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Patch is currently a student in the Earth Science department at UCL and as such spends a large amount of his time looking at, dealing with and talking about rocks.

Outside of the world of rocks Patch has written for a number of publications including the online science magazine Experimentation and his own blog Thinkingaloud. Despite choosing a degree as a ‘rock botherer’ he is a self-confessed politics nerd and will, if you even meet him in a bar, happily bore you to death on a full spectrum of issues from LGBT rights to state education.

Entries by Patrick Thompson

Poppy Politics

(0) Comments | Posted 28 October 2013 | (21:23)

What does a plastic flower matter?

To many Britons a poppy, traditionally worn pinned to one's coat in the weeks preceding Remembrance Sunday, is an enduring symbol of British culture. In any given public place, from London to Lanarkshire, little red pedals adorn the breast's of passersby. Along with the...

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Tuition Fees Are Still a Problem, Here Is Why

(0) Comments | Posted 19 September 2013 | (10:18)

This autumn, for the second year in a row, the number of young people going to university will fall. Three years on from the decision to increase tuition fees, the coalition's promise that the hike in the cost of higher education would help universities and not hinder applicants has been...

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Healthcare on Campus

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2013 | (10:42)

Readers familiar with University College London will be aware that in recent years there has been an icy tension between the university management and Student Union. It is no secret that the two groups don't get on, with a generally conservative (little c) senior management pitted against a predominantly far...

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Censorship at UCLU?

(6) Comments | Posted 5 March 2013 | (09:28)

You are unlikely to have heard of Kirk Sneade and, once this week is over you will probably never hear of him again. For readers who exist outside of the University of London bubble Sneade can be best described as the most controversial, and some would say interesting, candidate in...

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Gove's Latest Masterplan

(1) Comments | Posted 15 February 2013 | (17:03)

I feel a mild annoyance towards whoever it was that leaked the Department of Education memo containing plans to privatise academies. It is not; you must understand, that I do not want to know the government's plans for state schools or that I do not wish to write...

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When is a U-Turn Not a U-Turn?

(1) Comments | Posted 9 February 2013 | (23:03)

It is a puzzling aspect of modern politics that the more persistently a minister is entreated to change their mind on an issue, the greater the crowing if he or she does indeed perform an about face. Last week Michael Gove was the subject of some well-rehearsed newspaper headlines, although...

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Priced Out, Is a Masters a Must Have That Students Can't Afford?

(9) Comments | Posted 4 February 2013 | (23:00)

Anecdotally at least, it seems that a bachelor's degree isn't what it once was. Three years at university used to set you up for life but now it seems that rising student numbers (the last few years excluded) and a highly competitive job market have seen the value of a...

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