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What Makes a Homophobe? Ireland's Debate Goes Global

Peter McGuire | Posted 12.04.2014 | UK
Peter McGuire

Those who devote their energies to stopping same-sex marriage may very well be motivated by a genuine, albeit misplaced, fear over child welfare. If child welfare really is such a concern, perhaps they should review the evidence and direct just a fraction of their energy towards creating a more equal society...

Why Is There A Doge Advert In The Guardian's Finance Section?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.02.2014 | UK

UPDATE: The Guardian told HuffPost UK the advert was published on behalf of the company who won the paper's small Business Networks competition. DueDi...

Why Is There A Doge Advert In The Guardian's Finance Section?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.02.2014 | UK

OH MY DOGE. Social media users are ripping themselves to pieces in hysterical confusion over a very mysterious advert published in today's Guardian...

Race, Class and Black Flight - How the Middle Class Runs UK Media

Roifield Brown | Posted 07.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Roifield Brown

A concerned awareness of the proportional lack of ethnic minority representation in UK media is not something new, but the surprise is that in these supposedly meritocratic times, it seems to be getting worse and not better.

Ukip MEP Gerard Batten Wants Muslims To Sign Charter Denouncing Passages Of Qur'an

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 05.02.2014 | UK

UPDATE: Syed Kamall, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, has delivered a letter to the (empty) desk of his fellow London MEP Gerard Batten in the S...

When Did We Consent to a 'Rape Culture'?

Lauren Chaplin | Posted 31.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Lauren Chaplin

The Guardian recently published an article titled 'Rape culture at university needs urgent action' which opened with the author, a Cambridge fresher, describing various dreadful incidents her friends had experienced at university, namely drink spiking, sexual assault, and most tragically, rape. So far, so fair...

The Guardian Inks Pact With AOL's Unit for Private Video Exchange

Andy Plesser | Posted 19.03.2014 | UK
Andy Plesser

U.K. publisher The Guardian has an agreement with video ad tech provider for a platform to sell video inventory to select advertisers in an ...

GCHQ, NSA Targeted Charities, EU Commissioner And Israeli Prime Minister

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

The latest leaks by the fugitive Edward Snowden indicate that British and American intelligence agencies targeted charities, including Unicef and Mede...

Glenn Greenwald Accuses Tory MP Of Being A 'Liar'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.12.2013 | UK Politics

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist behind a series of explosive stories about the activities of the US and British intelligence agencies, has accused a T...

Journalism in the Dock: A New Low for British Justice, Accountability and democracy

Justin Schlosberg | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK
Justin Schlosberg

For those who do genuinely love this country and its democratic traditions, the options for redress seem increasingly narrow. In the words of Owen Jones, "if the state starts prosecuting journalists for holding power to account, let's take to the streets".

WATCH: 'Do You Love This Country'

The Huffington Post UK | Ned Simons | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics

The editor of The Guardian has been forced to defend his patriotism, after he was bizarrely quizzed by MPs on whether he "loved" his country. Alan ...

Canadian Government Swims Into the Hall of Shame

Philip Lymbery | Posted 26.01.2014 | UK
Philip Lymbery

The Canadian government has approved the commercial production of GM salmon eggs, making it the first government to do this for any GM food animal. This is not good news, and I think the Canadian government knows it.

Crossword Setter Who Left Cryptic Clues To His Illness, Dies

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.02.2014 | UK

A crossword setter who left cryptic clues to announce his own illness in national newspapers has died. The Rev John Graham, who goes by the pseudo...

Launching a Job-Site Startup at 18: Over 10,000 Jobs, 60,000 Hits and 50 Sleepless Nights

Rasheed Rollins | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK
Rasheed Rollins

YouthDirect allows a young person to find any job opportunity, work experience, apprenticeship, internship or training opportunity in any field that interests them by simply submitting their post-code. With the website's simple map feature, any young person can find the closest opportunity to them and apply for it through us.

Guardian's Gentry: MediaMath Turns Rivals' Readers In To Our Eyeballs

Andy Plesser | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK
Andy Plesser

LONDON -- While many news publishers have eyed the rise of so-called "programmatic" automated online ad trading with skepticism, Guardian News & Media...

London Calling: The Guardian, GroupM, IAB, Nielsen, Rightster, Unruly, Xaxis, Videology at Programmatic Summit

Andy Plesser | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Tech
Andy Plesser

LONDON - We are here for our programmatic video advertising summit presented by Videology and hosted by Xaxis at the London headquarters of GroupM. ...

Rusbriger To Appear Before Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Over Snowden Leaks

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger is to appear before the Commons home affairs select committee in December to answer questions from MPs on the newspape...

Tim Berners-Lee Speaks Out In Favour Of Whistleblowers

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 07.11.2013 | UK

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has spoken out in favour of the Guardian’s reporting of the surveillance programs instituted by...

Plugged In

Alice Stansfield | Posted 07.11.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Alice Stansfield

The issues with our connection is the concept that we can't detach from being constantly 'Plugged In'. Advice on living the virtual world? It is almost impossible for some, and to escape it now is to be excluded from a social and business part of the generation we live in.

'Male Candidates Only'

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 04.11.2013 | UK

A recruitment firm has sparked heated debate online after it placed adverts on both the Sun and Guardian websites, which barred women applicants becau...

Brooks 'Shocked, Appalled' By Milly Dowler Phone Hack Story

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.11.2013 | UK

Rebekah Brooks brought in a new policy at News International about email deletion, which she "may have had a personal interest in", a court has heard....

Ned Simons

Tory MP: No Evidence The Guardian Has Damaged National Security | Ned Simons | Posted 30.10.2013 | UK Politics

The "weak" committee of MPs that oversees the intelligence agencies is too ready to believe what it is told by Britain's spies and there is no evidenc...

Edward Snowden A 'Hero' In UK

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot and Sunny Freeman | Posted 30.10.2013 | UK

The majority of Brits believe surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero, according to a survey, and have a far more favourable view of the f...

The Week That Was: Who's Listening?

Carla Buzasi | Posted 26.12.2013 | UK
Carla Buzasi

As Europe's leaders have learnt to their detriment, cross Angela Merkel at your peril. Perhaps someone should have sent that memo to Barack Obama. The president was left short of excuses this week as yet another embarrassing revelation was handed out by former US intelligence operative Edward Snowden. The Guardian continued their NSA exposes with the news that 35 world leaders, Germany's chancellor included, have unwittingly been chatting away on their phones with America listing in.

India's PM Isn't Fussed About The New US Hacking Revelations

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.12.2013 | UK

India's 81-year-old prime minister does not own a mobile phone or use personal email, giving New Delhi "no cause for concern" about new US hacking rev...