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Facebook Prankster Brad Holmes Has Gone Viral

(0) Comments | Posted 24 May 2016 | (12:31)

Editor’s Note: A story previously in this space fell short of our editorial standards and has been removed. We regret the error.

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Angry Dad Responds Hilariously To 'Honk If You're Horny' Prank

(0) Comments | Posted 24 May 2016 | (11:48)

Warning: very strong language.

Sometimes the simplest pranks are the best, and this certainly proves it.

One YouTube star has racked up over 200,000 views on his "Angry Dad" page for this video of his father's reactions to being honked at on the road while unknowingly dragging a huge sign saying "honk if you're horny".

Staying true to the YouTube account's name, Angry Dad got quite annoyed by all the people sounding their horns, seemingly for no reason.

And it didn't end when he finally caught on to the prank, clearly expressing his anger when he saw the sign on the back of the...

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Hank Azaria Offers Advice To Graduates In The Voices Of 'Simpsons' Characters

(0) Comments | Posted 24 May 2016 | (10:22)

You might recognise Hank Azaria from shows like 'Friends' where he actually showed his face, but some of his most famous roles are actually from everyone's favourite cartoon family - 'The Simpsons'.

So when Hank was invited to give a graduation speech at Tufts University, he decided to have characters like Chief Wiggum, Moe Szyslak and Comic Book Guy drop by with some advice for the students.

The voices start about halfway through his 18-minute speech, but the whole thing is worth listening...

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Donald Trump & Boris Johnson Kissing Graffiti Appears In Bristol

(0) Comments | Posted 24 May 2016 | (09:26)

A graffiti mural of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former London Mayor Boris Johnson having a big ol' snog has appeared in Stoke's Croft, Bristol.

The bizarre and slightly scary mural was created...

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Chewbacca Mask Woman Drives James Corden To Work On 'The Late Late Show'

(0) Comments | Posted 24 May 2016 | (08:55)

Candace Payne went viral last week when she posted an adorable video of her trying on a Chewbacca mask, and her infectious, unceasing laughter made millions of people...

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Greg Davies' Amazing Story About His Mum's Laundry From 'The Graham Norton Show'

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (16:01)

'Inbetweeners' and 'Man Down' star Greg Davies was on 'The Graham Norton Show' on Friday with Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Jodie Foster, and he cracked out an amazing story that left Gosling in stitches.

Harking back to his days as a teacher, Greg recanted the tale which involved a very serious hangover, his mum's laundry and a hearing-impaired...

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Andy Samberg Stars In Conner4Real Music Video About F*cking Osama Bin Laden Ahead Of Lonely Island Film 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping'

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (15:24)

The Lonely Island is back!

The viral comedy rappers behind internet hit “Jizz In My Pants” have made a parody movie called ‘Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping’, and they've just dropped the first music video from the film.

Starring fictional pop music sensation Conner4Real, the video is wholly centred around a woman who asked him "to fuck her like the US fucked Bin Laden".

Filled with some genuinely amazing puns, this quite peculiar music video is certainly not safe for work but it's making us very excited for the movie's release this...

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Billy Crystal And Jimmy Fallon Do Impressions With Cut-Out Magazines On 'The Tonight Show'

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (14:56)

We all love a good impression, but some people just aren't very good at them. You know the guy, the one who thinks his mediocre Christopher Walken voice is the best in the world.

But fear not! As Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon are here to show you, there's one big change you can make that will vastly improve any sub-par impersonation.

All you need is some scissors, and a...

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Woman Pushes Giant Penis In Trolley Through Inverness

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (13:09)

It's not even the most bizarre video we've seen this week, but this clip of a pensioner pushed a giant penis around in a trolley is definitely up there with some of the oddest.

Captured by Facebook user Paul Williamson in Inverness, the short video shows an elderly woman nonchalantly sauntering across the road, seemingly oblivious to the giant inflatable phallus in her trolley.

"Just goes to show how you're never too old for a laugh and some fun," one commenter...

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Queen's 'We Will Rock You' Sung By Animals

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (12:38)

YouTube video editor Insane Cherry has once again taken the time to expertly recreate a famous pop song using nothing but animal noises from viral videos.

Having already tackled Linkin Park's 'Numb' and Slipknot's 'Duality', the latest effort from Insane Cherry is Queen's classic anthem 'We Will Rock You' - and it's surprisingly...

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Jonathan Pie Gives The Lowdown On The Queen's Speech

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (12:18)

Comedy news reporter Jonathan Pie couldn't resist having a pop at the Queen's Speech in his latest "on-air" outburst this week, dissecting every aspect of what was announced in Her Majesty's state opening...

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Night Tube Set To Help Londoners Fulfill Dreams Of Being Vomited On In Enclosed Spaces

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (10:08)

Plans for the London Underground network to begin running trains through the night have finally come to fruition, it was announced on Monday.

The Night Tube will commence services on 19 August, allowing Londoners to realise their lifelong dreams of being vomited on in enclosed spaces just in...

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Here's Some Monday Motivation To Get You Through The Week

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2016 | (08:00)


They're so hard.

We thought you might need a bit of help to get through the start of another week, so here's a few things that might get you ready to tackle the day.

Like the realisation that if you a put a hat on a small dog it...

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Gary Lineker And Ross Noble Argue About Leicester City's Premier League Win On 'Have I Got News For You'

(0) Comments | Posted 21 May 2016 | (11:28)

Lifelong Leicester City fan Gary Lineker was presenting 'Have I Got News For You' on Friday night and, naturally, he used the platform to regularly brag about his team's historic victory in the Premier League.

However, sitting directly next to him was Newcastle native Ross Noble, who seemed just...

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Boris Johnson Uses 'Star Wars'-Esque Force Powers To Knock Over Cameraman - Could He Be A Sith Lord?

(0) Comments | Posted 21 May 2016 | (11:08)

Ever noticed anything strange about Boris Johnson?

Twitter user Alistair Higham has shared some rather damning footage that seems to prove the former London Mayor might be a Sith Lord, as he appears to use The Force to knock over a cameraman.

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'Have I Got News For You' Has The Perfect Answer To The BBC Food Recipes Dilemma

(0) Comments | Posted 21 May 2016 | (10:56)

Most of us are still quite devastated by the news from earlier in the week that the BBC will be closing down its Food website, leaving many furious about having to go to a different website to learn how to make avocado on toast.

As usual, the panel...

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Weatherman Freaks Out At Massive Spider On His Map During Forecast

(0) Comments | Posted 20 May 2016 | (15:32)

There's a lot of hazards in any workplace, but we're willing to bet West Virginia weather reporter Bryan Hughes never expected his forecast to be invaded by a giant...

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David Cameron Crosses Abbey Road, Inspires Endless Tory Beatles Jokes On Twitter

(0) Comments | Posted 20 May 2016 | (11:37)

David Cameron and former Labour culture secretary Tessa Jowell took a walk across the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing this morning, emulating one of the most...

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Toddler Tries To Guess Names Of 80s and 90s Wrestlers, Fails Spectacularly

(0) Comments | Posted 20 May 2016 | (10:03)

TV wrestling was one of the biggest fads in the 80s and 90s, but looking back now it all seems a bit... weird. Particularly some of the characters and their outfits.

So when Twitter funnyman Sean Leahy asked his three-year-old daughter to guess the names of WWF stars like...

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'The Thick Of It' Reacts To Jeremy Hunt's Channel 4 News Interview With Jon Snow

(0) Comments | Posted 19 May 2016 | (14:48)

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was completely mauled by veteran broadcaster Jon Snow on Wednesday night's Channel 4 News over the subject of Junior Doctors, and it seemed like the whole country was watching to see how it went.

Expert video editor Chris Presswell noticed how well the interview connected with a particular scene from 'The Thick Of It', so he knocked together this video - and it fits...

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