' for News?

Giselle Green | Posted 23.02.2017 | UK
Giselle Green

Evidence shows that the public are turned off by negative news as it leaves them feeling anxious, passive and helpless, in despair rather than informed. According to research projects into negative bias in the news, not only do audiences prefer positive news stories but exposure to a typical news story results in a drop in mood in most people.

Can Greenwald Save Lost Generation of Independent Journalists?

Mischa Wilmers | Posted 19.12.2013 | UK
Mischa Wilmers

I am often bemused when I hear discussions about the future of quality mainstream journalism. Most newspaper journalists accept their industry is in d...

Want to See the Future of News? Imagine the World Before Newspapers

Paul Quigley | Posted 01.05.2012 | UK
Paul Quigley

In the future, social networks will dominate media distribution. But that's just a return to the way things used to be.