2 September 2014

Britain Needs to Invest In Itself

When all things are taken into account, the UK is investing almost nothing in its economic future. The Coalition government may have conjured some temporary growth, but this will disappear without much more new investment and if we want to avoid long-term decline we need to act right now. The hard fact is that productivity growth in the UK has ground to a halt and there's a very simple reason for this: the UK, for the first time since the start of the Industrial Revolution, has virtually stopped investing in the type of economic activities which are capable of delivering increases in output per head of the population.

Cameron Accused Of Offending 'Basic Principles Of Law'

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Does This Unseen Footage From Plebgate Finally Reveal What Happened?


Boris Drops The Idea That Could Have Ruined His Return To Parliament

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Vote 'No' If You Love Your Kids, Suggests Scottish Better Together Campaign


David Cameron Loses Two Tory MPs In 24-Hours

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BoJo Says Airport Decision 'Just A Temporary Setback'

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Jim Murphy Blames Yes Campaign For Organised Abuse


Gordon Brown 'Hurt Labour's Economic Credibility' By Refusing To Use The Word...

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Here's What Happened In The #IndyRef Debate Today

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Fatwa Declares British Jihadis 'Heretics'


Ministers Admit NHS Not Safe From Private Firms In Secret Trade Talks

Thousands March To Protest Against Tony Abbott


This Poll Is Projecting A Pretty Incredible Result In Clacton...

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George Galloway Breaks Silence Over Brutal Attack


Scottish Debate Is Making Dave All 'Emotional And Nervous'

Facundo Arrizabalaga/WPA-Rota

Tory MPs Defy Cameron With Pledge To Leave European Union


Better Together Accuses 'Yes' Campaign Of Turning 'Sinister

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Majority Of Britons 'Oppose Military Action Against Islamic State Militants'

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Galloway Beaten Up By A Man Shouting About The Holocaust


George Osborne Dodges Ice Bucket Challenge

Martin Rickett/PA Wire

What George Osborne Felt About Being Booed At The Paralympics


Osborne's 'March Of The Makers' Is Really Flagging

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Payday Loans Leave Thousands More Struggling With Debts

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Miliband Urges 'Mandatory De-Radicalisation Programme'


Boris Rules Out Fighting Carswell For Clacton

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Twitter Troll Who Made Rape Threats To MP Thought It Was A 'Really Funny Joke'

Chris Ratcliffe/WPA-Rota

Boris Island: A Map