Young Minds

Why I'm Running The London Marathon

Sean Fletcher | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK Parents
Sean Fletcher

After a long wait for the right level of treatment my son is taking small steps in the right direction. While he takes those steps, I've decided to take the approximately 52 thousand steps it takes to complete the London Marathon to raise money and awareness for YoungMinds and Heads Together. Life was a lot easier for me when I was 14, so I'm happy to sacrifice my knees to start a conversation about mental health.

Call for Urgency

Esther Dark | Posted 23.02.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Esther Dark

When the warning signs of anorexia first emerged at the age of 18, I was hesitant and uneasy about approaching my GP. Uncertainty and fear mingled with denial: I was adamant that I was "fine" and in control. Anorexia demanded secrecy; it made me feel healthy, virtuous and superior; it was the drill sergeant that got me up in the morning; the voice that governed my every thought and action - it had become the most important presence in my life.

Introducing Young Minds Matter

Stephen Hull | Posted 16.02.2017 | UK
Stephen Hull

On 17 February, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, will join editors at HuffPost UK as guest editor to specifically help raise awareness of this issue and help us launch Young Minds Matter. Using the hashtag #youngmindsmatter we will discuss the problems, causes and also most importantly the solutions to the stigma surrounding the UK's mental health crisis among children.

How to Help Young Adults With Mental Health Issues

Martha Roberts | Posted 14.07.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Martha Roberts

As I drove home from a recent night out, a young woman stumbled out of the darkness into the road ahead of me. She was extremely distressed so I offered to drive her home. During our journey, Lara* told me that her dad hated her and that she was totally devastated by this...

Making Sure Looked After Young People Have Looked After Mental Health

Sarah Brennan | Posted 16.04.2012 | UK
Sarah Brennan

When children have no experience of a trusting relationship with an adult and are frequently moved from placement to placement the emotional trauma is immense. We shouldn't be surprised when this emotional trauma occasionally spills out into anger and violence.