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Film Reviews - 'Pelo Malo' (Bad Hair) and 'Trash'

Clive Botting | Posted 31.03.2015 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Two films set in South America come from different angles but touch on corruption and brutality in marginalised societies.

Talking of Bela Tarr's Sátántangó

Adam Roberts | Posted 11.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Adam Roberts

Béla Tarr's Sátántangó (1994) is long - it runs 7 hours and 15 minutes with a couple of short intermissions - but it is no longer than any box set series. It is as long as it needs to be, and takes as much time as it should.

Film Review - A Touch of Sin - A Stunning and Compelling Portrait of Modern China

Clive Botting | Posted 13.07.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'A Touch of Sin' links together four overlapping stories based on recent reports in the Chinese media.

Welcome to the Cinema of Childhood

Mark Cousins | Posted 11.06.2014 | UK Entertainment
Mark Cousins

Beyond the fantasy child, the everywhere child, and the policed image of children, we are living in a golden age of films about children, and haven't quite noticed. Movie directors in Iran, Japan, the UK, Holland and elsewhere are releasing masterpieces about childhood. Why is this golden age happening, and why does it matter?

Has Director Basil Da Cunha Delivered the New 'City of God'?

Rob Leane | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK Entertainment
Rob Leane

At the centre of this is newcomer lead Pedro Ferreira, who impresses in the two minute trailer. The snippets we see suggest a complex arc for his character Sombra, a drug-dealer recently out of prison who gets threatened by the mob, seeks revenge, befriends a local youngster, chills out with his iguana and gets in a huge amount of trouble.

Film Review - The Past

Clive Botting | Posted 25.05.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'The Past' is a brilliant piece of cinema that places Asghar Farhadi as a major force in World Cinema.

Film Review - Stranger By The Lake

Clive Botting | Posted 21.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

An intelligent psychological thriller with a Hitchcockian feel. Alain Guiraudie's assured direction results in a seductive, powerful, menacing and fascinating film. Sexually explicit but not provocative - it isn't about sex, but rather about the complications and dangers that anonymous sex can lead to.

Film Review - Claire Denis's Bastards and Alexandre Castagnetti's Love Is In The Air

Clive Botting | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Clair Denis's intimate dramas are always eagerly awaited and 'Bastards' is no exception - a revenge drama about family ties, suicide and sexual abuse will frustrate, annoy, intrigue and mesmerise. 'Love is in the Air' in contrast is a predictable slickly directed romcom which proved to be amusing, charming and quite delightful.

The 2013 Golden Bear Winner on a Miniscule Budget - A Lesson to Be Learnt ?

Clive Botting | Posted 01.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Cristian Mungiu's 2007 Palme d'Or winner, '4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days' and Cristi Puiu's 'The Death of Mr Lazarescu' show the strength and quality of the Romanian New Wave.

Paolo Sorrentino, Golden Globe winner, BAFTA and Oscar Nominee Is a Master of His Art

Clive Botting | Posted 20.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globe Awards and nominated for the BAFTAs and the Oscars, Paolo Sorrentino's 'The Great Beauty' is mesmerising with a tour-de-force performance from Toni Servillo.

The Price of Divorce and the Lust for Power - DVD Reviews

Clive Botting | Posted 06.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'What Maisie Knew', a must see intelligent, heartfelt and emotional tale of a six year old in the middle of acrimonious divorce - Onata Aprile gives a performance to behold. 'The Taste of Money' the follow up to Im Sang-soo's 'The Housemaid', is a stylised and intriguing bitter and delicious thriller of lust, seduction, decadence and betrayal.

Film Review - The Missing Picture

Clive Botting | Posted 03.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'The Missing Picture' is adapted from the autobiographical sections of Rithy Panh's 2013 book 'The Elimination' exploring the story of his family before and after the Kymer Rouge entered Phnom Penh.

Film Review: Klown and the Patience Stone Are Must See Viewing

Clive Botting | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

The Danes hit the headlines with 'The Killing', 'The Bridge' and 'Borgen'. They also do comedy. KLOWN is a wonderfully outrageous comedy gem with assured performances and a finale of all time. It'll linger with you and you'll certainly chuckle after you leave the cinema.

The Jazz-Loving Masterful Van Veeteren Returns

Clive Botting | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

The highly acclaimed 'The Killing', The Bridge' and 'Borgen' have captured the imagination. Now Van Veeteren, the cynical, jazz-loving Nordic Noir master detective has retired to his antiquarian books. But for how long?

DVD Reviews - 'The Wall' and 'Caesar Must Die'

Clive Botting | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'The Wall' - Beautiful, absorbing, mysterious and eerily captivating. 'Caesar Must Die' -unique, compelling, riveting and Winner of the Golden Globe at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival.

DVD Review - The Artist and the Model - A Must Watch Gem

Clive Botting | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Oscar winning director Fernando Trueba weaves a gentle and beautiful tale of life, love, sacrifice and devotion against the background of the unique relationship between an artist and his model.

DVD Reviews - An Acclaimed Drama Based on True Events and a Nostalgic Journey

Clive Botting | Posted 11.11.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Joachim Lafosse's compelling and nightmarish drama sits in the top 10 Art House World Cinema films of 2012. Olivier Assayas's autobiographical nostalgic reflection of the spirit of 1968 and the discovery of identities, captures the period look and feeling of the 'May events'.

The 8th London Korean Film Festival Opens This Week

Hye-jung Jeon | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Hye-jung Jeon

Korean Film has always had a strong following in the UK and this has led to more and more K-Films being picked up by local distributors. Also in 2013 the prestigious Edinburgh International Film Festival chose to include a 'Korea Focus' within its programme, inviting leading actors and directors to take part in events and talks.

DVD Reviews - The Russian Western Front Contrasts With a Twist of the Classic Noir in Modern Day Moscow

Clive Botting | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

Sergei Loznitsa's parable of man's moral place and the search for human good in the catastrophe of war was well received at Cannes 2012 and contrasts with Andrey Zvyagintsev's 2011 tale of the corrupting power of money and class resentment in Putin's modern day Moscow.

ICA Off-Site: Cinema on the Steps: Contemporary Middle Eastern Film

Steven Cairns | Posted 22.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Steven Cairns

Working closely with curators Abdellah Karroum, Director of Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Alia Al-Senussi and Abdullah Al-Turki, key figures on the Middle Eastern art scene alongside artist Ahmed Mater, who contributes to our final evening, we are presenting an amazing selection of films, free to view in a unique outdoor cinema.

DVD Reviews - Wonderful Cinema That Should Be Seen by All but Will Be Viewed by Few

Clive Botting | Posted 12.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

'A Late Quartet', a captivating and intelligent debut feature from Yaron Zilberman, 'In the House', Francois Ozon's clever narrative driven spellbinding psychological drama plays games with the audience and Steven Soderberg's Hitchcockian 'Side Effects' is full of double crosses. Cinema can be one of the great pleasures of life.

DVD Reviews

Clive Botting | Posted 04.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

A glorious Oscar winning documentary rediscovering Detroit based folk singer Sixto Rodriguez, Michael R. Roskam's compelling tale of greed, power, temptation and revenge and a Danish drama with all the elements of a Greek tragedy make for interesting and enjoyable viewing.

DVD Reviews

Clive Botting | Posted 13.07.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clive Botting

With UKIP joy, Tory jitters and immigration at the fore I revisited writer-director Philippe Lioret's Welcome, a compassionate and inspiring drama of the power of love and hope in new beginnings.

The Accidental Student

Anne Joseph | Posted 25.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Anne Joseph

My eldest son reminds me - rather haughtily - that it's actually irrelevant what other students get, it's just my grade that matters. This is apparently what I've been telling the boys for years. I attempt an explanation then give up. I know he's right.

The Accidental Student

Anne Joseph | Posted 25.03.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Anne Joseph

This had not been the plan. The initial idea had been to further my knowledge in film, perhaps through a gentle foundation course. Not a part-time MA in World Cinema. How difficult could studying really be? Extremely, is the short answer.