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Comedians in Politics: An Open Letter

(0) Comments | Posted 11 November 2013 | (00:00)

Dear Rupert

I've been a big fan over the years. I've enjoyed your witty asides, acerbic observations, and the time you got us all thrown out of a club for 'inappropriate dancing'. In fact, despite your ubiquity, you are consistently more funny than average (if your sample includes Sarah Teather,...

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Social Media Crimes Part Two

(2) Comments | Posted 11 September 2012 | (01:00)

Following social media crimes part one, here are some more suggestions for future laws on the prevention of offending:

Building a palace of self-delusion
It isn't that people have a problem with boasting. What your social media presence must never become is a brick-by-brick construction of...

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Social Media Crimes Part One

(2) Comments | Posted 6 September 2012 | (01:00)

I'm not talking about stalking someone via foursquare. This isn't a piece about setting up a bomb-making Tumblr. I'm not even talking about exposing yourself on Instagram, I'm just talking about social network behaviour that yanks at our collective chains.

When the revolution comes, these are the top three...

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Gay Marriage, Laurie Penny, and the State of Comment

(13) Comments | Posted 11 May 2012 | (15:12)

What makes good commentary? I'd say that has to be topical, significant, insightful, and it has to grab attention. Laurie Penny understands how to capture attention. I keep going back to her writing despite her apparent fondness for generalisation and assumption. Perhaps the price to be paid for arresting comment...

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When Slacktivism pitched a tent and went home

(0) Comments | Posted 25 October 2011 | (13:43)

It is one thing to have protesters lining up to buy their coffee in Starbucks, and their food in supermarkets, while claiming that capitalism is broken. It is forgivable, perhaps, for the protesters to exclaim their diffuse raft of complaints with the world from their iPhones and on their Facebook...

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(3) Comments | Posted 22 October 2011 | (01:00)

It is an inevitable consequence of holding a position which requires the constant exercise of judgment that a Prime Minister will make mistakes. So far, David Cameron has embodied the Teflon-like qualities of a successful leader, rather than rushing impulsively to command the news cycle with new announcements and knee-jerk...

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Tobacco 'Blanding': Australian Government Combats Smoking

(4) Comments | Posted 7 October 2011 | (01:00)

Australia is likely to become the first country to legally require cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging. The legislation enforces a standardised olive-green packaging with gruesome images and health warnings. Australia's Labour government considers this policy "very courageous."

The tobacco companies are involved in...

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A Spy For Our Times

(0) Comments | Posted 9 August 2011 | (14:40)

After the brazen, muscular intervention of Jason Bourne, a reawakened killer who smashes through a catalogue of overpriced hit men and corrupt government projects with an onslaught of impossibly long brawls, James Bond returned to our screens. Daniel Craig's increasingly humourless, and uncultured Bond has taken a wrong turn somewhere:...

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Oh no, Bercow

(1) Comments | Posted 6 August 2011 | (01:00)

Of late Sally Bercow has been attempting a backwards Lembit Opik: whilst the path from politician to media personality is a well-trodden one, it seems harder to perform the reverse. Whereas Opik went from having a respectable innings as a member of parliament to becoming the butt of almost an...

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