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Ruth Harrison Roberts is a fashion and lifestyle writer in London and model.
Cats, tats, shiny things and heels.

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Naomi's Choice - Why the Pro-life Bubble Needs to Burst

(0) Comments | Posted 20 October 2015 | (17:20)

I had begun to write an article about Elle Magazines #MoreWomen campaign. However, I became distracted by another hashtag that was gaining equal prominence and realised the two were intrinsically linked. I'd never really given abortion much thought before but #shoutyourabortion was so insightful and powerful I had to find...

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Basingstoke - The Creative Cut

(0) Comments | Posted 19 February 2015 | (15:36)

What is it about having your hair cut? At which point does a new hairstyle make you feel more empowered? I guess it's similar to a new outfit or having a 'proper' manicure. "I've just had an amazing manicure, and now I feel like sh*t," said no one, ever. Something...

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One More Cup of Coffee for the Road, One More Cup of Coffee 'Fore I Go

(2) Comments | Posted 7 July 2014 | (16:34)

I love coffee; I need coffee. Coffee is my vice but as Lou Reed said 'Vice is a virtue and virtue is a vice' so that's good enough for me. As I writer, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops curating content. But if the vibes not right...

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Coffee - My Guilt Free Vice

(0) Comments | Posted 11 June 2014 | (17:04)

There is nothing like a coffee to start the day, and to see you through the day for that matter. As a writer I rely not only on this gorgeous, bitter liquid to set me up, but I also need the premises. I need to be in the right place...

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Rugby Prop to Bond Model - Mason 008

(0) Comments | Posted 24 March 2014 | (06:29)

So what do you do when you bump into Mickey Rourke in a bar? You become his good mate, visit him in his LA mansion and then you retire from your rugby career and follow your dream of becoming a film star. Not something that happens to many of us,...

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A Very Public Apology

(0) Comments | Posted 18 March 2014 | (14:27)

When you leave a full time career and take a massive leap of faith into becoming your own boss the one thing you forget is that there is no one there to manage your time for you. That one person who used to advise the best route for your career...

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The Devil on My Shoulder

(0) Comments | Posted 4 March 2014 | (15:52)

Last week was Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and for all the support and publicity the many charities and support networks had, there is still the unanswered question on everyone's lips. Why?

It's an illness; there is no reason to it. It is a disorder - exactly that. Anorexia buries...

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Where Did All the Small Shops Go?

(0) Comments | Posted 11 February 2014 | (10:22)

Wandering around my home town, the once thriving market town is now a sorry scene. Sadly, reduced to charity shops, takeaways, banks, estate agents and the once popular shops of my favourite teenage brands are now empty. The tumbleweed may as well blow through the town until the pubs (10 on...

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New York, Paris and Milan. Sorry Guys - Brits Do It Better.

(0) Comments | Posted 9 February 2014 | (16:51)

With the advent of London Fashion Week upon us, it's time to start dressing better. There is no excuse. Over the last few years London has proved that it's shows are centrifugal to the fashion week calendars, The UK designers are taking LFW global by utilising social media to...

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Happy Healthy New Year!

(0) Comments | Posted 17 January 2014 | (12:49)

We are currently under the barrage of 'Do-gooder New Year's Resolutions' - you know the ones, fuelled by articles informing us upon how to get our happiness back, then we are totally ripped to shreds by another one making us feel terrible by informing us exactly how many calories are...

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Ch Ch Changes...

(0) Comments | Posted 9 October 2013 | (10:35)

It's early in the morning, my hair scraped back and curly, face bereft of any trace of make up, and I am sitting in front of my laptop, pouring over pages of style magazines trying to seek inspiration. I forget that inspiration usually only falls in the wake of an...

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Autumn? Meh...

(0) Comments | Posted 7 October 2013 | (13:32)

Now that the Fashion weeks have closed, we are in that awkward Autumnal lull, where you layer up only to have to take half of them off by lunchtime. Despite this I love Autumn and Spring, these are the seasons of change and should be the most exciting ones! I...

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All That Glitters... Is Honor Gold

(0) Comments | Posted 3 October 2013 | (12:55)

There are few things we like to do at this time of year, layer up, comfort eat, sign up to Netflix and wish we could hibernate until Spring. Actually, there is something else... Christmas.

Sorry, I said the C word. I know October has only just arrived but for...

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Why I Want to Be the Devil That Wears Prada

(0) Comments | Posted 17 September 2013 | (16:34)

Another London Fashion Week has rolled into town and as ever, the glamour of the F-row, the amazing new collections and the vibe that comes with this week in general is exciting but one thing that never changes, sadly, are the models: formulaic. Where are the models who are proud...

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Ellis Island - The Beginning of a New Hope

(2) Comments | Posted 15 August 2013 | (10:41)

With the trouble at home spiraling and work short on the ground, many Irish families took the opportunity to pursue a new life across the Pacific Ocean to the Land of The Free. One particular journey heralds a new start for many, and that was the journey to the new...

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Edinburgh Festival - The Who? When? & Why?

(0) Comments | Posted 14 August 2013 | (10:52)

The thronging crowds and entertainers that line the streets of Edinburgh at this time of year are a thing of great pleasure to the many locals and tourists who take to the City for the two week event. It isn't often thought about why, when or who created the festival....

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Catwalk4Change - The Runway of Forward Thinking

(1) Comments | Posted 29 June 2013 | (00:00)

The fashion world seems to have become obsessed with celebrity models lately, with the next top model cropping up as often and as widespread as a dose of flu. Pictures of models hanging out with Celebs fill most pages of glossy magazines and tabloids. How many of you haven't seen...

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Singapore: The New Home of Fashion

(0) Comments | Posted 17 May 2013 | (11:27)

We all know the big names Paris, New York, Milan, London... what about Singapore?

Nope? This is one area that should be on every fashionistas' lips as Singapore is set to become one of the biggest names to watch on the fashion radar.

Right now we are midway through the...

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How to Use the Web to Research Property Investment

(0) Comments | Posted 22 March 2013 | (11:16)

It's an interesting time to be thinking about investing in property, we are in a triple dip recession the banks are on their knees and the outlook is gloomy. But on the upside there is plenty of opportunity out there and there is plenty of good resources on the internet...

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The Great Gym Conspiracy

(0) Comments | Posted 1 March 2013 | (11:26)

As we advance into spring we are entering a transitional period, I'm not talking about daffodils and a hint of sunshine. I'm talking about the gym. Yep, the two week wonders from the New Year have left the building. Now the equipment is free for us to carry on as...

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