31 March 2015

Comments on Recent Allegations

I failed to be cynical. I was foolish for having engaged in this sordid affair and of course I regret the outcome. Having to accept that I was the victim of a year-long sting operation by men with pernicious desires to twist the words I've spoken into traps for others, is not easy. Five minutes of recordings from over 27 hours of negotiations have been presented. Tommy Robinson has carefully picked the quotes he wants to be public news. I was wrongly set up and everyone who knows me knows this to be the case.

Labour's Lucy Powell Nearly Lost It During 'Sunday Politics'


A Fox Just Chased A Duck Up Downing Street

Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Martin Freeman From The Hobbit Wants People To Vote Labour


Labour's Campaign Bus Breaks Down On Day One

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Five Years Of Coalition Leaves Lib Dems Unable To Negotiate The Left Anymore

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Cameron Kicks Off General Election: 'It's Me Or Miliband'

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

Ex-Ukipper Rozanne Duncan Just Can't Stop Being Racist


The Trailer For Russell Brand's Film Has Arrived, And The Bankers Won't Be Happy


Obama Recovers Impeccably From Almost Certain Stair-Doom

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Queen Spotted Canvassing For Ukip In Bromley. Maybe...


Here's Proof That Ukip Basically Want To Destroy The World


Watch Newsnight's Evan Davis Attack 'Nonsense' From Grant Shapps


21 Items Of Campaign Merchandise That Are Even Worse Than That Labour Mug


Cameron 'Sang Benny Hill' To TV Debate Audience In Ad Break

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Katie Hopkins Just Made A Solid Case To Vote Labour

Ian West/PA Wire

The Tories Are Making Some Bold Claims About The NHS

Joe Giddens/PA Wire

BBC Reject Tory Accusations Of Pro-Miliband Bias

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

'Cameron Got The Cuddles': Stan Collymore Accuses Kay Burley Of Tory Bias

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Cameron Calls Labour 'A Bunch Of Hypocritical, Holier-Than-Thou, Hopeless, Sneering Socialists'

Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

No One Can Quite Agree Who Won The Election 'Debate'

Sky News

Watch Labour MPs Give Standing Ovation To Tory Over Bercow 'Plot'


What Happened When Zayn Malik Asked David Cameron A Question

Mark Runnacles/PA Archive

'Hell Yes I'm Tough Enough,' Miliband Tells Paxman He's Strong Enough To Be PM


John Bercow Survives 'Grubby' Tory 'Plot' To Oust Him As Speaker

PA Wire/PA Wire

We'd Lose An Immediate EU Referendum, Owen Paterson Warns Fellow Eurosceptics

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Paxo Pulls Out His Back Catalogue Of Clown-Faced Astonishment

Sky News

Tory Coup To Oust Bercow As Speaker

TOBY MELVILLE via Getty Images

Here's The 9 Best Bits From The Miliband & Cameron 'Debates'

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Lib Dems Facing 'Criminal' Investigation Over Party Donations

Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Cameron Kicks Off General Election: 'It's Me Or Miliband'

LEON NEAL via Getty Images