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Making Enemies, President Trump And The Zeitgeist

Benjamin David | Posted 22.01.2017 | UK Politics
Benjamin David

Donald Trump has been inaugurated as president of the US, a country now awash with 'unpresidented' uncertainty and a dithering moral identity. Indis...

Climate Change: Should Adaptation Be The UK's New Tactic?

Joe Mitton | Posted 04.12.2016 | UK
Joe Mitton

We must look at climate change mitigation - all indicators are that we can expect more severe weather and warmer temperatures in the coming decades. But mitigation is no substitute for actually tackling the problem.

DC's Dining Superstars

Chris Cox | Posted 06.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Chris Cox

In passing I mentioned to a chef friend at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck that I was going to Washington DC. He stopped in his tracks, putting his knife down and looking me with the intense gaze of a man not to be messed with..

British Home Secretary Tells Security Partners Extremists Are Exploiting Migration

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 16.02.2016 | UK Politics

British Home Secretary Theresa May warned on Tuesday that militant extremists are exploiting mass migration and that the Five Eyes security group - th...

Police Officer 'Shocks' Teen With Dance-Off Moves

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 29.10.2015 | UK

Trust between police and public in the US is, according to recent polling, at a record low. However, that discord was not evident in Washington D.C. w...

Washington, DC: It's So Much More Than Politics

Lucy Sherriff | Posted 16.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Lucy Sherriff

Washington is synonymous with the home of America's government. But the city is so much more than just politics; it can be a fantastic tourist destination if you know where - and when - to visit.

Ruthlessly Ambitious Politician Denies Ambition

PA/Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 13.02.2015 | UK Politics

The most ruthlessly ambitious actor in British political life ruled himself out ever becoming prime minister on Friday, insisting he had “no ambitio...

Lefty Pope Heads To Congress

AP/The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 05.02.2015 | UK Politics

NEW YORK -- Pope Francis will address a joint meeting of the US House and Senate on September 24, becoming the first pontiff to do so, House Speaker J...

Interview With Diggs Duke: 'People Need To Slow Down Their Listening'

Jason Holmes | Posted 07.11.2014 | UK Entertainment
Jason Holmes

"There's a big difference between an artist who's trying to be seen, and one who's trying to be heard," says Jonathan Meacham, a singer-songwriter who...

Van Gaal Loses It During United's Pre-Season Clash (Video)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 30.07.2014 | UK Sport

Louis van Gaal showed as far back as the 1995 Champions League final he is nothing but entertaining on the touchline and, for the first time as Manche...

Where George Washington Made Whiskey

Mike Gerrard | Posted 17.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Mike Gerrard

When George Washington lived at his Mount Vernon plantation estate, which gazes across the Potomac River from Virginia to Maryland, he employed 316 slaves. Most of them worked in the mansion, in the gardens or on the farm, but from 1797 onwards, the year Washington retired from the US Presidency, six of them had a new job.

Washington Bus Adverts Show Hitler And Muslim Leader With Message To End US Aid To Islamic Countries

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 20.05.2014 | UK

NEW YORK -- The UK's streets are no stranger to bus sign controversies, with religious, atheists and anti-gay advertisements running or at least being...

Baby Squirrel Breaks Her Ankle. Wears A Pink Cast, Obviously (PICTURE)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 17.04.2014 | UK

A baby squirrel is on the mend after falling out of her nest and breaking her ankle. The tiny creature also suffered a broken tooth and a bloody n...

High-Level Talk on Safe Water and Toilets

Barbara Frost | Posted 10.06.2014 | UK
Barbara Frost

On 11 April, just ahead of the IMF-World Bank Spring meetings in Washington DC, a group of 80 government ministers from around the globe are gathering to promise to do more to bring safe water and decent toilets to those without.

Planet Appetite: A Capital Taste of Washington DC and its Region

Rupert Parker | Posted 09.06.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Parker

Tourists flock to Washington DC, the US capital, to view the monuments and museums but they can also dine well, particularly on the seafood coming from Chesapeake Bay.

Nuclear Summit in Holland Neglects Crucial Security Issues

Behnam Taebi | Posted 27.05.2014 | UK Politics
Behnam Taebi

Earlier this week, the Netherlands hosted the third Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). More than 50 world leaders where in The Hague to enhance international nuclear security...

Homeless Man Reunited With Family After Being Spotted In Newspaper Photo

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

A homeless man has been reunited with his family after being spotted in a cold weather picture captured by an Associated Press photographer. Nicholas ...

Top 10 Best Cities for Golden Autumn Travel

Andrew Matthews | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Andrew Matthews

While the changing seasons bring us unwelcome winters, unrequited rainfall and the occasional humid heatwave, the morphing of the seasons does afford one very special time of year, a golden season, autumn.

Does the US Congress Represent LGBT Americans?

Cai Wilshaw | Posted 02.12.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Cai Wilshaw

Washington DC - the seat of power, the home to US political hard-hitters - and in some respects, a very gay Capitol indeed. LGBT staffers are commonplace in the political centre of DC, and indeed LGBT Congressional Staffers meet up on a regular basis for work and for pleasure...

Christian Televangelist Calls For Military Coup

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 03.10.2013 | UK

Televangelism and sincerity aren't concepts usually associated. However, there was nothing but honesty in the voice of one US religious businessman wh...

The Elephant March

Elaine Ross | Posted 30.11.2013 | UK
Elaine Ross

Friday 4th October 2013 will be an historic day. I know this because it cannot not be. In some ways it's just simple predictive history, in others it's a stirring, a surge or the tremors that result in a tsunami. Either way, it will be an historic day. For on this day that thing will happen that pushes a wedge of change, whether it be in the corridors or power or in the thoughts of the individual.

Elysium and the American Dream

Cai Wilshaw | Posted 28.11.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Cai Wilshaw

The rich populate Elysium, a satellite utopia of clean-cut modern architecture, plush gardens and universal immortality. The Secretary of Defence epitomizes the utilitarian ruler, leaving her own garden party to shoot down a few rogue immigrant shuttles.

What Makes a Great Speech?

Dr Arlo Brady | Posted 03.11.2013 | UK Politics
Dr Arlo Brady

There have been many examples over the course of human history that we can look to for inspiration. Unfortunately, though, it's only the more recent speeches - where film or detailed records exist - that allow us to investigate anything other than the content.

Britain Needs a Strong Economy Everyone Can Benefit From

Ed Balls | Posted 23.09.2013 | UK Politics
Ed Balls

There are clearly lessons that Britain can learn from America, where President Obama has used fiscal policy to secure rather than strangle economic recovery. Since the autumn of 2010, the US has grown a staggering four times faster than the UK.

America and Its Guns

Robert Moore | Posted 13.08.2013 | UK Politics
Robert Moore

Washington has moved on in the six months since Sandy Hook. Over 5,000 gun murders have taken place since then, a toll greater than all the US deaths of the Iraq War. Those names are being read out today in front of the Capitol, a stinging rebuke to Senators who voted against reform.