29 August 2014

Join Us In Our Campaign to Save the NHS

The Tory-led government is undermining a national institution, privatising a vital public service and opening it up to the market, all in the name of competition, without any real thought for the repercussions of their actions on the millions of people who rely on it every day.

Yes Scotland Have Delivered A Smackdown Over No Campaign's Business Backers

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President Obama 'Shames' An Entire Nation By Wearing A Tan Suit

White House

Western Jihadists Are Being Used As 'Cannon Fodder' For ISIS

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Possibly Your Last Chance To Buy Official Britain First Merchandise


Jacob Rees-Mogg Calls For Tory-Ukip Pact Following Carswell Defection

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Disability Benefit Changes Bring UN Probe Over 'Grave' Human Rights Violations

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Cabinet Minister Says He Will Quit If Scotland Votes For Independence

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Better Together Better Not Read This Latest Ominous Poll..

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Carswell Was Not The Only Tory 'Wined And Dined By Ukip'...

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Tory MP Douglas Carswell Defects To Ukip, Triggers By-Election


You Could Buy Scottish Independence For A Bargain £1.04


6 Tories Who Could Follow Carswell And Join Ukip

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Scottish Independence Could 'Hinder UK's Economic Recovery'

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Douglas Carswell Faces His First Ukip Shambles...

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Douglas Carswell's Wikipedia Page Trolled After Ukip Move

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Ukip Candidate Is Violently Angry About Being Elbowed Out By Carswell

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House Prices Keep On Rising - And Just Hit A New Record

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Douglas Carswell's Seat Is The Most 'Ukip-Friendly' In Britain

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Murray Admits He Would Represent An Independent Scotland


Disgraced Ex-Tory MP Neil Hamilton Hopes To Become Ukip MP

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Independence Could Leave Scotland In A 'Financial Mess', Say Experts

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Watch A Video Of The Moment Tory MP Douglas Carswell Defected To Ukip

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Champagne Party Planned For Scottish 'No' Vote Cancelled

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Why The UK's Economic Growth May Be Just A 'Flash In The Pan'

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6 Years Ago Today Obama Accepted The Nomination For President

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Will Labour MPs Join Ukip? One Says That Is 'Wishful Thinking'

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UK Terror Threat Level Raised To 'Severe'

Oli Scarff/WPA-Rota