Yoga Class

A Strong Yoga Community Makes All The Difference to Your Practice

Bhanu Bhatnagar | Posted 29.12.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Bhanu Bhatnagar

I was a complete cynic when I attended my first yoga class almost five years ago. From what little I knew about it, I thought, who needs yoga when I can go to the gym, ride my bicycle or play a sport. How wrong I was.

The One with the Yoga and the 30 Minutes

Georgy Jamieson | Posted 17.03.2012 | UK
Georgy Jamieson

Last week I realised it's been nearly two years since I did any proper exercise. I had practised yoga for ages and indeed all through my pregnancy I kept it up with a special preggie approved brand, but since I had the boy, nothing!

Why is Yoga Hard for Some Men?

Jill Lawson | Posted 12.01.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Jill Lawson

While women can cruise through an hour and a half of yoga relatively unscathed, even very fit men can end up feeling defeated, left soaking in a puddle of sweat by the time corpse pose comes to their rescue. The following is an explanation into why this happens.