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Girlguiding Study Reveals Confidence Drops In Girls After 7, So Here's A Letter To Our Younger Selves

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2016 | (12:36)

If you try to tell a seven-year-old girl she can’t do something, she’s likely to put up a pretty fierce protest, then do it anyway.

But by 21, many young women have lost the confidence to follow their dreams.

A new survey from Girlguiding has found...

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Find It Hard To Resist Unhealthy Snacks In The Afternoon? This May Be Why

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2016 | (10:55)

If you feel yourself reaching for cake and biscuits after lunch, you’re not alone.

New research suggests we are more likely to eat unhealthy snacks as the day progresses because we’re conditioned to feel it’s more socially acceptable to do so.

While most of us wouldn’t dream of...

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Woman Gets Stood Up By Tinder Date, Has A Better Time By Herself

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2016 | (09:52)

Laura Bull was busy getting ready for a Tinder date recently when the man she’d been chatting to cancelled on her.

But instead of feeling sorry for herself, the mum-of-two decided to make the most of her day off, by going on a date with herself. 

“So was...

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Woman Locks Herself In Hot Car To Show How Distressing It Is For Dogs

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2016 | (09:12)

An animal lover has proved you shouldn’t leave your dog in a hot car by filming herself shut a vehicle. 

On Facebook, Jess Ritchie said she...

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Disney's Latest Heroine Is Finally Showing Girls There's More To Life Than Prince Charming

(60) Comments | Posted 22 July 2016 | (20:47)

Disney has created a film where the female protagonist doesn't have a love interest and I, for one, couldn't be happier about it.

Moana is a story of self-discovery following a kickass 16-year-old who goes on an adventure to find a banished god, instead of Prince Charming. Her ultimate aim...

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Family Race To Raise £100,000 So Terminally Ill Dad Can Have Alternative Cancer Treatment

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2016 | (15:08)

The friends and family of a man dying of a very rare stomach cancer are racing against the clock to raise £100,000 so he can receive alternative cancer treatment.

Angela Hosken (36) from Bromley has just weeks to raise the money so her husband Adrian Hosken (39) can have special treatment in the hope that it will extend his life, giving him more time with his young family and two children - Noah, almost three years old and Adriela, who is only nine months old.

Launching the GoFundMe campaign to raise funds, Adrian has released a heart-felt video asking people to share the story and support the campaign. 

Adrian has been battling a rare stomach cancer for the past five years and has already endured 11 gruelling operations and chemotherapy, but unfortunately, it keeps coming back.

The dad-of-two has now been given just weeks to live but is determined to keep going for as long as possible.

“I’m only 39 and just not ready to leave my wife and two young children yet. I was told I couldn’t have children after my cancer but I did and now I’m determined to spend as much time watching them grow up as I possibly can,” he said.

 “I was supposed to die on Valentine’s Day this year but I’m still here so I’ve done pretty well to get to this stage.

“I’ve come to the end of the conventional treatment options now though so we are looking at alternative options that might keep me around for as long as possible – so I can spend more precious time with my little babies.”

His wife, Angela, said: “He really wants his two children to remember him. Adrian watched a TV documentary where a woman could hardly remember her father who died when she was 10 and this really affected him.

“So he has set himself a target of living until at least 2025 which is when our daughter Adriela will be 10. It’s heart-breaking, but the family are determined to do all we can to make this a reality.”

Adrian’s cancer journey began on 14 February 2011 when he was taken to the Whittington hospital.

Doctors found a tumour on his appendix after he described feeling it burst in the night.

He awoke to find out that he had almost died from what should have been a simple 45 minute procedure.

The cancer Adrian has is called an adenocarcinoma and kills 90% of people that have it with five years.

Adrian’s five years was up this Valentine’s Day this year, but he is determined to keep going ever since his wife became pregnant with his first born, Noah.

The dad is now desperate to see his children grow up, despite being told at one stage he would never be able to have children.

The family is now looking to start alternative treatments immediately as the cancer has been returning within three months of surgery. 

Adrian wants to follow an immunotherapy approach, which is a type of cancer treatment designed to boost the body’s natural defences to fight the cancer.

It uses substances either made by the body or in a laboratory to improve or restore immune system function.

Unfortunately, the treatment doesn’t come cheap at around €100,000 (£84,000) per year.  

An issue facing the young family is trying to find a window where Adrian is fit enough to fly and where his wife can leave the children behind.

Adrian requires help from his wife who has to change three intricate Stoma bags on his stomach. 

He would also love to spend his 40th on 14 October in South Africa with his wider family but they are concerned about costs should he become unwell and need backup treatment. 

Friend of the family Dave Mance (who set up the GoFundMe page up) said: “We urgently need to raise money for treatment for Adrian. His medical bills have reached a point where it is beyond what he and his wife can afford to fund on their own.

“As you can imagine alternative therapy for cancer patients can be very expensive. Adrian is currently on unpaid sick leave, so the financial burden on them is extremely tough.

“We needed a way to raise money quickly and efficiently and the fundraising website GoFundMe.com allowed us to create a platform to organise the campaign and get the wider community involved. We just want to extend Adrian’s life for as long as possible and will be eternally grateful for whatever support you can offer our good friend.”

Kelsea Little, spokesperson for GoFundMe.com said: “We are awed by Adrian’s determination and the amount of support that’s been pouring in. We wish Adrian’s whole family the very best.”

To donate to Adrian’s page, visit

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Ashley Graham Shuts Down Body Shamers For Speculating Over Weight Loss

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2016 | (10:35)

Ashley Graham has fired back at trolls who shamed her for allegedly losing weight.

The 28-year-old model recently posted an image of herself on Instagram wearing a white crop top and leather jacket, along with the caption: “Glam squad magic.”

But she received dozens of negative comments, such as...

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UK's First Double Hand Transplant Patient On The 'Tremendous' Operation That Changed His Life

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2016 | (09:30)

The first person to have a double hand transplant in the UK has spoken about his remarkable recovery and how he can’t wait to hold a bottle of beer...

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6 Healthy Frozen Foods For When You're Short On Time

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (12:41)

There’s more to frozen food than waffles and nuggets. Meals that have been kept in the freezer can actually be incredibly nutritious. 

To prove it, the team at Knowmore...

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Starbucks Barista Is Deliberately Destroying Customers' Instagram Hopes And Dreams

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (11:20)

To create the perfect Instagram photo of your Starbucks drink you need three things: a perfectly poured beverage, a tranquil background and of course, the Starbucks logo.

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Mum Asks Son For Pokemon Go Advice, He Pulls The Ultimate Pokeprank

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (10:24)

A son played a hilarious prank on his mum by lying to her about how to download Pokemon Go.

Nathan Wall, from Lancashire, convinced his mum you have to whisper “I want to be the very best” to a Tesco cashier in order to get the app.


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Damian From 'Mean Girls' Just Pulled Off The Sweetest Proposal In Starbucks

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (09:29)

Daniel Franzese, aka Damian from ‘Mean Girls’, met his partner Joseph Bradley Phillips in Starbucks.

So when the actor decided to propose, the coffee shop seemed like the perfect location.

Sneaky Franzese asked a barista to hide an engagement ring in a cup and label it “Mr & Mr Franzese”

When the couple arrived at the till, the barista handed the cup to Phillips, saying: “Here’s a new drink, want to try it out? I think you’ll love it for the rest of your life.”

Phillips was clearly confused, then stunned, as Franzese got down on one knee.

“Since I met you here at this spot, you opened your heart to me,” Franzese said.

“And I swear to God, my lord, that I will protect that heart for the rest of my life.”

An emotional Phillips said yes while the entire shop burst into applause.

You go, Daniel Franzese.

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Charities Urge NHS To Offer HPV Vaccine To Boys After Guidelines Change In US

(0) Comments | Posted 20 July 2016 | (12:07)

Charities have called for boys in the UK to receive the HPV vaccine, after the guidelines were changed in the US.

On Tuesday, the American Cancer Society changed its official guidelines to state that all children should receive the vaccination, regardless of their gender.

The vaccine immunises an individual against...

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Kellogg's Special K Ads Banned For Misleading Nutrition Claims

(0) Comments | Posted 20 July 2016 | (09:58)

Two Kellogg’s Special K adverts have been “banned from appearing in their current form” for claiming products are “nutritious” and “full of goodness”.

The watchdog ruled that the adverts’ “general health claims” were not obviously backed by a “specific authorised health claim” and could therefore be misunderstood by customers. 

The breakfast...

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Ronda Rousey And Aisling Daly On Using Social Media To Inspire Body Confidence In Others

(0) Comments | Posted 19 July 2016 | (13:44)

As two of the biggest female mixed martial arts fighters in the world, Ronda Rousey and Aisling Daly know all too well what it’s like to be body-shamed. 


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Couple's Wedding Venue Turns Out To Be A Pokemon Go Battle Gym

(0) Comments | Posted 19 July 2016 | (11:18)

When Elizabeth Corps and Joe Whiddett were looking at venues for their wedding reception, a Surrey hotel with beautiful grounds seemed like the perfect choice.

Little did they know that by the time their big day came around, Woodlands Park Hotel would be marked as a battle gym on...

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This Life Hack Will Help You Get Heinz Tomato Ketchup Out Of The Bottle

(0) Comments | Posted 19 July 2016 | (10:25)

Getting tomato ketchup out of a glass bottle is an absolute faff, yet most pubs seem to insist on using the traditional bottles instead of plastic ones.

Thankfully, Heinz has revealed a sneaky life hack to help us all get its sauce out more easily.

The secret is hidden in...

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Groom Performs Rap For Wife At Wedding And It's Nothing Short Of Genius

(0) Comments | Posted 19 July 2016 | (09:36)

Let’s face it, speeches are often the most boring part of a wedding. That is, unless Kit Evens is involved.

The 36-year-old Londoner performed a rap for his new wife, Sophie, after they tied the knot.

With Notorious B.I.G. hit ‘Juicy’ as his backing track, the software company sales director grabbed a snapback and a mic and left his guests in stitches. 

After thanking friends and family for joining them on their special day, Kit set about telling everyone what he and his wife would soon be up to.

“Time to get laid, go get ourselves a baby made. Born thinner, today I’m a winner. Finally got someone who can make me chicken dinner,” he rapped.

He later went on to express his excitement about the booze-filled evening ahead. 

“Super hot new wife, glad I didn’t miss. When I was dead single, Man, I couldn’t picture this.

“70 nearest and dearest, having a great time so far. Two new parents, what’s that… a free bar?”

While most of Kit’s rap was hilarious, it wasn’t all about the banter. He also added in some sweet words for Sophie.

“Soph used to diss me, now she writes letters when she misses me.

“I always hoped this would happen, this wedding stuff. Soph said yes, I can’t thank her enough.” 

“Thinking back to my bachelor shack, now I can’t think of anything worse than going back.

“And I love to show Soph off, of course. Hopefully this rap won’t mean an instant divorce.” 

Judging by Sophie’s reaction, we think he’s pretty safe.



Woman Declared Love For Person Behind Waterstones’ Twitter Account, Now They’re Married

Groom Vomits During Wedding Vows As Bride Says ‘In Sickness And In Health’

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A Cat Café Is Opening In Manchester With Unlimited Tea, Coffee And Cuddles

(0) Comments | Posted 18 July 2016 | (12:53)

Attention people of Manchester! If you’ve looked at Bristol’s cat pub or London’s “cat emporium” with envious eyes, we have some brilliant news.

A cat café is set to open in Manchester later this month, where you’ll be able to enjoy a coffee with not one,...

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Groom Vomits During Wedding Vows As Bride Says 'In Sickness And In Health'

(0) Comments | Posted 18 July 2016 | (12:20)

No matter how well you plan them, weddings don’t always go smoothly - as one couple recently discovered.

The pair, known only as Sandy and Jason, decided to tie the knot on one of Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. 

With the sea glistening in the background, Sandy began to say her vows while looking lovingly into Jason’s eyes.

But as she promised to love her husband-to-be “in sickness and in health”, Jason turned away from the camera and vomited. 

It’s unclear whether nerves or a stomach bug caused Jason’s illness, but one thing’s for sure, it’s certainly a moment they’ll never...

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