20 August 2014

Iraq: Cameron's Contradictions

The charges against David Cameron over his Iraq policy are well founded. But there are extenuating circumstances... It is time for a root-and-branch review of the principles of British foreign policy, so that they reflect two essential things: the world as it is and not as we would wish it to be; and the British national interest. Or, to put it another way, don't do nation-building and don't intervene in other people's civil wars - we usually make things worse, as in Iraq, and the waste of blood and treasure is unforgivable. If this means hobnobbing with dictators, so be it. Only genocide and threats to world order merit military intervention, as with IS.

Muslim Ukip Member Defects To Respect Party Over Gaza Racism Claims

Ismail Patel

Islamic State Militant Who 'Beheaded James Foley' Spoke With A 'British Accent'


Islamic State Could Attack West In Response To Air Strikes, Top Terror Expert Warns

Women, You're Really Not Going To Like These Comments From The Male MP

John Stilwell/PA Archive

Husband Of Woman Called 'Ting Tong' Has Some Choice Words For Ukip MEP

AFP via Getty Images

Israeli Ambassador Trolls George Galloway With Visit To 'Israel-Free' Bradford


John Oliver Nails It On Ferguson, Attacks The 'Tone-Deafness' And Militarisation Of The Police


Ferguson Riots Delight Iran, China And Egypt As Amnesty Dispatch Team To US Soil


Hey Amnesty - Suck It!

Why Is Dave Always Blue On Holidays?

Francisco Leong/WPA-Rota

Are These Two Conspiring To Keep Interest Rates Low? MPs Fear So

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Lord Rennard Has Lib Dem Suspension Lifted


Tea Party Man Is Overcome With Patriotism, Breaks Down... Twice


A Female Boss? You'll Make 35% Less Than Your Male Colleague

Brigitte Wodicka via Getty Images

How The Government 'Is Leaving Immigrants Voiceless'

Steve Parsons/PA Archive

Being A Bullying Psychopath Could Soon Be Illegal...

lofilolo via Getty Images

Dave Caught Out Over 'Myth' That Foreign Workers Take Most UK Jobs


Brace Yourself For Yet Another Rail Fare Hike

AFP via Getty Images
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Don't Expect Carney To Do Much About Record House Prices


Should Interest Rates Rise Right Now? Some BoE Officials Think So

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Love Auntie Beeb? Vote No To Scottish Independence, Former BBC Chief Warns

David Cheskin/PA Archive

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Tory MP Warns Osborne Rising Interest Rates Could Be A 'Catastrophe'


Barack Obama Sings ‘Problem' By Ariana Grande


Clegg's Plans For Growth 'Mired In Chaos And Delay'


This DWP Referendum Memo 'Could Have Been Written A Lot More Sensitively'

Danny Lawson/PA Wire

George W Bush Undergoes Water Torture. For Charity.