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The Mating Habits of the British Barrister Bird Are One of the Deep Mysteries of the Universe

(8) Comments | Posted 1 May 2013 | (00:00)

Nobody knows precisely when they display their plumage for each other's inspection. Nobody knows what mating dance precedes a decision to fly south together for the sun.

What business is it of ours if Mr David Sherborne, barrister to the victims of phone hacking and other alleged press abuses at...

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Why the Guardian's Verbal Sexual Assault on Page Three Girls Is Baffling

(104) Comments | Posted 18 February 2013 | (16:14)

Whatever happened to the Guardian? Time was, you could rely on it to rush to the barricades on behalf on any hard-working girl struggling to make her way in a male-dominated world. The women's pages were shrill, they were mocked, but in the 1970s they were often ahead of their...

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