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Ten Scattered Thoughts on the USA

Jared Joffe | Posted 11.08.2016 | UK
Jared Joffe

Hello world! I am back after taking a short break from work and life. I've been in the USA for the past three weeks, spending the majority of my vac...

North Korea Defends Nightly Blackouts Against 'Flashy' Western Cities

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 09.02.2015 | UK Tech

North Korea is a very dark place, figuratively and literally, by which we mean that it's a terrifying dictatorship with almost no artificial light. ...

Scientists Recreate Extinct Spanish Flu

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 12.06.2014 | UK Tech

Scientists in America have brought back to life the deadly influenza virus which caused the Spanish Flu pandemic, killing over 50 million people. ...

Will She, Won't She? Hillary Keeps Her Plans on Oval Office Under Wraps

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 30.03.2014 | UK Politics
Preetam Kaushik

It's not official yet. But, when you closely observe the subtle shifts in power corridors within the offices of Democrats and Republicans in the mighty United States of America, there seems to be a definite drift to candidatures. Two independent candidates: Tami Stainfield and Samm Tittle have already made their candidature known for the Presidential elections in 2016.

Mastercard and PayAnywhere Forge Bond; Consumers to Gain?

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 19.02.2014 | UK Tech
Preetam Kaushik

It has been long since consumerism left the alleys of physical stores and supply chains, and made internet its alternate home. In fact, nothing else t...

Indian Diplomat Row: A Case of Biting More Than What You can Chew?

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 16.02.2014 | UK Politics
Preetam Kaushik

What got the Indian leaders and diaspora all flared up was not any one part of the indignation, but ALL of it. And, as far as the US is concerned, this 'uniform' treatment meted out to those at fault, has been so since ages and across diplomats from world over. Or so, the country claims.

That Was The Month That Was...Essays, Elections and Extreme Weather: October in the USA

George Gabriel | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
George Gabriel

My history professor came to class dressed in full 'Class of 1925' attire, all authentic and original. A true sight to behold, it showed just how seriously the Americans take the holiday, and that you're never too old for it!

The Human Right

Tom Doran | Posted 16.10.2012 | Home
Tom Doran

If the name David Frum is at all familiar to British ears, it is generally closely accompanied by "the man who coined the phrase 'Axis of Evil'". This may be enough for some readers to dismiss anything he has to say as the work of a crypto-fascist, imperialist running dog, but they do so at their peril.

Dave And Samantha Cameron Fly On To New York

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.03.2012 | UK Politics

David Cameron left Washington this morning after a two-day visit in which he has enjoyed the warmest possible embrace from America's political and soc...