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Northern Ireland: Legal Challenge to Gay Marriage Ban

(1) Comments | Posted 13 January 2015 | (15:26)

After changes to the law allowing same-sex marriage in England, Scotland and Wales, Northern Ireland is now the only place in the UK where gay couples are barred by law from getting wed.
Indeed, gay couples from Northern Ireland who get married in another part of the UK cannot...

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Patrick Finucane - Still No Inquiry 25 Years on From Murder With Collusion Written All Over It

(1) Comments | Posted 12 February 2014 | (15:28)

Twenty-five years ago today, loyalist gunmen sledge-hammered their way into the Belfast home of lawyer Patrick Finucane and shot him dead in front of his wife and young children.

Since then, compelling evidence has emerged to show that UK state agents were involved in the killing. Those who...

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D-Day for Northern Ireland

(0) Comments | Posted 30 December 2013 | (18:07)

Decision Day for Northern Ireland's politicians has arrived. For months now, they have gathered at round-table talks chaired by retired US diplomat, Dr Richard Haass, to tackle some of the region's thorniest problems: flags, parades and the past.

It seems they have accepted defeat on the flying of flags....

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Northern Ireland: The Choice

(7) Comments | Posted 22 November 2013 | (23:00)

"We were not there to act like an army unit, we were there to act like a terror group."

That's the chilling admission from a former member of the Military Reaction Force, a shadowy undercover unit of the British Army which operated in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. According to...

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Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers Took to the Stage in Manchester and Promised to Do... Nothing

(3) Comments | Posted 2 October 2013 | (10:11)

A month after he came to power, David Cameron stood up in the Commons to respond to the publication of the report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. What had happened, he said, was "both unjustified and unjustifiable". His comments were welcome news, and it seemed a prelude to action.


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Magdalene Laundries: Tears of Joy Taste Bitter-Sweet in Northern Ireland

(5) Comments | Posted 20 February 2013 | (11:19)

The Irish Prime Minister shed a tear as he apologised on behalf of the country. Then the parliament rose as one to applaud the women in the public gallery representing the thousands of others once detained amid the misery the Magdalene Laundries.

It was an emotional conclusion to a long...

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Magdalene Laundries: Northern Ireland's Hidden Shame

(13) Comments | Posted 18 February 2013 | (23:00)

Today, it is our generation's and our governments' reputation for honour, not that of the Magdalene women, which is at stake.

The Church of the Good Shepherd on Belfast's Ormeau Road is a gorgeous bit of red-brick Victorian splendour.

I was married there. But, on that joyful day, little...

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