If You 'Poo On The Restaurant Chairs', Best Not To Leave A Review Like This

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 03.06.2016 | UK Comedy

A Washington DC restaurant has become locked in a war of words after a woman allegedly defecated in their dining room then left a bad review online. T...

A Woman Reviewed All Of Her Dates On Yelp And It's Hilarious (NSFW)

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 08.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

In what is probably the most genius idea ever, a woman has taken to reviewing the dates she's been on using none other than Yelp. Natalie Walker, ...

These Yelp Reviewers Were NOT Impressed By These Famous London Landmarks

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 17.02.2015 | UK Comedy

Ah, London! Our glorious capital. Home to the Queen, the Houses of Parliament and some of the greatest works of art in the world. Or if you're one ...

Here's Why It's NOT Totally Insane For Hotels To Fine You For Bad Reviews

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 05.08.2014 | UK Tech

News that a hotel in New York has started fining people $500 for a negative Yelp review has had pretty inevitable consequences. Bad ones. The hotel...

Online Review Sites Need to Be Brought Under Control

Charlie Mullins | Posted 28.09.2014 | UK Tech
Charlie Mullins

Owners of customer review sites don't think it's their responsibility to police the content that people post... people can get away with doing pretty much what they please, regardless of who gets hurt and whose property is damaged or destroyed.

Moving From the States to London? Surprise!

Alex Shebar | Posted 26.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Alex Shebar

American potato chips ("crisps") are pathetic when compared with the flavours England has. Sea salt and cider vinegar, shrimp ("prawn") cocktail, sweet chili, steak and onion, smoky bacon, roast chicken. These are not speciality flavours but standard chips you can find almost anywhere. Also, chocolate is richer and tastier in this country. Sorry Hershey's, it's true.

Enthusiasm: Enough to Land the Job?

Alex Shebar | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Alex Shebar

I'm 27 and have started feeling like I know what I'm doing with life (some days). But whatever I've gotten the chance to do, it's because I've been passionate about it. If you're doing something you hate, stop doing it, or find a way to stop hating it.

How the Crowd Ruined Wisdom

Glynn Jones | Posted 23.03.2013 | UK Tech
Glynn Jones

Just about every website and app these days uses crowdsourcing to magic up 'what's best' and this is a terrible mistake.

Restaurant Gives Instagrammers What They Want

Jonathan Heath | Posted 06.01.2013 | UK Tech
Jonathan Heath

Diners at the newly opened Comodo in New York will be encouraged to photograph their food (as normal) but make sure to include the hashtag #ComodoMenu which uses Instagram to collate all the other guests images together.