For A Healthy Pregnancy Diet Zap Up Your Zinc!

Alexandra McCabe | Posted 11.11.2016 | UK Parents
Alexandra McCabe

Fortified cereals and red meat are good sources of zinc - and you can get it from shellfish, poultry, beans, nuts, whole grains, and dairy products. One of the best sources of zinc is oysters, but sadly oysters are definitely a food to avoid during pregnancy as they contain potential toxins!

10 Things You Neeed to Know Before You Take Natural Remedies to Improve Sexual Function

Suzi Godson | Posted 21.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Suzi Godson

Although the internet is awash with promotions for natural sex remedies such as Avena Sativa, Damiana, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Maca, Muira Puama, or Zinc, there is no credible scientific evidence to show that any of them improve libido, or sexual function. More importantly, they can be dangerous if you mix them with other drugs, or take too much of them.

Why Zinc Can Help Reduce Symptoms Of Common Cold

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 08.02.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Zinc plays a vital role in fighting infection by preventing the immune system from spinning out of control, research has shown. The finding may exp...

Cases of Depression Soar - Is it What We're (Not) Eating?

Glen Matten | Posted 19.12.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Glen Matten

With burgeoning rates of depression, and our modern day diets in a pretty woeful state, is it time we started integrating nutritional strategies into the prevention and treatment of depression?

Zinc Cuts Childhood Pneumonia Deaths

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 08.02.2012 | UK Lifestyle

Zinc can triple the survival chances of young children suffering from pneumonia who are deficient in the mineral, a recent study has found. The new...

Have Scientists Finally Found A Cure For The Common Cold?

lifestyle.aol.co.uk | Posted 26.09.2011 | UK Lifestyle

Forget the cold and flu tablets, new research, reported in the Open Respiratory Medicine Journal, has found that a natural supplement could be the ans...