Roger Gale
Roger Gale MP has been a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom since 1983 from the Conservative Party. Since then he has:

* Served as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party
* Served on the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom
* Served as Parliamentry Private Secretary to two Ministers of State
* Served on the Home Affairs Select Committee
* Served as Chairman of the All-Party Animal Welfare Group.

Roger is a senior member of the Speaker`s Panel of Chairmen to which he was first appointed in 1997.
He is a member of the Procedures Committee and is president of the Conservative Animal Welfare Group. He holds office with a number of local and national charities and served for three years as a warrant-holding Special Constable with British Transport Police.

Blog Entries by Roger Gale

Iranians' March Towards a Democratic Iran - The Only Real Solution to the Crisis

Posted 23 January 2012 | 23/01/12 00:00

If there is one thing guaranteed to have heated up the recent exchanges between the US and Iran, it is the issue of oil.

As the US pressed for stricter sanctions against Tehran's attempts to press ahead with its nuclear programme, so Iran retaliated with a threat to close the...

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