Taking 'Up-Skirt' Photos Without Consent Isn't A Sexual Offence, But It Should Be

Natasha Holcroft-Emmess | Posted 27.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Natasha Holcroft-Emmess

A friend of mine, 25-year old Gina Martin, was enjoying British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, London, when she caught a guy standing nearby looking at a photo of a woman's crotch on his mobile phone. To her horror, Gina realised that it was an up-skirt photo of her.

Pervert Caught Taking Pictures Up Woman's Skirt In Boots

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 11.12.2015 | UK

A pervert has been captured on CCTV taking pictures up a woman's skirt inside a south London branch of Boots. He can be seen bending down as the sh...

World-Renowned Doctor Catches Himself Red-Handed Fixing Camera Inside Toilet

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Ryan Barrell | Posted 27.11.2014 | UK

World-renowned hearing specialist Dr Lam Hoe Yeoh was sentenced to 8 years at Croydon Crown Court after police released footage of the 62-year-old tak...

Is the 'Venmo Line' Just Financial Voyeurism?

David J. Horton | Posted 12.12.2014 | UK Tech
David J. Horton

I recently read a Snarketing post and Article highlighted by Ron Shevlin on the 'Venmo Line' and how there is a huge disconnect between the way millennial's think, and the way in which the rest of us more mature, experienced people think when it come to data privacy.

Are French Attitudes to Politicians' Private Lives Healthier?

Megan Hughes | Posted 29.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Megan Hughes

If you've been reading the papers in Britain over the last couple of weeks, you've probably heard about Francois Hollande's turbulent private life. The French President's exploits have been reported, analysed, and subjected to the scrutiny of public opinion on a fantastic scale in the UK.

Poorna Bell

What Do The Contents Of A Person's Fridge Say About Them?

HuffingtonPost.com | Poorna Bell | Posted 20.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Our favourite part in MTV Cribs (come on, we've all been hungover enough to have watched it at least once) is when the Z-lister celebrity opens their ...

12 Years For GP Who Filmed Female Patients With Wristwatch Camera

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 23.05.2013 | UK

A family doctor who used a secret camera inside his James Bond-style wristwatch to record himself abusing female patients has been jailed for 12 years...

'Two-Way Mirrors' Claim In Nightclub Toilets Under Investigation

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.05.2013 | UK

A Scottish nightclub is under a police investigation after it was alleged two-way mirrors had been installed into the female toilets so men could secr...

GP Filmed Female Patients Using Wristwatch Camera

Posted 15.03.2013 | UK

A family doctor who used a secret camera inside his James Bond-style wristwatch to record himself abusing female patients faces jail after admitting a...

Kate's Private Moment

Mindy Utay | Posted 19.11.2012 | Home
Mindy Utay

We've made a new sport of catching people out, posting and tagging photos of them in situations that were private, and not meant for mass-consumption: flesh spilling over a swimsuit, a chocolate-smeared mouth or cocktail-fueled moment. Then we spend hours trolling Facebook with an open window onto other's private moments.

Nursery Teacher Charged With Possessing Indecent Images Of Children

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 07.06.2012 | UK Universities & Education

A nursery teacher has been charged with three counts of possessing indecent images of children after a camera was found in staff room toilets. Jame...

'Sex In A Park' Photos To Show At Liverpool Biennial

PA/Huffington Post | Posted 22.07.2012 | Home

A scene from The Park Art lovers will be invited to "become a voyeur" at an exhibition of infrared photographs showing couples having sex in a Ja...

Rapist To Be Sentenced For Toilet Spying

PA | Posted 24.02.2012 | UK

A convicted rapist will be sentenced on Friday for spying on a teenage girl in a cinema toilet while on an escorted trip from a secure unit to watch a...