25 April 2015

Time to Shout About Mental Health

I suspect that I, and others like me who are working for the Time to Change mental health awareness campaign, have many hundreds and thousands of speeches and talks and interviews still to go before we finally bring the walls of taboo and stigma crumbling down. The whisperers are people who come up to me and, unlike those who just want to say thanks for the talk, raise something else, lean in towards me and say very quietly "thanks for talking about mental health and depression, it really helps". It is good that they talk. But bad that they feel the need to whisper.

Labour Dips In Polls But Sturgeon Ready To Prop Up Miliband Government

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Nothing Says 'Awkward' More Than Osborne Holding The Flag Of St George

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Politicians Spin HSBC's Threat To Quit UK


Minister Claims Children With Gay Parents 'More Likely To Be Abused'... And Doesn't Lose Job

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The Guardian Is Still P***ed Off That It Was 'Banned' From Cameron's Nursery Trip

Louise Ridley

Sturgeon Says Cameron's English Manifesto Is Breach Of Scotland Promises

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Forget May 7 - Here's Who's Winning The #Selfie Election


Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman Guilty Of Electoral Fraud

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Ed Miliband Insists 'One Direction (And His Wife) 'Have Nothing To Fear' From #Milifandom


Why We Must 'Explore' Overhauling Britain's Electoral System - By Ex-Civil Service Chief

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This Hindi Song About David Cameron Is Really Happy


Obama Takes 'Full Responsibility' For Strikes That Killed Western Hostages


Now David Cameron Shares His Surprise Choice To Be Next James Bond


Labour Denies Press Officer Pulled Over BBC Cameraman - This Video Seems To Show Otherwise


Bennett Makes Extraordinary Claim Over Possible Cabinet Position

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Watch David Cameron Caught On TV Joking About Alex Salmond Pinching His Wallet


Newsnight Just Photoshopped Nicola Sturgeon Onto Kim Kardashian's Body


Gordon Brown Is Back To Save The Union... Again

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images
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Politicians Are Pledging To Expand Talking Therapy, Just Like They Did 5 Years Ago

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

He Used To Be The Power Behind Cameron's Throne, He Thinks We're 'Spending on Failure' On Mental Health

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Farage No Longer Says Things Just To 'Get Noticed'

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Yet Another Ukip Councillor Appears To Joke About Drowning Migrants... And Scots


Ukip Lays Down Stricts Terms For St George To Migrate To Britain

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Here's How Students Are Going To Vote In The Election

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Ukip Candidate 'Shaken' After Beheading Threat Being Investigated By Police


Are You A Member Of The Cameronettes Or The Milifandom?


Who *Is* UKIP?

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Gay People Are 'Still Being Beaten Up', Angela Eagle Warns Against LGBT Complacency

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Watch Kay Burley Finally Get Boris To Admit It Would Be 'Wonderful' To Be Tory Leader


Watch Alex Salmond Joke He Will Be Writing Labour's Budget