How to Sell Fake Bomb Detectors - Psychology Explains How James McCormick Succeeded for So Long?

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 03.07.2013 | UK
Dr Raj Persaud

How was it possible that a former electrical salesman could bank up to £60m selling something found to be utterly useless - based on a novelty £13 golf ball finder - for over a decade to security forces, including Governments, police and the UN?

World Malaria Day: International Community Needs To Sustain Commitment To Tackle Malaria

Lynne Featherstone | Posted 24.06.2013 | UK Politics
Lynne Featherstone

The UK will not stand on the sidelines while millions suffer from this entirely preventable and treatable disease. It's time for the international community to come together yet again and keep up their commitments. We need another decade of action against malaria. The prize could be another million lives saved.

Education After a Crisis

Gates Cambridge Scholars | Posted 19.06.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Gates Cambridge Scholars

Countries which have been through deep trauma and crisis caused by violence and war need to prioritise conflict-sensitive approaches to education, an international meeting heard earlier this month.

G8 - Sexual Violence Lives On After War

Tanya Barron | Posted 11.06.2013 | UK
Tanya Barron

The G8 Foreign Ministers meeting is an incredible opportunity for the international community to tackle sexual violence in conflict. However, we need to do this by addressing the destructive legacy left behind even after peace is agreed and responding to the needs of survivors.

The G8 Sings Out Commitments to Tackle Sexual Violence but How Vast Is the Gap Between Promise and Practice?

Liz McKean | Posted 10.06.2013 | UK
Liz McKean

William Hague's is a welcome voice drawing the world's attention to the urgent need to tackle conflict-related crimes of sexual violence. However, it is also a reminder that governments and the international community have yet to prove they take their obligations on this issue seriously.

The Arms Trade Treaty Is Historic - But There Is Still Work to Do

Alistair Burt | Posted 05.06.2013 | UK Politics
Alistair Burt

The numbers say it all: 154 states voted for the Treaty and only thre voted against - Iran, Syria and North Korea - the same three that blocked the adoption of the Treaty by consensus at the end of last week's Diplomatic Conference.

One Thousand Days to Plan a Better World

Helen Dennis | Posted 04.06.2013 | UK
Helen Dennis

We are hoping for a document which reflects the huge importance of sustainability and equality - and which does not shirk other difficult but necessary tasks, such as achieving corporate accountability and upholding human rights. With only 1,000 days until the start of the new plan, it is important that these most vital ingredients are recognised now.

Thank You Ban Ki-Moon

Danny McCubbin | Posted 04.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

I have just finished reading Ban Ki-moon's address to the residents of San Patrignano. On Wednesday the Secretary - General of the United Nations visited the drug rehabilitation community in Italy and in his address he mentions two residents that I am proud to call my friends - Mike and Damir.

Amnesty Won't Allow Iran's Late Night Games to Derail Arms Trade Treaty

Kate Allen | Posted 29.05.2013 | UK Politics
Kate Allen

On Thursday night in New York, one by one they lined up to try and destroy 20 years of hard work. First Iran, then North Korea and then Syria. This was supposed to be the moment the United Nations took a truly historic step and adopted an Arms Trade Treaty. But instead of a moment of history, I witnessed a moment of cynical opportunism.

Forgotten and Waiting: Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Madeleine McGivern | Posted 27.05.2013 | UK
Madeleine McGivern

Even when Syrians flee across the border of their country into northern Iraq, their troubles are far from over. Many of those I met on a recent visit to the region saying they feel forgotten - their most basic human needs for food, clean water, medical care, and shelter are often unmet.

Commonwealth Fails Sri Lanka Test

Frances Harrison | Posted 27.05.2013 | UK Politics
Frances Harrison

Sri Lanka is a test case for reform of the Commonwealth, intended to produce a renewed commitment to rule of law, democracy and human rights. It looks as if the 54-nation body is already failing dismally.

Malala First to Sign New Petition Calling for Protection of Teachers and Girls Who Want to Go to School

Gordon Brown | Posted 27.05.2013 | UK Politics
Gordon Brown

Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin are the first two signatories of the petition to the Pakistani President following the assassination of Shahnaz Nazli yesterday.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Halabja and Kurdish Genocide in Iraq Shows We Must Move From 'Never Again' to 'Always Prevent'

John Slinger | Posted 23.05.2013 | UK Politics
John Slinger

While many of the world's governments want to prevent genocide, they almost never act to achieve this aim. This despite most being signatories to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide which is explicitly designed to compel them to do just that.

Look Hard: Today's Day of Happiness May Be Historic

Geoff Mulgan | Posted 19.05.2013 | UK
Geoff Mulgan

But one of the virtues of talking about happiness is it quickly brings you back to the everyday details of life. Today is as much about citizens - about us - as it is about the governments that make up the UN.

Aid Traffickers: The Failure of Aid Delivery in Syria

Tam Hussein | Posted 12.05.2013 | UK Politics
Tam Hussein

Faddy Sahloul, the founder of Hand in Hand for Syria, rubs his tired eyes and pulls heavily on his cigarette. From his small flat in Rayhaniya, on the Turkish-Syrian border, Sahloul is struggling with the logistics of delivering aid inside Syria.

"If Women Want, Fight Will End"

Ilco van der Linde | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK
Ilco van der Linde

I happen to know two wonderful women who have been at the forefront of peace building for decades and who show how much inspiration and result this can bring: Mary Robinson and Angelique Kidjo

Why Do the Children Need to Die ?

Clive Botting | Posted 11.05.2013 | UK Politics
Clive Botting

When Bushra, a 19 year old mother of two crossed from Syria to Tripoli she became the one millionth refugee. That's a worrying figure for Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Food Security: The View From Rome

Katy Wilson | Posted 08.05.2013 | UK
Katy Wilson

Food is often in short supply. The availability of and access to food is also, and has always been, highly political.

Supporting Survivors of Genocide and Other Mass Atrocities: EU Responsibilities

Noam Schimmel | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK Politics
Noam Schimmel

As the 19th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide approaches in April, this report by the Task Force on the EU Prevention of Mass Atrocities has been issued at a critical time. Survivors of the Rwandan genocide who were failed enormously by the EU are demanding and deserve redress as an urgent matter of justice which has gone unaddressed for far too long.

Push for Change on Women's Rights

Lynne Featherstone | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK Politics
Lynne Featherstone

Bringing about change is a long-term task, in which girls' education, economic opportunities and women's representation and rights are all key. This is why the UK's programmes and the benefits they bring to Afghan women and girls will continue long after British troops come home in 2014.

Gleneagles Didn't Change Africa, Africa Changed Africa

Alastair Roderick | Posted 04.05.2013 | UK Politics
Alastair Roderick

I was actually at the launch of the Commission for Africa in May 2005. While the Commission made a big show about having African input into the consultations, I couldn't help but notice that the Ethiopian I was sat next to was one of the few Africans in the audience. Everyone else seemed much of a piece: officials from BINGOs (Big NGOs), western journalists, a few civil servants, and Labour Party workers.

Democratic Republic of Congo: New Peace Framework Requires Shared Vision

Maria Lange | Posted 30.04.2013 | UK
Maria Lange

The latest agreement for peace in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) offers a fresh and much needed glimmer of hope for ordinary Congolese citizens suffering from two decades of violence.

Maldives Girl Repeatedly Raped By Her Father Is Sentenced To 100 Lashes After Admitting Adultery With Another Man

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 27.02.2013 | UK

A teenage girl whose step-father is accused of repeatedly raping her and murdering their subsequent child has been sentenced to 100 lashes for admitti...

Reaching Displaced Families With Vital Relief Supplies in Syria

Bastien Vigneau | Posted 22.04.2013 | UK
Bastien Vigneau

Nearly 50,000 people - displaced from their homes by the on-going conflict in Syria - are estimated to be living in makeshift shelters in locations near the Turkish border, including Karameh and Atmeh. The situation I saw at Karameh is extremely dire.

Magdalene Laundries: Tears of Joy Taste Bitter-Sweet in Northern Ireland

Patrick Corrigan | Posted 22.04.2013 | UK Politics
Patrick Corrigan

The outpouring of tears and justice for the victims in the south is bitter-sweet for Northern Ireland victims. They are joyful at justice for their sisters in the south, but for themselves, they fear being ignored - again. For them, there is no inquiry. No apology. No compensation scheme.