Yosemite National Park

British Climber Killed In Yosemite Rockfall 'Died Saving His Wife's Life'

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 30.09.2017 | UK

A British climber who was crushed by falling rocks at Yosemite National Park was killed attempting to save his wife. Andrew Foster, 32, was trapped wh...

British Climber Killed By 1,300 Ton Yosemite Rock Fall On His Wedding Anniversary

The Huffington Post | Sara C Nelson | Posted 29.09.2017 | UK

The first pictures of a British climber crushed to death under a rock fall at Yosemite National Park in California have emerged. Andrew Foster was kil...

How To Explore Yosemite National Park In Winter Time

Selene Nelson | Posted 02.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Selene Nelson

This January I visited Yosemite for the first time, and it just so happened that my stay coincided with the worst snowstorm in recent years. I wanted to see snow in Yosemite, and I certainly got it. With the cold spell expected to last for a while, here's how to get the best out of Yosemite during winter.

Rock Climber Alex Honnold Looks Ahead to 2014

Will Ross | Posted 15.02.2014 | UK Sport
Will Ross

For many of us, just the thought of clambering around to grab something from above the kitchen cabinet is dizzying. But for rock climber Alex Honnold, who makes a living out of vertical opportunities, the picture is very different.

WATCH: Amazing Footage Of Yosemite Fire From The Air

FOX40 | Posted 28.08.2013 | UK

The California Rim fire is now one of the biggest in California history and is still only 20 percent contained. Here is some amazing aerial footage of...

Live the High Life During the 'Low' Season: Spectacular Spring Destinations

HomeAway.co.uk | Posted 05.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle

The best reason for travelling during spring has got to be its natural beauty. As Mother Nature bursts onto the scene once more, parks overflow with blooming flowers, baby animals frolic and play, and otherwise unassuming landscapes are set ablaze with colour.

Waterfall Of 'Lava' In Yosemite National Park (PICTURE)

Liam McLaughlin | Posted 22.02.2012 | UK

Every February in Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park, California, one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on earth occurs. If the weath...