Yes Prime Minister

This 'Yes, Prime Minister' Clip From 1986 Could Easily Be Applied To Russia Right Now

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.03.2014 | UK Comedy

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, as the Germans say. Just check out this clip from the very first episode of 'Yes, Prime Minister' - whi...

Borgen Is Brillant. Why Can't Britain Seem to Make Decent Political Dramas Anymore?

Dr Matthew Ashton | Posted 08.03.2013 | Home
Dr Matthew Ashton

There's very little serious drama looking at the people who run our country, the decisions they make that affect us all, and the general state of the nation.

Yet Again, Prime Minister

Paddy Duffy | Posted 10.06.2012 | UK Entertainment
Paddy Duffy

Yes, Prime Minister left a large gap and now, more than ever, it's just waiting to be re-filled. I sincerely hope it's up for the top job again.

Pasty, Prime Minister? The Return of Satire

Marc Paterson | Posted 31.05.2012 | UK Comedy
Marc Paterson

Satire's been a bit on the quiet side in recent years don't you think? Yes, veteran show Have I Got News For You is still poking fun at the news but elsewhere it's been pretty thin on the ground.

Marriage: The Politics of Polls and Public Policy

Balaji Ravichandran | Posted 14.05.2012 | UK Politics
Balaji Ravichandran

Ultimately, it behoves us to note that the relationship between public opinion and civil law is not a one-way street, and rightly so, lest the hoary head of majoritarianism substitute any meaningful version of democracy.