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Royal Ramblings Meets Kurt Angle (Part One)

Danny Stone | Posted 26.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to speak at length with the champ, so knuckle down for some revealing insights in the first part of our interview trilogy with the one and only Kurt Angle.

Royal Ramblings: Five Reasons TNA's UK Tour is Gonna Rock

Danny Stone | Posted 21.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

If you've watched TNA Wrestling on Challenge TV, you'll know that the promotion knows how to put on an excellent show. Having moved to a new network in the states, TNA was determined to deliver a quality product and so it has...

Royal Ramblings on Tour: ICW Live

Danny Stone | Posted 19.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Our final stop and homecoming, had to be epic and what better way to finish than a night with ICW. Having colonised Scotland, the promotion had embarked upon its biggest UK tour and no doubt to the chagrin of southern promotions, had packed out Camden's KOKO for the night which is where we caught up with them.

Royal Ramblings: ICW Special Part 3 - Kay Lee Ray

Danny Stone | Posted 15.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

She is one of the nation's best female wrestlers, with a work rate hard to equal. Whilst she gained international fame as a finalist for TNA's British Boot Camp, Kay Lee Ray has a long history with the sensational Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) promotion...

Royal Ramblings: Chikara Live In London

Danny Stone | Posted 08.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

In April 2015, for the first time in the company's history, Chikara toured the UK. As dedicated wrestling fans, or indeed members of the 'Chikarmy' will know, the promotion takes its name from the Japanese symbol meaning strength and it was in London that we witnessed first-hand, just how strong Chikara is.

Royal Ramblings Meets Drew Galloway

Danny Stone | Posted 23.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

He is a champion the world over, super-talented and arguably one of the most impressive and successful wrestlers of all time but ultimately what makes him great is that Drew Galloway is a fan like you and like us...

Royal Ramblings: WWE Live

Danny Stone | Posted 16.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Drama, action, comedy, passion, drive and energy, we had it all and more as the Royal Ramblings team was lucky enough to be at London's O2 arena for the taping of WWE's flagship show, Raw...

Royal Ramblings on Tour: Enter Chikara

Danny Stone | Posted 12.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

In April, we were privileged to attend a slightly different type of indy event. The Wolves-based 'Fight Club Pro' promotion had been working in partnership with others including Attack! Pro, to bring over the stars of the notorious US Lucha style promotion Chikara.

Royal Ramblings on Tour: Progress Live

Danny Stone | Posted 08.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

For those that have followed the story of Progress, you will know that Jimmy Havoc, the plucky underdog turned evil king, has been the champion basically forever.

Royal Ramblings: Wrestlemania Review - Feed Us More

Danny Stone | Posted 05.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

It was big, bold and beautiful. Wrestlemania 31 was the glorious wrestling-fest that we have come to love, nay expect from the company that rules them all.

Royal Ramblings Meets EC3 (Part 2)

Danny Stone | Posted 24.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

In the first part of our in-depth conversation with EC3, we learned about his views on TNA, his training and more. In this, the second and final part of our interview, he reveals his thoughts about TNA's future stars, the internet fansites and more - read on and then make sure to watch EC3 on Impact, Sunday nights at 9pm on Challenge TV!

Royal Ramblings: Behind the Scenes of Bootcamp

Danny Stone | Posted 23.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

This Wednesday, 25 March at 10pm on Challenge TV, TNA will be taking viewers behind the scenes of British Boot Camp 2. In a show which promises exclusive backstage footage and interviews, we will see what it was like..

Royal Ramblings Meets EC3 (Part 1)

Danny Stone | Posted 20.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

EC3 is making waves in TNA. An unbeaten streak, a headline talent and limitless potential. We sat down with him to talk Networks, rival companies and training. Read the first part of our full and frank interview below and then make sure to tune in to Impact on Challenge TV on Sunday nights at 9pm to see him in action...

Royal Ramblings Talks Hair vs Hair With EC3

Danny Stone | Posted 10.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

e had the chance to question EC3 about the match and he remains confident. Fans will need to watch to see whether that confidence is justified or whether Spud will end Carter's unbeaten streak and shave him bald...

Royal Ramblings Talks Hair vs Hair With Rockstar Spud

Danny Stone | Posted 09.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Over a year and a half, TNA's breakout stars Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Rockstar Spud have been working fans into a frenzy. Their camaraderie turned sour and this Sunday, 15 March at 9pm on Challenge TV (and Friday 13th on Destination America in the US), we will witness the culmination of their feud by way of a 'Hair vs Hair' match on Impact.

Royal Ramblings Meet WWE's Jack Swagger

Danny Stone | Posted 08.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

We were privileged to sit down with top WWE superstar Jack Swagger to get his views on Wrestlemania and the UK tour. From hair-care advice to humming entrance songs, Swagger is a man of many talents. Intrigued? Read on...

Jon Stewart Took Up Wrestling And It Was Incredible (And Painful)

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 03.03.2015 | UK Comedy

52-year-old host of 'The Daily Show' Jon Stewart isn't exactly the kind of guy you'd expect to be able to floor a professional wrestler but then this ...

Royal Ramblings on Tour: Southside Live

Danny Stone | Posted 01.05.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Southside put simply, deliver a brilliant, well-booked show with awesome talents. We got more than our money's worth and were so impressed we've booked to go again.

Royal Ramblings Meets the Alpha Female

Danny Stone | Posted 26.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

She is one of the most powerful, talented and experienced women in wrestling the world over. Jazzy Bi aka The Alpha Female, has wowed crowds across Europe and Japan. In the UK for some special appearances, she found time to sit down with us and talk about her past, present and future. Make sure to follow the Alpha Female because as ever, she has big things ahead of her.

Royal Ramblings on Tour: RevPro Live

Danny Stone | Posted 19.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Romero was magnificent, his stiff kicks prompting full-throated 'Rocky' chants. An intelligent wrestler, he wove a good story with Bodom, including plenty of pops and notably Romero clinging spider like to the ropes to avoid offences from his opponent.

#SayYesMadonna Urges Pop Queen To Change Her Mind About Wrestler

The Huffington Post UK | Daniel Welsh | Posted 19.02.2015 | UK Entertainment

Madonna has become involved in one of her most bizarre public disputes ever, after denying a Scottish wrestler the rights to one of her hits to use as...

Royal Ramblings Meets Ric Flair

Danny Stone | Posted 17.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

He's the stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun...

Everyone Is Talking About This Revenge Porn Wrestling Scandal

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 12.02.2015 | UK

It's a bizarre suspected love triangle involving heavily muscled and tattooed wrestlers that most of Britain has never heard of, so why is the entire ...

Royal Ramblings Meets Noam Dar

Danny Stone | Posted 01.04.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Noam Dar is one of the most exciting and dynamic wrestlers on the UK independent scene. A regular on the cards of the top British promotions, he is a major draw. Having been seen on Challenge TV's TNA British Boot Camp, there's no doubt in our minds that with talent like his, Noam will soon be seen entertaining the fans on TV again before long...

Royal Ramblings Meets Bobby Lashley

Danny Stone | Posted 30.03.2015 | UK Sport
Danny Stone

Lashley showed us that not only is he a master of the ring but of the business. Thoughtful, intelligent, creative and passionate, TNA have a star of which they can and should be proud...