Rohan Banerjee
Born in Calcutta in 1991, Rohan Banerjee showed early signs of becoming a journalist - a naturally enquiring turn of mind and unwarranted self importance.

His undergraduate years were spent at the University of York, where he studied Politics, before moving to Durham University to read an MA in International Relations. Off the back of this, he is incredibly useful in a pub quiz.

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Wrestling vs Reality: Athletes, Entertainers or Both?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2016 | (11:57)

Wrestling's relationship with reality is a curious one. Prior to the 1980s, competitors and promoters alike protected 'kayfabe' - the convention of presenting staged performances as authentic- with their lives.

WWE, the flagship corporation of this pseudo-sport, was particularly committed to keeping up the act and even punished employees...

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An Open Letter to Brexit

(0) Comments | Posted 26 June 2016 | (11:25)

Dear Brexit,

Congratulations on a hard if not well-fought victory in the EU referendum. I write to you with my heart as heavy as the pressure that now falls on your shoulders to make good of the biggest political and economic gamble in Britain's history.

As was warned by nearly...

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Full English?

(0) Comments | Posted 5 November 2014 | (08:24)

Latching on to Ryan Taylor's through ball, the teenager strode forward some 20 yards, leaving £25 million worth of centre-half in his wake, before coolly slotting past Willy Caballero - the catalyst for Newcastle on their way to an unlikely win at Manchester City. It was the winger's...

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Oxbridging the Gap?

(1) Comments | Posted 2 October 2014 | (10:46)

"Forget Oxbridge - this year's world university league tables show the best two institutions in the UK should go by the name Impbridge," or so wrote Richard Garner in The Independent last month after Imperial College London leapfrogged Oxford to claim second spot. Of course, how...

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Indian Football: What's All the Hullabaloo?

(0) Comments | Posted 31 July 2014 | (14:09)

Did you know that Neil Taylor's mum is from Kolkata? Or that Michael Chopra has an Indian dad? These and other such tenuous links are about all I have to cling to when somebody asks me, "Why don't India have a football team?" Actually, I'm sure I saw Gazza eat...

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Hatem Ben Arfa: Wasted Talent or Talent Wasted?

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2014 | (00:00)

Like most Newcastle United fans, I have experienced both the agony and ecstasy associated with watching Hatem Ben Arfa play. On his day, his slaloming runs and rocket shots are a joy to behold. Only it hasn't been his day for some time.

He arrived at Newcastle in 2010,...

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Bringing Sexy Back

(0) Comments | Posted 21 July 2014 | (13:07)

"I'd rather lose 4-3 than win 1-0," says the cockney at the bar. That any football fan would actively will their team to lose is admittedly a strange sentiment; yet it's one that has been sounded out more than once at Upton Park. An enduring frustration with manager...

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Why Did Fulham Pay £11million for Ross McCormack?

(0) Comments | Posted 16 July 2014 | (14:42)

That Newcastle were able to sign a title winning Ajax captain for less than the fee that took Ross McCormack to Fulham says a lot about the British transfer market. Siem De Jong, who played a key role in Ajax's previous four league winning sides, is...

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QPR and The Curious Case of Harry Redknapp

(0) Comments | Posted 1 April 2014 | (15:47)

Arsène Wenger didn't see it, José Mourinho says they parked the bus and Alan Pardew will insist that "we was tired," but no one deflects blame quite like Harry Redknapp.

An unexpected side effect of the FA's decision not to hand him the England job, and Daniel Levy's to...

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An Education

(0) Comments | Posted 19 November 2013 | (15:15)

"Public school boys have sparked fury after blacking up as the cast of Cool Runnings and vandalising their Derwent college accommodation block," or so reads the opening line of York Vision's latest exposé.

The article also details a "separate incident...causing over £2000 of damage" wherein the students...

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I'm No Socialist But...

(0) Comments | Posted 2 September 2013 | (15:35)

Real Madrid have broken the world transfer record to sign Tottenham forward Gareth Bale. It's a headline we were all expecting, but that doesn't make the reality of the situation any less obscene.

The Welshman, who has never appeared at a World Cup, played only one season of Champions League...

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Wayne Tooney? Perhaps Not

(0) Comments | Posted 15 May 2013 | (16:37)

As a Newcastle fan, I'm quite used to hearing ridiculous things - usually from our own supporters. But this one really tops the lot. Sports Direct News (yes that's actually a thing) has claimed that "low-level" talks have taken place between the Magpies and Wayne Rooney's agent, although an official...

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Decisions of Mass Delusion

(0) Comments | Posted 14 May 2013 | (01:20)

The politics of Manchester City is a lot like the Iraq war at the moment. I draw this comparison, not because the club hierarchy is from the Middle East - that's just a happy coincidence - but because the decision in question has led many to conscientiously object.


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Helena Horton and The Liberal Orthodoxy

(10) Comments | Posted 23 February 2013 | (14:08)

I've refrained from publishing this in my own student newspaper, on the off chance that it might offend someone. I've posted it on here however, because I really don't care.

In the latest spate of leftist madness at The University of York, Helena Horton, a first year Philosophy undergraduate,...

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Drnuk Txteing

(0) Comments | Posted 15 January 2013 | (00:43)

We've all been there, a few more drinks than we'd planned, sitting on either flank of a depleting dance floor, nursing the shards of what little dignity we have left. Crestfallen, we take out our phone and in a drunken haze start to scroll through our contacts list.

Whether it's...

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Pardew Sure He's the Right Man for the Job?

(3) Comments | Posted 11 January 2013 | (22:21)

Brighton 2 Newcastle 0. On its own this may be insufficient evidence of Alan Pardew's failings, but it goes a long way in characterising a tenure of underachievement. To the uninformed southerner I'm sure it would seem heresy to dare question the accomplishments of a man who just nine months...

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(0) Comments | Posted 19 December 2012 | (17:11)

The Banerjees are entertaining. Courtesy of the ceiling fan, an exotic aroma wafts temptingly from the kitchen, through the doorway curtains and into our front room, where at the age of fifteen, I'm being asked how my progress into medicine is coming along. My grandfather is lambasting partition to a...

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