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Richard has worked in finance for 15 years and currently runs several online financial services. Prior to this Richard spent seven years as a multi asset derivatives broker at MF Global. Previously working as a private client stockbroker at Walker Crips and Phillip Securities (now King and Shaxson) after starting on the NYMEX trading floor in New York and London IPE in 2000.

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How FinTech is Disrupting Foreign Exchange for the Better

(2) Comments | Posted 15 September 2015 | (22:24)

It seems that every time I flick through the business section of the Evening Standard on the way home, the City Spy column is regaling the readership with tales of dodgy currency brokers laundering money, rigging currency markets and ripping off clients. It's a shame really because the vast majority...

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The Understanding of Dyslexia in the UK

(1) Comments | Posted 5 December 2012 | (14:12)

Over the last 20 years, the UK has seen a growing awareness of dyslexia both in schools and in the wider community. Prior to this, an individual of schooling age who struggled with spelling would be assumed to be 'not trying' or simply not intelligent enough to meet the schooling...

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With Christmas Approaching Do We Spoil or Educate Our Children?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 November 2012 | (16:04)

Are our kids too spoiled? Or are we doing the right thing?

Christmas is coming, that joyful time of year where we all groan at our diminishing bank balance. Those with children will know all too well how expensive this time of year can be, in fact any time of...

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