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Tales From the Middle of Nowhere (Vol. 2): Somewhere Along the Way My Suitcase Had an Accident

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Yes comrades.

So... that England game was an epic encounter. Great atmosphere. Good laugh and all.

Caught an early flight the next morning with a load of glum looking Swedes to Stockholm. Did a show at that Hultsfred Festival. It was okay.. nothing more. Think the crowd enjoyed it more than I did which really is all that matters, innit? Legged it straight off stage to a waiting private jet what took us to Denmark.

Somewhere along the way my suitcase had an accident. It looked like it had been run over by a tractor when it finally got to my room. Shampoo everywhere!!! A right fucking mess. The festival in Denmark was an odd one. It seemed like it was in the middle of a housing estate.

Cold, windy and grey. The rain came later. The gig itself was mega. Don't know why... it just was. Left the stage to light drizzle. Snow Patrol had to deal with that though!!

Got straight in a car and off to Copenhagen for a day off. Didn't do much except somehow catch a bastard cold. Not feeling too clever at all.

Off to Gdansk tomorrow. It'll be my first ever time in Poland.

Looking forward to it.



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