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EU Exit Talk Is 'Anti-Jobs And Anti-Business', Warns Balls

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 01.04.2014 | UK Politics

Ed Balls has warned that "even talking" of Britain leaving the European Union is "anti-jobs and anti-business" as it would create "huge uncertainty" f...

Business Chief Says UK Recovery Needs 'Economically Literate' Politicians

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 01.04.2014 | UK Politics

Politicians need to be more business orientated and "economically literate" if the UK is to achieve sustainable economic growth, according to an indus...

Cable: UK Doomed To Be 'Bit Part Player' Unless Firms Boost Exports

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 01.04.2014 | UK Politics

Firms are being urged to export more goods to help the UK achieve a sustainable economic recovery and stop the country becoming a "bit part player". ...

'Labour And Business Can Work Together'

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 01.04.2014 | UK Politics

Business and government must work together to win back public trust as part of the drive to boost the economy and improve living standards, according ...

Business Agrees With Nick on the EU: It's About Jobs, Jobs and Jobs

Giles Goodall | Posted 28.03.2014 | UK Politics
Giles Goodall

As we draw closer to the European elections on 22 May, more and more business leaders are speaking out in favour of Britain's membership of the European Union. Not a day seems to go by without another major employer warning of the risks for Britain's jobs and economy of a potential EU exit.

How Cross-Border Trade Is Empowering Women and Fostering Peace in DRC

Maria Lange | Posted 11.03.2014 | UK Politics
Maria Lange

Through a collection of photographs and interviews, Crossings: The journey to peace challenges predominant narratives about eastern DRC, which focus on 'conflict trade' and 'rape' above broader lived experiences.

There's a Progressive Case for an EU-US Trade Deal - Let's Start Making It

John Healey | Posted 27.02.2014 | UK Politics
John Healey

TTIP could be a global economic gamechanger - bringing more jobs, higher wages and setting global standards for a generation. I want to see progressives follow in the footsteps of Hardie, Attlee and Roosevelt by leading the case for trade that is both free and fair.

Britain Only Loses Outside the EU

Catherine Bearder | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK Politics
Catherine Bearder

We've now had it confirmed. Not only do many of Britain's business chiefs, Barack Obama and other world leaders think Britain would lose out if we left the EU, so too does the head of the World Trade Organisation, Roberto Azevêdo...

Exporting for Success

John Longworth | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK
John Longworth

Things are looking up. Last quarter's 0.7% GDP growth places Britain among the fastest recovering advanced economies in the world... But translating improving economic indicators into strong, sustained growth will require a significant rebalancing of our economy towards exports.

Guess How Much You Paid For Boris Johnson's Trip To China?

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 24.01.2014 | UK Politics

Boris Johnson has come under fire after City Hall revealed that his Mayoral trade visit to China cost £65,000, in response to a Freedom of Informatio...

'Strict Visa Controls Are Hampering Trade'

The Huffington Post/PA | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Politics

The Government's efforts to boost trade are being hampered by Britain's strict visa controls which are deterring some overseas businesses from dealing...

Let's Remove Barriers to Trade Outside the EU

Syed Kamall | Posted 09.03.2014 | UK Politics
Syed Kamall

Most of us like the idea of a Single European Market. For some it is the best reason and, for others, the only reason for the UK to remain a member of the European Union. But in recent years we have ended up with reams of legislation, introduced in the name of the Single Market, but which run totally counter to the purpose of British membership...

My 2014 Economic Briefing

Tony Dolphin | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK Politics
Tony Dolphin

In his March 2011 Budget, George Osborne promised a 'march of the makers': an economic recovery led by manufacturing industry boosting exports and investment spending. But companies have been reluctant to oblige, and as we look forward to 2014, a recovery built on this solid foundation seems increasingly unlikely.

When Will the UK Do More Than Whisper for Justice for the Palestinians?

Luke Massey | Posted 14.02.2014 | UK Politics
Luke Massey

While the world mourns the death of Nelson Mandela, who galvanised an international movement against the barbarism of racism and oppression, there has never been a more acute time to heed his words: 'We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.'

Doing Business in China: Unlocking the Rewards

Stephen Kon | Posted 02.02.2014 | UK
Stephen Kon

While GSK's recent difficulties in China have once again put the focus on some of the problems associated with doing business in the world's second largest economy, the UK Government is urging British companies to look beyond the perceived barriers and focus instead on the very real opportunities.

'Game-changing' Strategic Opportunity in China Is Missed by the United Kingdom

Adam Matthews | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK
Adam Matthews

The United Kingdom is well positioned as a leader in many of these areas, in particular energy management systems, offshore wind and expertise to tackle air pollution. And, as the United Kingdom renews its own energy infrastructure, there are huge opportunities for collaboration.

Wake Up to What's Happening in Geneva

Andrew Wilson | Posted 26.01.2014 | UK
Andrew Wilson

When I hear critics of the World Trade Organization, I'm increasingly reminded of the great moment in Monty Python's Life of Brian where a bunch of would-be Judean rebels ask "what have the Romans ever done for us?"... Fast-forward to the present day and criticisms of the WTO might well be met with a similar riposte.

You'll Never Guess What Britain Has Sold Around The World

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 14.11.2013 | UK

Britain has a lot to be proud of, as David Cameron would likely say, and so it makes sense for businesses to focus on exporting their wares across the...

Leaving EU Could Be A 'Backward Step', Warns DHL

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 28.10.2013 | UK

Britain's departure from the European Union could see the country descend into economic "protectionism" that would hurt business, warned Phil Couchman...

Nissan Wants UK To Stay In The EU

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 08.10.2013 | UK Politics

Nissan has called on Britain to stay in the European Union, warning that a departure would create "obstacles" to foreign investment in car manufacturi...

How Many Shares In UK Firms Are Foreign-Owned?

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 26.09.2013 | UK

More than half (53.2%) of shares in listed UK firms are now owned by foreign investors for the first time on record. The size of foreign investmen...

G20 Wrangling Belies the Growing Importance of Russo-British Trade Relations

Paul Slinger | Posted 10.11.2013 | UK Politics
Paul Slinger

Much is written about Russia and about doing business there. Understandably there is a tendency for the media to gravitate towards more controversial stories - as last week's G20 highlighted.

"BrentGate" Will Be Larger Than the Libor Scandal

Johnny West | Posted 15.07.2013 | UK
Johnny West

Here's a prediction: the Brent price fixing scandal will turn out to be larger than Libor. Energy prices ripple throughout the real economy and there will be not thousands but millions of angry punters ready to exercise a grievance if any of these allegations turn out to be true.

The World Will Be Watching Washington

Iain Anderson | Posted 15.06.2013 | UK Politics
Iain Anderson

As we approach the annual spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF this weekend in Washington, there remains significant uncertainty around the globe on economic growth and the soundness of our financial system.

The Commonwealth Is Our Future

Paul Nuttall | Posted 12.05.2013 | UK Politics
Paul Nuttall

Our doors will swing wide open to Romania and Bulgaria next January leading to the almost certain prospect of yet more unskilled jobs being filled by non-UK workers while the brightest minds from Canada, India, Malaysia and the like must jump through the hoops to prove their worth.