Richard Fry
Richard Fry is a globally acclaimed playwright and performer. His one man shows have achieved success on the international festival circuit receiving many award nods including the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award and The Peace Trust Award. Fry's uncompromising voice has also been heard in Parliament and schools as well as theatres. His debut novel, Life and Death by Dave, is about a soft soul battling the bad boys, bullies and bigots. Fry has also appeared onscreen playing various roles including a Russian mafioso, a Greek gangster and an Irish gun-runner which is all the more remarkable considering he has no ear for accents. He has also appeared in the Bollywood version of the 40-Year-Old Virgin in only a pair of underpants. One day he hopes to be a proper actor. He has also been foster dad to 42 stray cats and counting. Miaow.

Entries by Richard Fry

Katie Hopkins: Head Recruiter for ISIS

(1) Comments | Posted 29 March 2016 | (11:50)

The recent terrorist attacks have once again brought predictable comment from the right wing. Arguably the UK's most prominent hate-for-pay hack is Katie Hopkins. She takes a staunch stand against immigration, encouraging a divide between Muslims and the rest of us. It's a short-sighted agenda which also happens to be...

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Why You Must Fight Tyson Fury, the 18 Stone Weakling

(0) Comments | Posted 14 December 2015 | (10:09)

Tyson Fury's misogynistic and homophobic remarks have been well-documented this week. There have been numerous calls for him to be removed from The BBC's Sports Personality of the Year shortlist. The BBC acknowledged the complaints but stood by their decision to nominate Fury and in a further disappointing act of...

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Why Dr Dre Owes the Women He Beat Up More Than an Apology

(4) Comments | Posted 26 August 2015 | (00:00)

The publicity surrounding the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, has once again thrown focus on Dr Dre's numerous physical attacks on women. One woman, Dee Barnes recounts a particularly brutal attack in a nightclub toilet where she thought she might die at the hands of Dre. At the...

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Should 'The X Factor' Come With a Disclaimer?

(0) Comments | Posted 19 September 2014 | (16:54)

Before the gaudy chavs of TOWIE start mugging each other off the viewer is presented with a disclaimer. It states even though the people are real, 'some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment'. The producers are upfront about the manipulated storylines and it hasn't...

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To the 12-Year-Olds Playing Gangsta Rap on the Bus

(4) Comments | Posted 20 January 2014 | (13:02)

There are a few things you should know...

Gangsta Rap is fake. Once any music genre breaks through to the mainstream it becomes as contrived as X Factor in the quest to shift units. Your Gangsta Rap heroes' urban cool is orchestrated down to each flash of their golden grillz...

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How the Mainstream Media Endorse Homophobic Language

(0) Comments | Posted 30 December 2013 | (15:22)

Yesterday's Observer newspaper presented its pick of 2014's arts releases. One they deemed exciting enough to go on the front page header was Azealia Banks' debut studio album.

During the past year, Banks had a number of highly-publicised Twitter feuds (noted by The Observer) where she used homophobic...

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In Praise of Miley's VMA Performance

(28) Comments | Posted 27 August 2013 | (00:00)

Miley Cyrus' VMA performance has been almost universally derided. Social media and newsfeeds have been bursting with pop fans and professional critics castigating the spawn of Tish and Billy Ray.

The level of outrage prompted me to seek out the video of her performance. It couldn't really be that bad,...

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My Suicide Keeps Me Alive

(6) Comments | Posted 23 July 2013 | (00:00)

I have a fantastic life. I get to travel the world, do exciting things, meet brilliant people and have access to places and events that money can't buy. I've been featured in magazines and nominated for awards, I've partied with rock stars and dined with my heroes. Life is fun,...

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