16 April 2014

Policy Adviser at the European Parliament in Brussels. Presenter of the 'A Different Angle' webseries.

Doomed: Nigel Farage, UKIP and the Battle for Brussels

It's all about UKIP. It always has been. They've made a routinely uneventful and uninspiring process the political event to watch. Thanks to them, this year's European election cycle will be the most exciting, or the least boring, ever.

EU Helps You Watch Porn Abroad Says Conservative Politician

Joseph Daul
GEORGES GOBET via Getty Images

US Republican Targeted With 'Electile Dysfunction' Campaign Video

Campaign Ad

Mayor Resigns After Asking If Disabled 'Mongols' Should Have Sex

Ukip Draws Up Times Journalist Hit List: 'Tories Inventing More Erroneous Shite'

Nigel Farage Says Expenses Story 'Another Political Attack On Ukip'

LOOK: Nigel Farage's Expenses Claim

LOOK: Cameron Chillaxes On Another Awkward Holiday

SNP Plan To Scrap Trident 'Unacceptable For Nato'

Young Brits More Pessimistic Than Those In China, Turkey And India

Energy Chief: Scottish Independence Would Be A 'Nightmare'

Imperial Tobacco Shuts Factory As Brits Shun Cigs

Starbucks 'Will Pay More Tax' As It Moves HQ To UK

MPs Fear Osborne's Powers To Take Your Money May Go Too Far

London Keeps Massive Lead In 'Strong' UK House Price Boom

The Pay Squeeze Is Over (But Only If You Got A Bonus)

Defending The Banks And Now Big Energy, Why Does She Do It?

Ed Balls Crashed Into Someone's Car And Drove Off

MP 'Offered To Stand Down' If Nigel Evans' Accusers Felt She Pressured Them

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Nigel Evans To Be Welcomed Back To Parliament With Drinks Party

George Osborne 'A Winner' In My Sexual Offences Trial, Says Nigel Evans

Royal Navy Chief Warns About Danger Of Scottish Independence

Is The Pay Squeeze Nearly Over?

Miliband 'Must Go Further And Faster' For Business

WATCH: Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton ‘Sing' Timber By Pitbull

Nigel Evans Questions Accusers' Right To Anonymity

Ed Miliband Risks Being A 'One Term Prime Minister'

Tory Party Has Failed To Detoxify In Eyes Of Ethnic Minorities, Says MP