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Surreal London Travel Chaos Sees Victoria Line Rammed And Train Stations Like Ghost Towns

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 13.12.2016 | UK

LATEST: The Victoria line is now running normally. Southern Rail is still on strike... Good service now operating again to all destinations. Apologie...

9 Bits Of The London Tube Map That Are A Complete Lie

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 14.10.2016 | UK

The Tube map. Trustworthy, accurate and always gets you to where you want to go. First designed back in 1933, the familiar schematic lines of Harry Be...

The Voice Of The Tube's 'Mind The Gap', Phil Sayer, Has Died

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 15.04.2016 | UK

Phil Sayer, known to millions as the voice of the 'Mind The Gap' announcements on the London Underground, has died aged 62. The former BBC presenter p...

Elizabeth Line Tube Map Shows How London's Underground Will Look Like By 2019

The Huffington Post UK | Huffington Post Staff | Posted 30.11.2016 | UK

Crossrail's £15bn Elizabeth Line is prompting yet more changes to the capital's iconic Tube map. The first section of the Elizabeth Line between L...

The Evolution Of The London Underground Map In 27 Glorious Images

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 09.03.2016 | UK

Of all the things in our nation's capital, the London Underground map is one of the most instantly recognisable. Yet in its 153-year history, the k...

Can You Guess The London Tube Station Just From Its Entrance?

The Huffington Post UK | Huffington Post Staff | Posted 22.12.2015 | UK

How much attention do you actually pay when you walk into one?...

Police Want To Know Who Is Behind Those Vile 'Fat Cards' On The Tube

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 02.12.2015 | UK

Story contains graphic language Police are appealing for information after abusive cards were handed to female passengers on the London Underground...

A Geographically Accurate Map of The London Underground Has Been Prised From TfL

The Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 17.09.2015 | UK

The London Underground map has become something of an unofficial mascot for the capital, but the familiar refrain that it’s just not physically accu...

Bad News Folks, The Night Tube Looks Like It Will Be Delayed

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 14.08.2015 | UK

The eagerly anticipated London Night Tube looks set to be delayed as industrial action rumbles on. Two further strikes have been announced for late...

Scotland Yard 'Covered Up Tube Serial Killer Who Pushed 16 People To Their Deaths'

The Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 29.07.2015 | UK

UPDATE: London Underground Serial Killer Claims Are 'Quite Convincing' Says Met Police Chief A former Scotland Yard detective has alleged police de...

'London City Worker Snorts Cocaine' On Packed Tube In Brazen Video

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 24.06.2015 | UK

A man reported to be a worker in the City has apparently been recorded on video snorting what he claims to be cocaine while he travels on the Tube wit...

HURRAH! Even More Of London's Tube Network Is Going 24-Hour

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Chris York | Posted 20.02.2015 | UK

Good news Londoners (and those lucky enough to be visiting) - even more of the capital's travel network is going to run 24-hours at weekends. All-...

Why TfL's Union-Bashing Tweet Helps Ruin Things for All of Us

Rebecca Winson | Posted 31.01.2015 | UK Politics
Rebecca Winson

Tweets like this, when viewed as part of a much bigger picture, are a direct threat to the idea that your job should be as safe as possible, that your time spent at work shouldn't make you weep blood and that you should get a fair wage for a fair day's work. TfL aren't just throwing shade at the RMT, they're throwing it at all of us.

14 People Genuinely Worried About The Tube Terror Attack Hoax

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 01.09.2014 | UK

It was probably inevitable - the government raises the terrorist threat level so some silly sod starts a rumour of imminent attack on the London Under...

Tube Be, or Not Tube Be - How to Avoid the Travel Chaos During London's Transport Strike

Tim Stone | Posted 28.06.2014 | UK Tech
Tim Stone

The tube strikes have served to highlight the fact that the UK working population is crying out to be spared the daily commute. I feel lucky to work for an organisation where 100 percent of our employees are equipped with the technology to allow them to work remotely.

Boris Attacked For Tube Fare 'Stunt'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

Boris Johnson has come under fire for a 'highly politicised stunt' over tube fares in London after prices for 2014 were unveiled. Public transport ...

Come And Meet The London Underground Animals! (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 14.12.2013 | UK

SEE ALSO: Cherry, Wet Chalk & Monkey Nuts: This Is What London Underground Stations Taste Like If you look very closely at a map of the London Unde...

How Long Would It Take You To Visit Every London Tube Station?

Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.09.2013 | UK

Two men have broken the record for visiting all 270 London Underground stations in the fastest possible time. Geoff Marshall, 41, and Anthony Smith...

Cherry, Wet Chalk & Monkey Nuts: This Is What London Underground Stations Taste Like

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.10.2013 | UK

Jam roly-poly, spam fritters, chewing gum and sausage meat: These are just some of the taste sensations James Wannerton experiences as he hurtles thro...

London - Just One Big Dysfunctional Family?

Josh Zitser | Posted 01.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Josh Zitser

What events like the Royal Wedding, the London Olympics and Wimbledon show are that, deep down, we are in fact amongst that most genuine and charming people out there. Give us a bottle of Pimms and we'll stumble and knock over our metaphorical walls. Give us a bit of sun as a remedy to our coldness, and our solar-powered souls are reinvigorated.

Tube Travel Is Bad For Your Health

PA | Posted 24.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education

Travelling on the Tube could be bad for your health because of tiny metal dust particles in the atmosphere, new research from a UK university has clai...

WATCH: 39 Tonne Runaway Train Shoots Through Busy Tube Stations

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 01.03.2013 | UK

London Underground and its contractors have been fined a total of £300,000 after an engineering train ran out of control for over four miles on the N...

Blending in Like a Local - Ten Tips for London's New Arrivals

Natalie de Winter | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Natalie de Winter

Being an Australian, when I first moved to London I thought fitting in would be a piece of bakewell tart. I mean, we sort of speak the same language and appear to have many cultural similarities, yes? How hard could it be?

Running the Tube Later at the Weekend

Alexander Jan | Posted 07.04.2013 | UK
Alexander Jan

Last week Transport for London held out the prospect of the Underground running later at weekends. Commencing in 2015, this could deliver a boost to London's £8 billion a year dining, drinking and entertainment industry. It would provide a boon to the thousands of Londoners who flock to the West End for a night out.

No Pants On The Tube Day: It's The London Undie-Ground

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 14.01.2013 | UK

Monday morning saw the world's 12th annual "no pants subway ride" (that's trousers and the Tube to you and me), and bearing in mind most of London wok...