Robert Ford
Robert Ford is Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester. He works on elections, public opinion, immigration and the radical right. His most recent books are "Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain" (with Matthew Goodwin) which received the 2015 Paddy Power Political Book of the Year award, and "Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: 50 Things You Need To Know About British Elections" (co-edited with Phillip Cowley). He has worked on the BBC elections analysis team since 2005, and has worked on polling analysis and election forecasting with the Polling Observatory team since 2010.

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Polling Observatory Forecast - No Break in the Deadlock as Campaigns Reach the Halfway Point

(0) Comments | Posted 24 April 2015 | (14:30)

The election campaign is now well underway, with intense activity in the two weeks since our last update, including manifesto launches, party political broadcasts, a widely viewed leaders' debate, and high profile interviews on an almost daily basis. There is evidence this is starting to filter down to the electorate...

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Labour 20 Seats Ahead in the first Polling Observatory forecast Model

(0) Comments | Posted 19 March 2015 | (17:57)

The Polling Observatory forecasting model has been a long time in the making, and builds on our effort in 2010, where we fared relatively successfully both in absolute terms and compared to other forecasters. (Our forecast before the start of the official campaign proved even more...

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Polling Observatory March 2015 Update: Parties Neck-and-neck as We Approach the Formal Campaign

(0) Comments | Posted 15 March 2015 | (22:39)

This is the forty-fifth in a series of posts that report on the state of the parties as measured by opinion polls. By pooling together all the available polling evidence we can reduce the impact of the random variation each individual survey inevitably produces. Most of the short term advances...

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Immigration and Integration: A Difficult, but Necessary, Conversation

(5) Comments | Posted 14 December 2012 | (14:31)

Ed Miliband gave a complex, nuanced and policy heavy speech on identity, immigration and integration on Friday. This was a brave move. Just why it was a brave move was illustrated by the instant reactions to it. The speech was attacked from the right for not doing enough, with Sir...

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Are Ukip Supporters Intolerant? Another Look

(22) Comments | Posted 28 November 2012 | (11:57)

A couple of days ago I took a look at intolerance among UKIP supporters. I've received quite a lot of responses to this, and I'd like to follow up on a few issues this has prompted me to think about.

Firstly, let's look again at racism. My blog's title...

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Are Ukip Supporters Racist?

(41) Comments | Posted 26 November 2012 | (19:06)

A row has erupted over the past week following the decision by Rotherham council to remove several children from the care of foster parents due to their membership of the UK Independence Party, which social workers described as "a racist party". First things first - I do not in any...

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Who Benefits From a Lib Dem Collapse?

(1) Comments | Posted 15 October 2012 | (11:18)

The Liberal Democrats have now been flatlining at or just below 10% of the vote for nearly two years. The decision to join the Conservatives in a coalition government looks more electorally toxic with each passing month. It is thus no surprise that bloggers and strategists for both major parties...

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The British View of Immigration: Scepticism, Polarisation, but Also Pragmatism

(2) Comments | Posted 18 September 2012 | (01:00)

Few issues attract as much heated political and media debate as immigration, particularly at present as the Coalition government pursues a wide range of contentious policies, including strict limits on labour migration from outside the European Union, income and language requirements for family reunion migration and a tougher student visa...

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What Do the British Think About Immigration?

(14) Comments | Posted 16 July 2012 | (17:53)

With the first census figures arriving today, we can expect a slew of alarmist stories about the dire demographic and social consequences of immigration. Many of these stories will cite public opinion surveys showing that the majority of British voters hold negative views about migration, and want it reduced. When...

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