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Pixie Lott is a British pop star who burst onto the scene in 2009 when her debut single “Mama Do” went straight to number one in the UK singles chart. Since then her career has gone from strength to strength with her debut album selling over a million copies and producing five consecutive Top 20 singles. Her second album, Young Foolish Happy, was released in November 2011. "All About Tonight", the first single from that album, entered the charts at number one on 17 September 2011, making it her third UK number one hit.

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How Sport Relief Cash Is Changing Lives in Zambia

(2) Comments | Posted 17 December 2012 | (00:00)

Millions of women in the UK earn a living by running their own business. But for women living in Zambia's overcrowded and filthy slums it's almost impossible to earn enough to feed their families, let alone start a business.

Thankfully, a project called the People's Process On Housing and Poverty...

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