25 June 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Heckled At Pride March, Criticised By Labour Lord For 'Disappointing' Response

Conservative Minister Justine Greening Comes Out As Being In A Same-Sex Relationship

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Pro-Brexit MEP Facing Backlash For Newsnight Backtrack And 'Misleading' Vote Leave Claim


Nicola Sturgeon Says Scottish Government To Hold 'Immediate' Talks With EU

Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Desperate Brits Are Clambering For Irish Passports After Brexit Vote

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Something Nigel Farage Said About The EU Ref In May Is Coming Back To Haunt Him

Matt Dunham/AP

Campaigners Use #BrexitIn5Words To Attack Campaign 'Lies'

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Jeremy Corbyn Says He Will Stand In Any Labour Leadership Contest

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Leave Voter Admits He Voted 'To Stop Muslims Coming Into The UK'

Channel 4 News

The Waugh Zone June 25 2016

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Heart-Breaking Jon Snow Tweet Sums Up Young People's Despair After Brexit Vote

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The Petition Demanding A Second Referendum Is Now The Biggest In History

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Evan Davis Seriously Struggles To Hide Frustration With Brexit Backtracker


Jeremy Corbyn Not Capable Of Leading Labour Into General Election, Says Caroline Flint

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Commons People Politics Podcast: EU Referendum - Brexit Special

Huffington Post

Jeremy Corbyn Hits Back At Plot To Oust Him As Labour Leader

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

It's Been A Great Day For The Far-Right


London Independence Goes Beyond A Twitter Joke With Politicians Seriously Discussing It

Matt Dunham/AP

Meet The 6 Brexiters Who Now Regret Voting To Leave The EU

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Corbyn Pulls Out Of Glastonbury Appearance, Following EU Referendum Result

Peter Powell/PA Wire

If You're Planning A Trip To Europe Soon, Here's What You Need To Know

Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

9 Facts That Sum Up Just How Awful Brexit Was For The Markets

Russell Boyce / Reuters

Cornwall Demands Government Replaces EU Millions (After Voting Leave)

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

James O’Brien Scolds Brexiters Who Rubbished Experts But Now Listen To Them


Brexit May Wipe £20K Off London Property Values By Christmas

Reuters Photographer / Reuters

JK Rowling Among EU Referendum Remainers Proud To Be Part Of Nigel Farage’s #TheIndecentMinority

Julian Finney via Getty Images