AIDS 2014 on the Road: India

Sharon Lewin | Posted 31.03.2014 | UK
Sharon Lewin

My first stop was New Delhi where UNAIDS India and the Government of Victoria hosted a public seminar where I delivered a lecture detailing the progress on work towards an HIV cure. Prior to the seminar I met with journalists from some of the country's leading newspapers and it is my hope we will see some of those outlets reporting on AIDS 2014 from Melbourne.

Curing HIV in One Baby, Preventing HIV in Many...

Robin Gorna | Posted 06.05.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Robin Gorna

As the 900 babies born with HIV every day remind us, women and girls shoulder an unfair burden of the HIV epidemic. Yet over the past three decades I have worked on this, many of the vital struggles around stigma, discrimination, sexism and marginalisation have simply not moved.

We Won't Get to Zero Aids Deaths if Celebrities Are the Only Heroes

Kevin Mbewa Anyango | Posted 31.01.2013 | UK
Kevin Mbewa Anyango

But, we have the forgotten heroes. These heroes and heroines hardly get mentioned, I am talking about the local people, the villagers, let me call them the community. They are the soldiers in the front line; they live their lives fighting Aids. I celebrate them today and this is why.

Lifting the Burden of HIV/AIDS

Davinder Kumar | Posted 10.11.2012 | UK
Davinder Kumar

At 13, the only dream Ganesh has, is to live. His parents and brother - all died of AIDS. Of the family of four, he is now the only survivor and HIV positive. Ganesh got HIV from his mother and is among more than 100,000 children below the age of 15 who are living with HIV/AIDS in India.

Why the World Needs an Aids Vaccine

Aaron Oxley | Posted 17.07.2012 | UK
Aaron Oxley

HIV/Aids is no longer the death sentence it once was. But while millions of HIV positive people lead healthy and productive lives, we still have nine million people who still cannot access treatment. We also have a long way to go on preventing new infections.