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Wellcome Image Awards 2016 Winners

Sabrina Taner | Posted 06.04.2017 | UK Tech
Sabrina Taner

The Wellcome Image Awards showcase the best in science image making and recognise the creators of the most informative, striking and technically excellent images that communicate significant aspects of biomedical science. For the first time in the Awards' 19 year history, an illustration claimed the top prize. Meet this year's 20 winning images...

Weird and Wonderful Japan: 'Souzou' Outsider Art and Beyond

Emma Sleight | Posted 31.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Emma Sleight

Souzou, the Wellcome Collection's exhibition of 300 works of Japanese Outsider Art comes into its final days this weekend and I, for one, am sad to see it go. It's outsider art in the extreme, created by 46 artists who are residents and day attendees at social welfare institutions across Japan.

Einstein's Brain and the Question of Consciousness in Defying Depression

Tony Lobl | Posted 20.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Tony Lobl

My friend remarked on how he'd had the top medical care and had taken almost 10,000 pills in the eight years between the doctor's diagnosis and its reversal. Yet that time was still filled with such mental and physical lows that he frequently felt suicidal.

Is This The Most Morbid Art Show Ever?

The Huffington Post UK | Alice E. Vincent | Posted 16.11.2012 | Home

The great inevitability has been inspiring art and literature for centuries. Yet despite all the pickled sharks in tanks and Shakespearean sonnets,...

Alice E. Vincent

Victorian Dildo And Egyptian Prosthetic Toe Star In New Exhibition

HuffingtonPost.com | Alice E. Vincent | Posted 18.07.2012 | Home

What do you do every day to make you superhuman? Put on a batsuit? Maybe wear glasses? Or take the contraceptive pill? Wellcome Collection's lates...

Under The Skin: Award-Winning Photos Show Brain, Cells And Other Goo

The Huffington Post UK | Alice E. Vincent | Posted 22.06.2012 | Home

Ever wondered what your brain looks like? Or cancer cells? Or even what makes your coffee give you that caffeine hit? Well now the winners of the ...

Grey Matter: I'm Donating My Brain to Science

Alice E. Vincent | Posted 12.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Alice E. Vincent

Talking about donating one's brain to science doesn't always crop up at dinner parties. But the fact is, along with the heirlooms worth more in sentiment than cash, the ill-fitting coats and outdated catchphrases, I want to leave behind something else. Namely, the fleshy organ inside my head.

Unlocking The Mysteries Of The Tattoos Of The Dead

The Huffington Post UK | Alice E. Vincent | Posted 09.05.2012 | Home

Gemma Angel is an expert on tattoos. Except, she doesn't know who the ones she studies belongs to, or really why - because they are the last remains o...

Einstein's Brain To Go On Display

PA | Posted 15.05.2012 | UK Tech

Dr Albert Einstein's brain is going on display for the first time in the UK alongside that of an infamous murderer. Following his death at the age ...