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Inspired by Iceland, Part 4

(0) Comments | Posted 15 March 2012 | (13:33)

Today we have our second 'premiere' event: Icelandic sushi with the Mayor of Reykjavik. The first premiere event was the minister's footbath, and the last - yet to happen - is pancakes with none other than the president himself.

I had heard the mayor, Jon Gnarr, is a bit...

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Inspired by Iceland, Part 3

(3) Comments | Posted 11 March 2012 | (14:00)

Today we had a party. Charismatic host Jon Baldur of the ISAK tour company was holding a harvest festival party for clients, suppliers and co-workers and had also invited foreign visitors along. John met up with seven guests underneath the famous and imposing Church of Hallgrimur but instead of going...

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Inspired by Iceland, Part 2

(0) Comments | Posted 2 March 2012 | (14:04)

It started out quite clear today. I met up with Gunnar in the car park next to his huge four wheel drive Landrover. We were joined by Martin from the Sunday Times who would be travelling with us that day. Martin and I wrangled over the events that morning as...

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Inspired by Iceland

(0) Comments | Posted 22 February 2012 | (10:14)

Whilst our director Rupert was out in Iceland capturing other people's experiences, we thought we'd capture his...

Day 1
I've arrived here in Iceland with what I consider a daunting task; to capture the spirit of a nation. This may not be exactly the brief, but this is what...

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