17 September 2014

Victims of Crime Need Real Action Not Lip Service

Time and again over the last four years we've pressed the Government to support our plans for a victims' law. Repeatedly they've refused to do so, going so far as to attack our plans. Just last week in the House of Commons chamber ministers were given the opportunity to back a victims' law - an opportunity they didn't take. Back in July Chris Grayling even attacked Labour's victims' law, saying "the opposition always talks about laws". So this weekend's sudden conversion by the Government to the need for new 'laws' - a victims' law - is a little surprising. After all, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course if the Government are sincere about their new found passion for victims, it is to be welcomed, but it is little wonder many are cynical.

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Scottish Independence Referendum: A 'Trainspotting' Guide To The 'Yes' Vote

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