25 May 2015

What Will This Government Mean for Women's Reproductive Choice?

The anti-abortion movement in Britain has largely failed. The public is pro-choice, and indeed favours a more woman-centred framework than the 1967 Abortion Act currently allows. Every parliamentary attempt in recent years to restrict access to abortion has been defeated. All should be well. But the new government has many members who voted in favour of these defeated restrictions. Indeed, their voting records suggest this is the most anti-abortion government in living memory. So what will this mean for women in the next five years?

Russia Threatens To Block Facebook, Google And Twitter

Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

Tory Strategist Steve Hilton Warns Labour Not To 'Rush' Leadership Election

REX Features

Cooper: There Will Be Blood, If We Veer Left Or Right

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

David Cameron's Estate Owning Father-In-Law Likens Nicola Sturgeon To Robert Mugabe

Bank's 'Brexit' Project Was Revealed By Email Accidentally Sent To Guardian Journalist

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Getting Dumped From The Cabinet Seems The Best Way To Get A Knighthood These Days

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Ukip Founder's Criticism Of Nigel Farage Is About As Harsh As You Can Get

Carl Court via Getty Images

Alistair Carmichael Admits He Was Behind #Nikileaks

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Is This The Woman Who Could Defeat The SNP?

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Cameron Coincidentally Announces Immigration Crackdown Just As Embarrasing Figures Are Released

PA/PA Wire

Just Another Way New SNP MPs Are Upsetting Westminster Traditions

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Fry Makes Plea For 'Yes' Vote In Ireland's Gay Marriage Referendum


Labour MP Calls For End Of Monarchy Before Swearing Allegiance To The Queen


Theresa May Just Gave Her Most Brutal Speech Yet To The Police Federation

Sky News

Mensch Insists She Is NOT Bullying The 'Disgraceful, Hysterical, Hypocritical' #Milifandom Teen

Here Come The Tory Cuts

PA/PA Wire

Meet The People Human Rights Law Really Helps

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Obama's New Twitter Account Just Smashed A World Record

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Cameron's Immigration Speech Was Hot On Politics, Not So Hot On Policy

Matt Dunham/AP
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Cameron's Former Advisor Calls For End To 'Abusive Market Power Of Big Banks'


'Presidential Candidate' Thinks It's 'Really Arrogant' To Believe In Man-Made Global Warming

Johnny Louis via Getty Images

Liz Kendall Gets Personal As She Warns Labour To 'Change Or Die'

John Stillwell/PA Wire

NIgel Farage Did NOT Receive A Warm Welcome Back To Brussels

Carl Court via Getty Images

Labour Leadership Hopeful's Website Hijacked By Alan Partridge And Rick Astley

Farage's Latest Claim About Ukip Being '100% United' Makes Everyone Laugh

Yui Mok/PA Wire

Tristram Hunt Won't Run For Labour Leader, Backs Liz Kendall

David Levenson via Getty Images